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    • By Demonic God
      This quest was originally ran during the 2020 anniversary - here.
      After nearly a year, I happened to discuss this quest with @Aia del Mana, who had generously offered to sponsor this into a permanent quest. In essence, the quest is identical, though, after it has proven to be of... quite high difficulty, the requirements has been reduced somewhat, and the rewards increased to reflect it.
      The quest will be, as following:
      A hunt for Darvin.
      Darvin, the advanced Aramor, had escaped into a new section of the labyrinth, and needs to be captured. This new section is a huge interconnected area, akin to a chessboard. Each turn, A25 holders, using their given A25 tools, freely teleports into a tile of their choosing. Each turn, Darvin surfs the heat current, moving to a different adjacent tile. He cannot move to tiles diagonal to his current location, as there would be no heatvein connecting the two square. He cannot remain still, as such is the nature that he was given. Each party action happen simultaneously. The tool holders and Darvin must move, at the same turn, to the same square, for Darvin to be considered "found". By chance, magic, or unknown mechanic within the realm itself, almost like quantum physics, he cannot be found unless, by deduction, he must be found. Should one seek him out at random, even how improbable it would be, he shall never be found. Noticing these rules, Chew deducted a simple way method: to organize a massive manhunt, placing players in every tile. Gets the job done, gets it done fast. However, Mur insist that the A25 tools may only be handed out to as few people as possible. To this end, find the methods needed, and the numbers of tools to hand out, to solve the following situations: 1. If the labyrinth size is 3x3. For this simple case, simply pointing out a correct pattern (with the minimum number of tools holders), would suffice. Those who solve this should expect a spell document to celebrate their success.
      2. If the labyrinth size is 5x5. A detailed mathematical proof, showing not only the pattern, but that it is indeed the minimum number of tool holder needed. A wishpoint will be rewarded.
      3. If the labyrinth size is unknown (n x n). A detailed mathematical proof, showing the pattern/rules is required. A single selection between a colored Winderwild, Elemental, or Pope, shall be rewarded. This is not first-come, first-served, anyone who managed to meet the requirements shall be rewarded all the same. I could provide aid and discussion if you want to challenge this - as this task is quite difficult.
      In mathematical terms (or simplified terms):
      Darvin will be on a chessboard-like grid. Each turn, he must move one tile, up, down, left or right. Each turn, you choose a number of squares to find Darvin. Actions happen simultaneously. Darvin is considered found, if he and you chose the same square. Darvin cannot be found at random. You must prove that he must be found using your pattern. Think of it as a strategy game, and that he knows your strategy from the very start. Find a pattern that he can't beat. You must find a pattern that requires the least amount of searches per turn. 1. Find the solution if the square is 3x3. No proof required, just the pattern. I've been authorized to grant you a spell-document should you submit a valid solution.
      2. Find the solution if the square is 5x5. Proof, including why the pattern is optimal (uses the least amount of searches per turn), is required. A wishpoint will be rewarded.
      3. Find the general solution for an n x n square, showing the pattern, as well as the proof for why it is optimal. Aid may be provided if requested. You may choose between a colored Winderwild, Elemental, or Pope as your reward.
      Solutions must be submitted in a private manner. Any private methods is acceptable, though I must warn that I do not check the ingame inbox often. Do not discuss, share, or collaborate. Please check your work thoroughly before submitting. If I feel like you're probing for the answer by having me pointing out mistakes, you may be disqualified. This applies mostly to reward 1, and somewhat for reward 2. To clarify, for task 2 and 3, a detailed proof of not only how the pattern will work, but also why you can't find Darvin with less tool holders will be required. For task 1, simply showing a pattern would suffice, without much explanation needed.
      If there's anything you need clarification on, feel free to DM or post a reply.
      Tier 1:
      @Aelis(as he finished it during the 2020 anniversary) @Kaya- May 7th, 2021 Tier 2:
      @Kaya- May 10th, 2021 Tier 3:
    • By Demonic God
      As you can tell from... the Darvin quest, I am a bit obsessed with Advanced Aramors!
      So, as part of an experiment, I would love to craft Aramors that are capable of doing more, on their own. To that end, I'd love to start with making Aramors that can, for now, participate in simple games of Rock Paper Scissors!
      Your goal for this quest, would be to aid me in making such a creation. Specifically, I ask for you to design a strategy, one that is unambiguous and non randomized. Something that an Aramor can be programmed with!
      Your strategy will compete with others in a tournament. The rules for the tournament is as follow:
      Every strategy will compete with every other strategy Each duel will last until one side receive 3 10 wins. If it is mathematically impossible exceeds 500 draws, both side receives a loss it's considered a draw. This was added because the 500 draws checker got tripped... a lot. The worst strategy will be eliminated after every duel has happened. This will repeat with the surviving strategies until one emerge victorious The worst strategy would be evaluated with the following criteria: Least wins Most losses Lose against strategies with similar win/loss (i.e if A has 2 wins and 5 losses, and B also has 2 wins and 5 losses, and B lost against A, then B is eliminated) If the above criteria fail to select a single loser, all of them would be eliminated The tournament will repeat without the winner(s) until all prizes are filled The rules for strategies are as follow:
      Your goal is to design a strategy, to participate in a tournament of rock, paper, scissors! Your strategy must not be random and must cover all scenarios. Your strategy is not limited to the game itself. It can adapt to the round it's on, the opponent, etc. Possible strategy includes: Always choose rock If there is less than 3 participant left, always choose rock If opponent is Aia, always choose rock Cooperation is not only allowed, it is welcomed. You are free to rig matches as you please. Rewards
      1st - Anniversary creature. A choice between a colored pope, and a colored elemental, courtesy of Lady @Aia del Mana 2nd - Anniversary creature. A colored pope or elemental, whichever remains after the winner had their pick 3rd -  Anniversary creature. Deadline:
      I wish to wrap up the competition as soon as everyone who wish to join had done so. Thus, there would be two deadlines:
      Hard deadline: End of anniversary + 3 days. Soft deadline: 9 days (April 21st) from now. After this date, I will begin judging as soon as everyone who had announced their participant has submitted their strategy. You may join in after the soft deadline, as long as judging has not begun. Soft deadline is meant to avoid unnecessary waiting.
    • By Granos
      Since nobody has posted anything I figured I would as today and tomorrow were suggested. Perhaps delaying a bit more to garner more interest may be needed. What server times work best for everyone. Personally I feel that 22:00 server time may work well.

      As for nominations:
      Mag and Aia are deserving of some recognition.

      Please suggest more times so we can come to a consensus for the ideal time.
      Please suggest more people for medals try to include which ones. 
    • By Demonic God
      The other day, I headed to the Golemus Laboratory, for some experimentation. Tinkering around, messing with the Aramors to-be-filled with AI cores.
      Alas, such work is boring! So boring indeed, that half way through, as my attention span dictate... I decided to make a very, very bouncy ball. A drop of blood, glue, rare minerals... and Voila!
      Throwing this thing in open space, would be unwise. Not that it would do any damages, but I prefer to not lose my shiny possessions. So, I had a small room built, and gave it a throw. Alas... I did not expect it to bounce so vigorously, the damn thing bounced so well, catching it would be impossible! As I ponder upon this dilemma, miraculously, the ball bounced straight back at me. Damn thing almost broke a tooth of mine, but I did managed to catch it. Impressed by this outcome, I laid down my pen and paper, and begins working out, how exactly did the ball bounce back to exactly where I was? And how many times, did that damn thing bounced around?
      So, I ask for your help, to determine the numbers of bounces the ball made. Here are the details of how it all went down - according to my memory:
      The ball somehow ignored gravity, and flew parallel to the ground at all times I started at the South-West corner of the room The ball was thrown perfectly North-East. (45 degree) The room is almost a square, of dimension 2020 cm x 2021 cm. I fully intend to sue the contractor for this error. Summarized in mathematical terms:
      You throw a perfectly bouncy ball in a rectangle (2020 x 2021) room from a corner The ball was thrown at a 45 degree angle The ball ignored gravity, and flew parallel to the ground at all time How many bounces did the ball make before it return to your location? Rewards:
      Most elegant solution - 1 Anni crit Most creative/unorthodox solution - 1 Anni crit Fastest correct solution - 1 GC All correct solutions - 5SC + 1 spell stone Lock in chaos Acoustic Remains Teleport to Papercabin
    • By Ungod
      I'll take this opportunity to warmly welcome all to Marind Bell, where for the next couple days you will be able to listen to minstrels singing about love and war (a.k.a. I will be posting link to various music pieces with the theme knights&maidens). I encourage visiting the more secluded areas.
      Love and battles. Epic battles, battles of dominance, battles of attrition, battles of retribution. Fiery love, withering love, useful love, used love. In this theme is the following riddle/puzzle, entirely a forum quest (hence the submissions will be by forum PM, to yours truly). Fastest correct answers win, and the prize pool is: 1g5s+anniv creature for 1st correct solution, 1g for 2nd, 5sc for 3rd. (you'll find the riddle quite easy):
      There is this tale I heard, a tale
      about a growing man
      who fends off heathen belief.
      A troll with hair of golden sheen
      smitten with this Christian youth
      besought him to endear her.
      He dared not approach her, in spite
      of nature's laws, despite her charm
      for he was Christian and she - a troll.
      He stared at the wooden cross
      heavy in his arm, preoccupied.
      His fate was questioned, and he uttered.
      'Begone', he said, and wail she did
      and ran away, cursing her fate
      for surely even trolls do understand -
      delivery's in God, in God Almighty.
      The bald priest smirked and gave a cry
      The light, and God, be given praise!
      This village, as the rest, will bathe in it.
      This tale shall be sung, for we will
      write it down for ages to come.
      What better way to reinforce our faith?!
      Herr Mannelig, the valiant knight of God,
      whose light is everreaching and all-wise,
      defeating the dark arts of trolls!
      And so the tale shall be woven
      And priests looked out for ink
      And priests took out young vellum
      (deadline is until the end of the anniv)
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