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    • By Granos
      Since nobody has posted anything I figured I would as today and tomorrow were suggested. Perhaps delaying a bit more to garner more interest may be needed. What server times work best for everyone. Personally I feel that 22:00 server time may work well.

      As for nominations:
      Mag and Aia are deserving of some recognition.

      Please suggest more times so we can come to a consensus for the ideal time.
      Please suggest more people for medals try to include which ones. 
    • By Demonic God
      The other day, I headed to the Golemus Laboratory, for some experimentation. Tinkering around, messing with the Aramors to-be-filled with AI cores.
      Alas, such work is boring! So boring indeed, that half way through, as my attention span dictate... I decided to make a very, very bouncy ball. A drop of blood, glue, rare minerals... and Voila!
      Throwing this thing in open space, would be unwise. Not that it would do any damages, but I prefer to not lose my shiny possessions. So, I had a small room built, and gave it a throw. Alas... I did not expect it to bounce so vigorously, the damn thing bounced so well, catching it would be impossible! As I ponder upon this dilemma, miraculously, the ball bounced straight back at me. Damn thing almost broke a tooth of mine, but I did managed to catch it. Impressed by this outcome, I laid down my pen and paper, and begins working out, how exactly did the ball bounce back to exactly where I was? And how many times, did that damn thing bounced around?
      So, I ask for your help, to determine the numbers of bounces the ball made. Here are the details of how it all went down - according to my memory:
      The ball somehow ignored gravity, and flew parallel to the ground at all times I started at the South-West corner of the room The ball was thrown perfectly North-East. (45 degree) The room is almost a square, of dimension 2020 cm x 2021 cm. I fully intend to sue the contractor for this error. Summarized in mathematical terms:
      You throw a perfectly bouncy ball in a rectangle (2020 x 2021) room from a corner The ball was thrown at a 45 degree angle The ball ignored gravity, and flew parallel to the ground at all time How many bounces did the ball make before it return to your location? Rewards:
      Most elegant solution - 1 Anni crit Most creative/unorthodox solution - 1 Anni crit Fastest correct solution - 1 GC All correct solutions - 5SC + 1 spell stone Lock in chaos Acoustic Remains Teleport to Papercabin
    • By Ungod
      I'll take this opportunity to warmly welcome all to Marind Bell, where for the next couple days you will be able to listen to minstrels singing about love and war (a.k.a. I will be posting link to various music pieces with the theme knights&maidens). I encourage visiting the more secluded areas.
      Love and battles. Epic battles, battles of dominance, battles of attrition, battles of retribution. Fiery love, withering love, useful love, used love. In this theme is the following riddle/puzzle, entirely a forum quest (hence the submissions will be by forum PM, to yours truly). Fastest correct answers win, and the prize pool is: 1g5s+anniv creature for 1st correct solution, 1g for 2nd, 5sc for 3rd. (you'll find the riddle quite easy):
      There is this tale I heard, a tale
      about a growing man
      who fends off heathen belief.
      A troll with hair of golden sheen
      smitten with this Christian youth
      besought him to endear her.
      He dared not approach her, in spite
      of nature's laws, despite her charm
      for he was Christian and she - a troll.
      He stared at the wooden cross
      heavy in his arm, preoccupied.
      His fate was questioned, and he uttered.
      'Begone', he said, and wail she did
      and ran away, cursing her fate
      for surely even trolls do understand -
      delivery's in God, in God Almighty.
      The bald priest smirked and gave a cry
      The light, and God, be given praise!
      This village, as the rest, will bathe in it.
      This tale shall be sung, for we will
      write it down for ages to come.
      What better way to reinforce our faith?!
      Herr Mannelig, the valiant knight of God,
      whose light is everreaching and all-wise,
      defeating the dark arts of trolls!
      And so the tale shall be woven
      And priests looked out for ink
      And priests took out young vellum
      (deadline is until the end of the anniv)
    • By Ungod
      There's this knight who was asked by his beloved to bring her a proof of his love that he so ardently confessed - his mother's heart. What would be his choice?
      We're going to try to solve this dilemma in an experimental quest in which the knight goes through a number of rooms until he can reach the quarters of his mother. At any point, the dilemma can be solved, except for the final room. All participants (not attendees) will get an anniv creature as prize if the knight finds his answer or a consolation prize of 1 g if it is not answered. To make it clear, he must find the correct answer that nullifies any possible doubts to its veracity. That is, the dilemma is no more.
      Each room shall contain a special object to help stir thoughts, as well as a large mirror (played by me) which will reflect some thoughts back. The participants will throw their take on it, one by one, representing the endless thoughts of the knight faced with such trouble.
      This is similar to a play discussing morals and morality, only you are the actors in an impromptu play; we should get to the bottom of those sticky morality rules here...
      My greatest concern is when we can find a time to all be there, so I was thinking about this Friday evening. Other times that seem to be fine with you (folks that are interested)?
    • By Demonic God
      Just recently, I passed by the Tempest Fort, and noticed a worrying issue. Moss! Some strange moss had invaded the walls. Its root penetrated the solid stone, and weakened its integrity! Unacceptable!
      However, it seems that the stones available to patch up the walls is in short supply, and on top of that, they naturally form in difficult shapes. Thus, I'd like to employ your help, to find a way, to most efficiently replace the damaged walls.
      The wall to be replaced could be modeled as a solid slate, of dimensions 8x8x3. There are various types of stones available:
      Z, T and L shaped stones (volume of 4) I shaped stones (volume of 2, or 1x2) Singular, dot/square ( . ) shape stones, volume of 1 Your goal is to find a way to assemble the 8x8x3 walls using these materials. In general, based on scarcity of materials, I've assigned the tiles the following points:
      Z shape: 4 points T and L: 3 points I: 1 points dot: 0 points The winning designs shall be rewarded handsomely. In particular:
      The design with the highest score shall win 3 gold coins, and an anni creature The second place, would be 2 gold coins, along with an anni creature The third place, would be receiving 1 gold coin, and an anni creature However, there's more!
      I look not only for the design that has high point values. There's more to this challenge, than simply finding a single solution with a good point value. Artistry and beauty is a major aspect of masonry. I look also for designs that amazes me, regardless of how well they perform in the actual competition. In particular:
      Designs with a certain mathematical "beauty" - whenever that be an absolute order, scalability, or an extremely chaotic, complex yet efficient pattern Designs with fantastic demonstration and illustration, demonstrating a huge amount of effort & care Etc. In general, anything that amazes me greatly, would be rewarded with 1 WP. Your design does not need to achieve a high score to a WP, but a high score itself could certainly amazes me. There's no limited to how many winners, but there's no guarantee that there would be a winner as well.
      Deadlines and submission guidelines:
      You have until the end of anniversary (29th) to submit your design Submission guideline:
      You can submit your design in any manner that you like. Rather, coming up with a unique design AND presentation is part of the quest, at least for the WP portion For clarity, I'd ask that you make three 8x8 squares and fill it with numbers. Squares with the same number should be occupied by the same "stone". You may also submit just this three squares as your submission. Below are the shapes, in image form (with a thickness of 1), as I've been notified that there are confusions to the shapes. They're somewhat similar to tetris shape, as you can tell.

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