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Draw a mandala

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I hear there's a scholarly interest in the lands of Marind Bell, pertaining to mandalas - some SoE members are quite interested in that imagery with 'cosmic'  or 'absolute' meanings. What that means is, there's ways to make money! Or get some anniversary creatures and bonuses.

SoE will pay a hefty sum for a mandala with MD symbolism, but it must be within standards (hence they will judge the submissions) AND all rights to that imagery will transfer to said alliance. As for the manner of presentation, it can be drawn on paper, digitally created, or even crafted. Feel free to submit it to me (Ungod) or post it in this thread - winning submissions have the chance of remaining anonymous. Ah, the deadline? Until the end of this month.

So let's get down to business - what hefty price are we talking about? 1st place gets an anniv crit and 1 goldenavitoken, 2nd 1 anniv crit (and 1 gold if SoE wants to acquire the rights*), 3rd 1 anniv crit (and 1 gold if SoE wants to acquire the rights). 

*Disclaimer: if SoE decides to acquire the rights for that mandala, you can't refuse

What? That's not enough? That's the offer, take it or leave it. This scholarly interest is only in bud; who knows, it might be more profitable in the future...

(a little help for those confused by the many types of mandalas:



although a square, the basic structure of what we call today a mandala is a central figure/letter and concentric elements

the central figure can be a god - surrounded by lesser gods and words or geometric forms and maybe words

the central figure can be a letter/word - in a web of geometric forms, usually

the central figure can be a location, such as a temple - surrounded by gods or writing

I have yet to determine the original mandalas; what's certain is that actual locations such as temple complexes were stylized until they became geometric forms, lines etc; it could very well be that the first mandalas were depicting the location of a god/worshipping places

either way, choosing whatever symbolism you want, create a MagicDuel mandala)



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On 4/8/2021 at 10:43 PM, Ungod said:

Ah, the deadline? Until the end of this month.

It might be kind of rushed (3 weeks), especially if one is not familiar with it (but then again, I'm not either, I've only acquired a few books I'll read when I get time for that). 

but hey, for a relatable MD mandala, I think inspiration is key, so it's doable, imo.

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And this contest is officially closed!

We thank the participants, but SoE shall withhold from acquiring any submissions, as their level is still entry-level. Mandalas are more or less foreign to the West (maybe foreign is not the word, since we've transformed them), so it's hard to get the aesthetics down; this is also the reason Poppi Chullo is the winner of this competition!

However, they can quickly become an acquired taste, so because I hope they've sparked an interest, the 3 entries will be rewarded handsomely. Congratulations!

(I shall post none of the submissions, but if you are interested in mandalas and the imagery MD players used in theirs, pm me! a genuine interest will be granted access)

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