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Of Memery and Schemery

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I wrote a limerick inspired by recent events, and as they're practically Medieval memes I'll post it here. (fight me :p)




There once was a child from the Tribunal

The oldest veteran of them all

But he didn't know

Killing Gran is a no

So now he is up in the taco stall



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And with the end of the 16th Anniversary I shall declare this contest closed.

Results are in as follows:

1. Most votes in a single original post + 3. Most Untouchable - Chewett, with the following post; which had a single reply, with ten votes and an additional point for scoring more than its reply:

2. Most votes in a single reply post + 4. Most Savage - jakubhi, with the following post, scoring four votes and outscoring the post it did reply to, for a total of five points:

Please post, in this thread, in order (Chewett/jakubhi/Chewett/jakubhi) as to the choice of creatures thou wouldst like to receive; from the four listed: Coloured Elemental, Coloured Winderwild, Coloured Priest, 16th Anniversary Elucubratie

Notable mentions to Aelis and Ledah, scoring nine points each for these original memes: 

To Demonic God for posting sixteen times in this thread (MaGoHi had the second largest number of posts at eleven).

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, jakubhi said:

I would like to change my first pick from elu to Coloured Priest, if it is still possible. 

I have sent thee the code for the coloured priest; I shall await Chewett's next choice.

Edited by Aia del Mana
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