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Perspective: Void

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20 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

Thank you, Fang. Perhaps you should also share with us what the void means to you and why.

An interesting request, and one I'm not about to shun. Well played, it's never easy to get me to comply but here goes.

To me, the Void is simply a place, both free from all other existance, yet part of a larger mechanism all the same. The Void to me, is the peace I find in deep meditation, what I envision to lay beyond even the point of consciousness, possibly even beyond reality itself.

It's a timeless encapsulation of raw perception, one that threatens to assimilate you once you feel you truly understand it. Truly, it is what I consider Zen. A place with nothing but you, your mind, and all the possibilities of an eternal, neverending multiverse.

I have a bad habit of thinking we might just live in a Fenth. A small reality divided by a thin veil from the next.

Whenever I slip into my subconscious meditative state, it's hard to come back with any memories, lucidity if you will, and thus it's difficult to retain on a conscious level the lessons you've learned there.

Yet this is when I truly feel closest to the Void. A place full of infinite possibilities because nothing is there at the moment. A beautiful superposition of raw self. A place where journeys both begin and end, if such concepts are even accurate. The Void is One.

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