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1) Absolutely amazing, wow! you actually did that?! unbelievable!!

2) People that exceed a year of consecutive days, please post me some details about how your daily rewards look like, i am really curious :))

3) everyone else, please make suggestions what one should get for reaching this checkpoint. I will still go on with my own plans, but your suggestions will be all cartefully considered and if any will change my mind, i will let you know. Also, like this, i will have a better understanding of what you would expect, compared to what i would give.


Looking forward to read your replies. Conclusions will be announced after a while.


-- Mur 

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18 hours ago, Aia del Mana said:


This were the anniversary view. For those that did wish to view the remainder of the announcement: I would commend thee to also attain such an anniversary; such is the way of the realm.

It being broken made me chuckle

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I like the name. So far we have this:

- achievement "Force of Habit", 3 of them  at 3mo, 6mo, 12mo

- wishpoint(s) at 6mo and 12mo

- new medal at 12mo

- if anything else remarcable will be discussed later here, i might add it.

I will implement these as soon as i can. People that sent me the 1Y code will get them anyhow, but all the rest will only get these if the have the corresponding consecutive days at the time of implementation, so if you managed this far, don't stop now :)



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On 2/15/2021 at 11:28 AM, MRAlyon said:

just a reminder 


and I don't remember when i started to lose 100% of activity

oh yes, thank you for the reminder. and i feel i did not award you something suitable for this remarcable achievement, so i grant you "Mark of History", ..because i don't know of anyone else to achieve this, and such loyalty, even if it stopped at some point (nobody can be "perfect" with this), is worth awarding one of the rarest achievemnt in MD world. Congratulations :)

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new acvhievemnts are available for consecutive days. Each gives a wp also. More wps are good nowdays, makes md more 'fluid'.

there might be bugs. i don't want to alter my actrive days to test this properly, please check and let me know ..i intend to get my achievemts for real :) if possible.


thank you

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I did test of the achievement-dispatcher and found an error, which did state that the dispatcher did not contain such an achievement.

I have amended of the scene such that the achievement were now attainable from the dispatcher, so for those that did attempt to unlock such achievements in the hours past, I would suggest to reattempt it.

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A request, Mur, for confirmation that the achievement were working as intended:

I am able to claim the 90 day achievement, as presently, my active consecutive days were greater than this number.
@redneck, despite having attained over 200 consecutive active days, cannot unlock of these achievements, as his present consecutive active days number but 7.

I assume that this were working as thou didst intend, in much the same way that the Full Glow achievement should check the present attainment, rather than a state of a character at any prior point (assuming linear time).

Edited by Aia del Mana
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1 hour ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Thanks Aia for fixing it, what was the issue?

I fixed the error text, now it sais the number of consecutive days not the active days.

It appears that the variables within the clicky must also correlate with the variables within the scene; I merely amended those within the scene to match.

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