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RIP Gateway Island?

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As stated previously, the two main concerns of everyone are that interaction with other players is needed and/or a Story, if however Brief.

perhaps if people have ideas of a story they could start fleshing them out and working with the GWI team?

as I see it, it seems like people would not be opposed to working in a short story to add to the island, and while that is being implemented either people can choose to spawn at PC or automatically get spawned at PC

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Things that had me stuck, for what it's worth:

No idea that mining gave many different things - especially the rare but vital crystal.

No idea how the balloon worked, once I made it (still don't know).  It didn't seem to let me get to the odd object either.

When I found the rope, the message I got flashing on the screen made me think it was something else, until I checked my inventory.

No idea why there was a place to heat memory stones up... perhaps to do with the balloon?  3 days?  Come on!  Bore-ing.

In the end, I solved the puzzle based way out...

Took awhile to catch on that loading ingredients, making the mix, and getting the results later can all be different operations.

Some hints on operational details would have helped me, anyway.

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