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Want To Trade a tutorial shade for one of the following:

Independent herb basket

Permanent kill tool

Wind Ward documents

Stored Heat 688967
Age 2853
Tokens Claw I

This is not an auction and I maintain the right to deny any offers.

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Technically a "shade" but the distinction is that they are the kind you will find in the old tutorial in NML, not ones you can find in Necrovion which would also be generally called shades or from a certain creature recruiter which are sword shades.

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    • By Hedge Munos

      [b]I'm looking to buy the following creatures:[/b]

      [b]- 4 Shades[/b]

      [b]- 2 Sword Shades[/b]

      [b]- 1 Unnamed Creature[/b]

      [b]- 6 Darklings[/b]

      Now, obviously I don't have the coin now to buy them all at once, nor the offers to do so.

      I'll be attempting to gather more coin for this over time, so this ought to stay open for quite a while.

      I don't expect too many to be selling these creatures, but I'm opening it anyway, as I've been asking quite a few of you over PM's, which wasn't very successful.

      I am trying to buy with coins, but feel free to set whatever price you want, just know I'll try to negotiate.

    • By lashtal
      I'm auctioning 4 creatures of mine:

      [size=4]- Rustgold Drachorn[/size]
      [size=4]Heat: 135k[/size]
      [size=4]Age: 50[/size]
      [size=4]Tokens: goldtear, kellethafire, goldbelt[/size]

      [size=4]- Shade[/size]
      [size=4]Heat: 40k[/size]
      [size=4]Age: 107[/size]
      [size=4]Tokens: firedrop, jewelshards, onyxfangs, darkshield, claw3[/size]

      [size=4]- Sharptear[/size]
      [size=4]Heat: 74k[/size]
      [size=4]Age: 26[/size]
      [size=4]Tokens: osirisbelt, blacktear, onyxfangs[/size]

      [size=4]- Soulweaver[/size]
      [size=4]Heat: 104k[/size]
      [size=4]Age: 17[/size]
      [size=4]Tokens: firedrop[/size]

      [size=4]This auction will end on Monday Aug 29, 00.00 s.t.[/size]
      [size=4]If I don't consider the final offers satisfactory I won't proceed with trade(s).[/size]
      [size=4]Please send offers by posting in thread.[/size]
      [size=4]I won't be able to upgrade this post before the auction ends (I'm leaving for holiday!).[/size]
      [size=4]Package deals accepted (I'm currently looking for an un-tokened GG drachorn…).[/size]

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