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It appears that the realm hath been updated to reflect a more pacifist calling, as one who attempts to attack another were now faced with this error:


Id expired. Please click the compass menu item to refresh scene. ()


Additionally, it appears that one cannot observe of her own profile using the in-realm tab, nor by visiting the magicduel.com/players/**name** function.

None of the profile documents appear to function (Alliance/Hate List/Personal Log/Inventory, etc) - although one may observe of the most recent Public Logs without issue.

Item Owners list does not function also.

Some functions of clickies appear affected - in example, the riddles upon the Guardian's Esplanade give this error: ERROR: unable to find ui activated action file @@

Edited by Aia del Mana
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at this point all errors i know of where fixed, i am sure there are other errors i don't know about, please post them when you see them, thank you all for your help.


I know this "method" of mine is totally unprofessional, and i could theoretically fix everything first on a test server, then test there, then move live, but i am much more "motivated" and fast when i have to fix live errors :D ..and a bit of downtime brings us forward much faster.



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