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    • By Ungod
      Remember Slotsh
      Well, he got in trouble again. As we all know, strange ladies lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a monarchy system...but they do exist. Slotsh prayed night and day in front of the Angien Lake for something. I don't know what that something was, but one day a 'thing' was washed ashore. It's a...a...a magical thing, as Slotsh found out. This object cannot be approached recklessly, as it bites - from the front, from the rear, and stabs with its horns from the middle. The bite is strong enough to break iron. Pushing it away is also a no go, because it apparently weighs at least a TON. Now if the new king finds out what happened, Slotsh is in for it.
      Your task is to aid the poor fool, by providing a mechanical solution. Remember, he is extremely weak at magic, but he has an impressive stash of junk - parts, metal scraps, wood, stone etc Just make sure that thing can be either thrown back into the lake, or hidden somewhere outside Marind Bell. 
      Describe your idea, draw it (adding the year and MD), attach it to your post and send it to me (or post in this thread). You have to take into account the weight of the thing, the difficulty of approaching it and, if you plan on building something megalithic, where the materials can be found. Slosth has a small allowance, after all.
      This is 'the thing':
      Now, you have 2 weeks to end your entry, but it's gonna be worth it: a WP for best entry (if it meets quality check), anniversary barrens (if more participate, more will be distributed), spellstones (such as acousticremains), LR archers and maybe a drach...well, there are plenty of rewards, but it all depends on how many participate and how good your solutions are.
      Help Slotsh!
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