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    • By Ailith
      The Day of New Beginnings
      Location: Wreath-Weaver Garden
      Date and Time:  Day 205 (25th April) at 19:00 Server Time onwards
      Attendees are invited to bring flowers as offerings to the Wreath-Weaver as well as their own stories, poems, music or art based around what has made them happy within the last year or their hopes for the 15th year.
      After a brief ceremony, the attendees will be invited to offer the flowers they have brought (if they wish) to the Wreath-Weaver. There will then be a period of celebration where the attendees share their contributions, in a relaxed but respectful gathering.
      Main rewards are an anniversary creature each for the most notable contribution in all four categories (story, poem, music, art).
      There may also be an anniversary creature or suitable rewards for particular notable contributions to the event in general. 
      There will also be a unique item, 15th Anniversary Eastern Laureate, a special pin which will be awarded to the competitor who has made the most relevant and significant contribution to the event as a whole.
    • By Ailith
      Anniversary Pub Night
      Location: The Drunken Corpse
      Date and Time: Day 202 (April 22nd) 20:00 Server time onwards
      A celebratory night at the pub in honour of the 15th MD year.. but oh no! The host has lost their pub quiz documents!
      Devise an activity to keep your fellow revellers entertained, each activity must not be longer than 15 minutes to complete and all participants must remain in the pub to complete it. It can be based around any style of puzzle, or competition you like, but it must be entertaining and fast paced so the tipsy people don't lose interest! 
      Rewards are an anniversary creature each for top 3 entrants. Additional rewards may be awarded.
      An additional reward is the item 15th Anniversary East Pub Champion, a trophy for the most impressive person in terms of contributions on the night.
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