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Misalignment on narrow view

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    • By Muratus del Mur
      it seems one cannot view "all announcements" anymore. The page keep loading forever but nothing happens.
      @Chewett please you fix this
    • By MRAlyon
      this is a screen fom my work PC.... it' not possible center all info on every type of screen size?
      center forum bar with map and bottom bar.... after put the rest near it...
      screen size 27 inch

    • By Aia del Mana
      I do find that the progress indicator upon the left side of the interface were broken.

      I have taken the liberty of fixing it, and also including of some suggestions as to how they may appear when activated; the first image were as it doth appear currently.

    • By Muratus del Mur
      Heat orbs: some don't like it and would prefer something more static.
      I made a little button next to store heat button that will pin then in place (and make them sad, heat orbs are sad if not let free :P)
      I will move this as a shop feature soon, because both ways are fine, and some just dont like it.
      with this feature, you can fit 27 orbs nicely, its more than enough considering you can click any to do same thing.
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