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VE/VP isnt visible in new interface

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8 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Maybe so..its hard to assume, i like to think its not so

It's an association that is easily made because nobody ever heard of world inertia. I don't think I've ever heard about it, so it's natural to make an association with what I've heard of.




Also, double posting is rarely ok.

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I like the new name changes and I love the way it is presented now.
I still would have 2 suggestions. 

1. is it possible to change the color of the font used or even better give it a colored background?
With the panels opening on a scene picture it is sometimes quite hard to read.
2. is it possible to add space separators to the numbers?
I know for most people it won't make a change, but for the "grinders" it'd help a lot :P

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A further idea that did pass mine mind - I wonder if Exploring Points were indeed better termed as Curiosity. One cannot discover of a new scene if she were lacking in't, and it were a requirement to observe or create of creatures and their ascensions. Furthermore, one's Curiosity needst only increase a small value when recruiting of a new creature, but if one requires to obtain one which were a duplicate, a greater mental burden of curiosity should be required (as elucidated in the suggested recruitment value changes).

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