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How Do you like the new interface so far?

The new interface (work in progress on warventure.com/play )  

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The popup window shouls be fixed now, at least on the screens i checked (mobile).   I am moving the new interface live today, i tried my best to listen to your complains and fix what i could

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I see the changes as improvements, not missteps, but I would like to see more 'air' in the page. I know there are a lot of elements to fit in, but maybe some can be ported somewhere else. That's pretty much all I can complain about.

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I think it's time for MD to move to a flashless interface but you can't put all things in one page like it's now... I love the idea to make the site mobile friendly but not like you are doing on war venture... Look at app or other mobile friendly site... First thing I don't have to scroll at right and left like it's now... interface need to be easy to understand and CLEAN... Just work on vertical interface scroll up and down... Put menus at right or left as you prefer but simply and clean... Right bar on mobile it's not easy to use but I like the top part of it the trigger box instead don't like how work the bottom part of it... Bottom bar is impossible to use because some buttons are out and can't click them after if I click a buttons nothing happens and need to go and click right bar...

I know it's difficult to make a new interface from zero but for me it's better take more time for study how do the interface before to put live... For example before code just make a quick image without functions on it and see what people thinks about it...

When I login what I will see as first thing, like a screenshot...

More buttons on MD are double or useless and can be put on other parts no need to put on principal page...

This is the image that I see. Tell me if it's good or not... For me no... I'm using a Samsung A8 2018


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@MRAlyon that is indeed the worst possible screen. Its not intended to work on that, just to be barely usable for chat and very basic stuff.

I dont want to make it mobile friendly in a true mobile friendly sense, because many things that directly influence the _GAMEPLAY_ can't be reproduced on such a small screen. Thats why heat for spells is not available on that low res.


Please try viewing it in landscape mode, see if its any better.

Also, are you trying just on this res, or you also dislike the desktop version?

Thanks a lot for the feedback

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@Ungod i am curious, the classic md interface looks cleaner on your res or not? 

There are two ways to do this, keep things fixed on the page and scroll up and down, like current md (in concept), or fullscreen, that looks great on larger widths but at lower end res looks crowded.

I am still thinking what to do, this interface is fully recoded and its easier to change.We do have some limitations..all the internal pages such as scenses and moodbar, need to have the info inside them..otherwise i would have to redo md from scratch and its not an option.

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Gameplay happens between these sections:

- central screen (scene, crits, profile, chat)

- popup screens (inbox, fights, info)

- moodbar panel with all the pages that open inisde there

- triggers box with all the info that opens there


There is no realistic way to organise content in an other way, so interface needs somehow to fit these "screens"  making it impossible to have truly mobile interface or working well on resolutions below 1024px.

I am explaining all this so you understand i am trying to do things as best as possible giving the circumstances

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Some more on MOBILE, ignore the obvious overlapping text, thats not done yet. Also the popup for fights is a big problem, its not fitting on lower heights..but i am planning to completely redo that one

If it looks difderent foe you please post screens

on desktop looks good in my opinion but i have very large screens FullHD 1920+, and 4k, even on laptop, so its hard to say if i am biased or not. I am trying to check how it looks in small windows but a small window is not same experience with an actual small screen because you mind knows its just small window 😕




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On a "desktop" portal, I must think that the functionality were close to sufficient for deployment.

I believe thou knowst already of mine woes upon using a mobile portal; as long as the old interface were an option (for the present) - this should allow for users upon a mobile portal to interact within the realm. It were certainly not sufficient to deploy of this option in isolation, and to exclusion of the current interface.

One merely notes that upon the mobile portal, any action doth take some figurative aeons to take; with or without regard to the interface, this were its fatal flaw, and thou didst speak previously of a mobile version without animations, for which many do await.

I am poised to commence of work on the realm; a mere nineteen scenes remain to extract of the artwork. I believe that the scene conversion, rather than the interface, were the barrier to the return to the realm for many - merely to be able to move, as one were able to upon the Island of the Gateway (which were flash-devoid) - should allow for most function to return.


I avidly await of further testing with thee upon the Warventure realm.

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22 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

@Ungod i am curious, the classic md interface looks cleaner on your res or not? 

There are two ways to do this, keep things fixed on the page and scroll up and down, like current md (in concept), or fullscreen, that looks great on larger widths but at lower end res looks crowded.

It looks pretty much like your screens, I can't say if it's cleaner or not (maybe I'm just biased because I'm so used to the old interface).

As for the right way to do this, normally, you'd go for competing in the race for Hi-Q, Hi-def etc (the fullscreen option). But many people use and will use mobile more frequently to check things, so scrolling makes more sense for them. I think you can't cut down on the elements shown at low res, which could've been a solution, maybe.

So it feels like you have to choose whom to sacc.

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