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Heads Game - ranting and opinions

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envy you are reading my mind, yesterday night i was think about the same think and wanted to open topic next day, when today i see it is already opened, heads game also annoys me too, i just keep gett

quantity of players vitality isnt a advantage in many situations, better compare your wins against older players and player which have more experience, than this which have more vit than you

its easier to shut your mouth on forum, its just a few clicks away

I am sorry but i can't freaking read 3 pages now.. not in the mood. All i will say is the same thing bootes said.. WHY dont you guys make about 3 or 4 easy win rituals?

Like just buy around 4 archers or aramors and set a single monster ritual with them... they are easily healed or sacrificed for heat or ve or vp.. Stop crying over a smal thing like this and start learning stuff... It is thanks to this heads contest that i am this strong.. THE urge TO WIN WIN WIN in this heads contest made me concentrate give more time and effort into the game..

now i am the second strongest (gonna have a duel with algojo and see, if i beat him i will be first strongest hehe) I am still not sure but i can beat anyone in mp3 right now but will accept any challenge throw at me (except the HC winners) If any1 wants to have a duel with me to test there strenght hit me up with a message.

I am talking BIG right now and showing off.. why don't you take this chance to make a another mp3 account and train it like me and kick my ass to shut my mouth? That is the same reason why i think the heads contest is made... To give a bit of fun for players and motivate them to make there accounts strong so they can win. (It does give a lot of rewards)

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Death Bell, you're REALLY talking big... very big... please join an ally, i want to kick your butt right now, not after getting a new mp3 with a few nasty rits, that would take me over 2 weeks of hardcore-gaming, and that's some time i don't have =P

and most people don't want to play in heads because they are weak... some even too weak to set defs =(
i remember my first mp3 contest very well, i had my 16 nice little creatures and wanted to get some wins on my grasans, and there goes the contest, and all sorts of people who had no chance against me bashed me all of a sudden, and regen didn't work anymore, and my critters went to 0 in no time...

dst told me all about the contests rules, how heads influenced the stats, and how to defend my rits with single creatures, so i tried it...
Result: i got my usual 10 wins at willow's , about 50 heads along with them, and BAM!, there comes 5 attacks of people who want my heads (which i didn't even care about) in less than 30 secs... and four of them asked me right after the battle how the heck i could protect my heads because they didn't get them =P
BUT, after my three singles went down, all my good critters in the combat rits lost their vit in those 30 secs, and being a weak mp3, even my 100% combat rit didn't regen more than 2% per critter, and that's not enough to fight and it always took me half a day to recover at least the 6 combat creatures =(( (there were no protectors back then, it easier to regen critters nowadays^^)

it's easy to say 'set singles' for people who know how it works, who train only 6 creatures and have 10 single-defenders... but most mp3 DON'T know what a head contest is like before they face one, and therefore have 16 creatures they want to train up... and after two weeks of training a grasan, you really don't want to give it up when only 5k xp are left to max it, or you need nothing but age for the next level of an archer... saccing those hurts an mp3, and setting them as singles is hard because you need the good critters to help the weaklings, so you need those critters alive at all times and can't waste them for (useless) single defenders...

so, all in all, HC is a really really tough time for most of the players, and only fun for those who love it / have a chance of winning =P

plus, you bragging with being the best mp3 doesn't motivate people to create an mp3 god, it only scares the other newbies away from you xD

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lol burns... i don't think you read my post correctly... i am telling myself that i am showing off and talking big in my post read carefully..
What i was trying to do was motivate the players to play hard and go pro.. I dont want the game to be made where only 1 or 3 guys dominate the mp3 level... and win the heads most of the time.. and in most cases the mp3 winners already have high powerful account in higher mp level.. So they are the ones who usually win all the time. I want everyone to be equally powerful so its hard for one guy to scare every1 into not attacking him.
Thats why i am trying to be a big head and i don't care what you guys think of me... i just want to motivate as many people i can to enjoy the game for its fun the heads contest..

Just because you tell a guy/gul to play hard and put in effort to get the fun out of it.. no one is going to listen, but if you give them something to work towards then they will definitely try there best. That's why i am acting as a shit head so people get pissed at me and try to kick my ass...

and burns another thing... we need patience to play this game... we have to wait a lot of days to age our elemental right.. if we can wait for that long cant the guys wait 4 days for the contest to be over..?

You say only the people tough enough to win it enjoys i agree.. that's why i am pissing people off so they toughen them selves up.. You have no idea how much it helps... I used to play another game (if u want i can mention the name) A guy used to attack me every time i had gold on me.. I was so pissed i train and train and trained.. within a week i went 5 Levels above him.. and started beating his ass.

You really have no idea what kind of character i am... and i don't have the need to show you my true character... MY friends in MD (in game) know me and how much i have helped others... If they know what kind of guy i am thats enough for me.

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you know, there are two types of players: persons like us and the rest^^
we, always online and competetive and trying to be the best, have troubles with patience and age, but most others reach the age requirement long before they get the wins, and if you only have 20 mins a day to play, the head contest is really EViL xD

and most people don't have the time to get stronger and kick your butt when you yourself are amongst the most active players, i know that for sure because i've outrun most of my enemies by far within less than two weeks =P

now, are you going to join an ally? i want to fight you =))

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no.. not going to join any alliance for now.. i have heard you get some honor problems after you join alliance... and all that thing. Lol i saw how metal bunny suffered for he needed honor but he couldnt get any at all...

well the only reason i was active this month is because its my school hoildays :P no school for a month.. now i will be one of those guys who cant login as much as i used to...

Yeah i do understand what you said above and it makes sense.. But if like you say we make a button to stop players who dont want to play stop regenerating heads.. then how are we supposed to collect all the heads which will give us some good score.. for if every1 doesnt regenerate haeds then we will be stuck with max 1k heads or something

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I was reading the Alliance forums, and thought about the poor mp3's who suffer because of those mp3 alliance members attacking them. I think that they should increase the number of heads that will make you prone to being attacked in sanctuaries. By this, I mean that instead of 7+heads, make it maybe 10 or 15+heads. I agree with the opinion of others about the heads contest occuring too oftenly. Maybe 2-4 months gap? Maybe the players could be limited to fight only those who have this certain XP. Like you attack people who have around 200k xp if you are 200k xp, and so on. That way, the weak will be against the weak, the strong against the strong. Probably not for mp3's, because the XP cap is small, maybe 0-50k, 51k-100k,etc? I'm just pouring out all my opinions on the heads contest here, and on Mur's part, maybe he's having a hard time making all these adjustments? Let's be a little considerate.

I look at the whole paragraph, then read the last sentences....

I sound so sarcastic...:angry:

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just for clarification: 2m is a very small number amongst the mp5, because the cap of mp5 is 24m =)

and if there were as many groups as you suggest, the whole fun would stop in the head hunts because the prizes would be diminished to next-to-nothing as the number of winners grows, and people would stop caring about winning that contest^^
atm, winning a HC is hard work and therefore youget a nice stat-boost and some creds for MD shop, but if you would make a contest for 0-50k, another one for 50-100k and so on, everyone would win such a contest in no time... only think of the wide ranges you have in mp5 (2,2 - 24m), if every million had their own contest, you'd just make sure you are between 21 and 22m for the time of the contest and would most likely win it without work because you are the only participant...

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