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(not sure this is the right place, but it can be moved to the appropriate section, without my approval)

What is the extension music is hosted on MD? mp3? 

Was it some kind of plan to have music (tracks) in all scenes? 

Would it sound good for a couple of scenes to have nature sounds, like a river trickling or birds chirping? 



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50 minutes ago, Chewett said:


Music tracks are in special scenes, mostly embedded youtube videos. No plans for adding more currently.

Might be, do you have any ideas of free sounds we could use? Or are you planning to record some? :D


Aha, so they are in special scenes...

I was thinking of relaxing nature sounds that I sometimes listen to and that yes, I could record...but there are also sounds and tracks in the public domain (although they are under creative commons license, so attribution is usually a must)



An interesting page is this one: http://us.metamath.org/mpegif/mmmusic.html

it might interest some :) but the music is crap, only the concept shines



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sounds as they are cool they can become annoying. If someone keeps md in a background window, just to hear if anyone sais something in that scene (the chat sound), it will be frustrating to have to listen to whatever song there is there, or to stop it each time they visit a scene with sound.

I intend to keep just very few scenes with sound, as a reminder that there is a use of the voice spell that could speak onto someones computer without them clicking anything, great for spooky interaction for some quests :D

over the years sound proved to be a major element in keeping player in a scene, or away from it. Having this in all scenes will make all players either decide to stay or to leave, and eventually what is too much is not good, so they will at least keep md on silent, missing important sounds such as trigger activation, pm, or why not, chat.

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