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I'm Starting a Novell /Any Help appreciated!

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Chapter 16 - Preparations



President Shi shouted a battle cry. As expected, next morning violence flared up. Union fighters and Vylavont's
overwhelming force of house guards, mages and mercenaries were having a skirmish in front of the building. Luckily, Shi had town guards assisting his side as well. These blackguards were an old faction that at one time ruled the city, instead of the mayor. They hated almost everyone but most of all the mayor. Unfortunately their entry into the conflict was expected by the Vylavont so there goes the surprise factor. The allies wanted to get rid of the union once and for all. It was a sad bloodbath for the union side. President Shi could feel death was near.

Surrounding army closed in, despite President Shi's efforts to rally the troops. Mages and mercenaries were too damn well prepared. Shi heard a berserk battle shout. One of the regulars of union corps was seemingly gone insane and rolling heads left and right effectively. His bloodlust scared and disrupted the troops around him and they were shying away and fleeing. If they braved it out, the worker hero would smash with vengeance and move to another. Shi smiled. He just found his escape ticket. Blood of heros flows through union worker's veins. Shi knew this. They weren't the smartest or noblest around, but almost all tragic heroes from history were of his faction. For sure, this lad wouldn't have a great ending much like heroes of the past yet today he surely would survive. 

Wars were typically fought with both sides doing their most logical and best moves, until there was a resolution. This was when there some unexpected new venue would appear and people with talent and means would make use of some new technology with an unprecedented level of skill and concentration. Unfortunately for president Shi he made a yuge mistake. Or rather bad luck. You see, his side was gathering power and making plans while all the opposing side was desperately looking for was an excuse. Who knew these idiot workers would drop young Lord Syrissimo to a grate. Shi sent for help after but he didn't expect nobles to rescue him. Either way the war was just starting.

Hey, look at this. Isn't it surprising that Syrissimo family has so many servants? "Alright", the knight stepped over the debris,  "now search carefully for documents and treasures." Corpses of Syrissimo soldiers and servants were scattered around the manor. Instead of helping Shi, the knights cleverly decided to raid the manor, otherwise not accessible. They could always make up an excuse later. If they had to at all. Raze a field make them play, the knight thought. Sure, not to help their allies was risky but knights knew the battle was lost no matter what, at least from their perspective they weren't fanatics. What good it would make if they weren't around to see their enemies bend knee and suffer. No, they had different plans. They needn't go desperate, this was nobility.

Shi decided it was best to move towards west river with their small party. Aid would come from the forest and the remaining union soldiers would also follow him there then he could decide what to do. The more union incite chaos in the city, more allies would appear. Otherwise hero or not, after so many loses he and his army was gone. There, on the horizon the familiar lull of the savage midwest region and its forest calmed his nerves a bit. Shi ordered to make camp on the other side of the river. 


I hate this story, oftentimes.

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Congratulations, Ignnus! May written word bring to you what others could not:) I read the first part so here goes.. Avoid "ifs" in character introduction. It makes them look weak not by natu

I hope you don't mind me being blunt, but it reads like you've been dumped by an overweight woman and are very bitter over it. Perhaps take a step back and be a little more objective towards the

It would help giving her some background story as to why she thinks this way, perhaps a degree in gender studies or men with snouts surrounding her would suffice.

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Chapter 17 - Stormaera




Why would pureness not manifest to a result with the bright suppression, the dark world was finally angry. President Shi didn't care. He gazed at the middle distance, his cheeks dry, old and curvaceous. Shi was gonna teach these upstarts a lesson.  

The two mages of the Rn Wyfn kingdom would not let the magic of the city to descend upon Shi's army at the south wheat fields. Shi would siege the south district forcing mages and mercs to meet him in the battlefield. The dark world never did its homework, this was their weakness. Shi was an unparalleled craftsmen and when these two forces met he knew bright suppression would win. Well he hoped.

Magic and arrows rained on the army while the workers and savages from the Midwest advanced on the city. Fortifications weren't much on the south, city didn't expect sully from south since most generals would not dare to wage war between southern mercenary valley and northern city allies. Mercs and mages had to fight on their feet without the support of devastating elemental magic. The chaos was on the side of Shi. Unfortunately, he couldn't rout the cities defenders as he had hoped and there were loses. He didn't care, he was smiling.

Town guard suddenly started a retreat leaving the mercenaries surrounded instead attacking the mages. Shi sneered. This faction of old city natives were forcibly subdued by the village chief. They never forgot their vendetta against the mayor and everything related to the rule of the town. Their time was here. Shi has promised them he would let them manage the city instead of the mayor. Normally, the city guard wouldn't fight since they were a risk. 

Shi had hope. His army has won the day and forced the defenders to retreat with heavy loses yet he was frowning. Not that he wasn't happy, it was just because. His philosophy won. The fractured [bone] that they [felt] didn't yield any results. Or was it? This all seemed too normal.


I can't quite understand when one say if something is wrong, they are scrutinized. I also understand it, but that doesn't make
it better. No one can beat me, on that war of attrition where reasoning of philosophy of what is right and wrong coalesce with past season.

The zombie and the skeletons, the reaver and the revenants of the old were risen. When the army made for the night, the dead attacked celebrating soldiers. It was the corpses of past that died on the city and worse their fallen comrades who were lost on the encirclement when lady Syrissimo decimated Shi's troops. They were somehow knew what Shi would plan and summoned the fallen. Workers were wrought against their former comrades who didn't care for wounds and were fighting mindlessly. While the host of undead wasn't exactly professional soldiers, it was night and union army who fought a battle during the day were unable to rest. Besides the loses their moral plummeted. Shi was enraged. Luckily hardship is and was where he shined. With the help of the two allied mages he would rally and fell the defenders in a swoop.

There was nothing new. The workers advanced and started to gain upper hand just like previous day without the magic and arbalest city side was helpless. Shi was scrupulously chewing grass chaff. This was his favorite hobby. He thought, all of their talk and boasting of magic, they weren't even.... "Hmm, what is that?"  Some kind of black and white energy was on the sky above the worker lines. Two mages and Shi looked at each other.

Mage leader Gandolfini, after a night and day of brainstorming, were able to solve the problem of the magic dampening by the two agents. The army cheered. Sweet revenge. Unfortunately, others were still not able to do much against shield protecting union army.  However, archmage caused a devastation that was enough to coerce two mages cancel their protective stance and engage him on a duel instead. After an unfair but costly and deadly fight two Rn Wyfn mages, ripped the Gandolfini by limbs while he was screaming madly in pain. Too bad, without the magic ban, the unbridled fury of the defenders were unleashed on the workers and the world has seen a massacre like no other. Shi was dead before he could chant or strategize. Two mages survived, possibly. They vanished from the battlefield after the fight.   


Here 'y go. Somewhat longer chapter.

- I have to stop making up words.

! Last paragraph or two need to be rewritten but the frame is there.

Still learning new stuff on the process which is good albeit slowly which is bad . 

Too lazy, forever .. xD

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I had a sudden burst of inspiration, you know something like writer's block, except the opposite.. and improvised a quick chapter. Enjoy..  Also, mildly gross alert!



When her terrible wrath befalls, i want to turn to stone, my hands and ears cut off, from the world. I don't want anything
except solitude from rankling.

Hero woke up. She who would be king, was in a hospital or somewhere resembling a medical facility. The air smelled like sour
medicine. There was a nearby neon sign that said heaven in cyrillic letters. (Weird..). She strode to nearby antechamber from which there were sounds coming. She noticed a curious hostility in the air.

People seemed battered, bitter and scared. Curiously they resembled her herself, like they were relatives.

One of them said: "You are strange, why are you here?".

She was unable to say anything for a moment. "I'm the king, don't you see?" 

Her voice sounded strange to her. She noticed this place was dampening her natural thought processes and everything else.  And again hostility.

Crowd was turning angry. She quickly said: " We are, even if extended are still family. Can't you feel that? People was unable to grasp her meaning or were just plain snappy. She then noticed everyone was missing something. An ear or a hand, a brain or an heart. Relatively she was in good shape, only her skin was gone or melted with her flesh. Crowd appeared to lose interest for now and not sentence her to immediate death.

Indeed, immediate danger here was not her. These people, her relatives were prisoned by someone. Before she could think,
some kind of poisonous was being vented into the room. People were in pain and moaning, they didn't die, not just yet. All she could do was to step in an another room quickly. Still she felt horrible like she was going to die.  Darn, how could she die here? She decided fight to her last breath even if its pointless. She noticed a plank on the floor that she didn't notice earlier. She managed to lift it up to reveal an entrance where light was coming from some kind bunker. She realized she somehow couldn't quite gather her will to venture forth even if the alternative was dying.


"Tsk tsk, what an ugly child." An entity was sitting on a desk, looking at her in a disgusted manner. As if her mere presence
were the most grievous sin in the history of the existence.

Why won't you just die? I promise you will regret it; a thousand times over." He said.

Who are you to deny me? She said.

"Think!" She thought. You couldn't just throw lightning at anyone who annoyed you. A very hostile aura surrounded him,
not quite right but she could think. Lessening perhaps? Physics of the world didn't seem to work as usual here. Her genius and magical talents were useless in this place. She thought of a stupid comparison yet quite accurate. As if the sun were against an ant.  

Supervisor was fuming. "Cheater, look at yourself, what kind of absurdity is it for you to challenge me?" He then held up a
mirror to her.

Situation didn't make sense. She saw herself, would be king, dying soon. She saw the life of kings before her. She realized
her whimsical ambition was flawed. She should have given up then and start again. She was an ant. She curiously watched the insect(herself) for a while. While in this form, she dug many-a-tunnels, and chilled after work, its antenna and limbs aching. She saw a human foot coming up from above to squash her and cancellation of her execution at the last second for any reason.
Bits and pieces, could she fight with the help of these? She decided to risk it.

She chuckled. "Thanks, All i've ever wanted in life was to look at the face of my enemy. "

Supervisor's face has turned sour, he asked:


"...Why not?" 

There was an awkward silence then.

She thought of her tortured and mutilated family back at the medical wing. She managed to get the words out perfectly:

"You cannot control me."

Her flesh started slowly to turn to stone. Instead of dying which she would for sure, this was preferable. She was the king of kings. This was the least (and most) she could do.

His rage was terrible. He trashed and trashed yet the calcified sculpture(s) were strayed from him. He for some reason felt like she cheated and there was nothing he could do. ~



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Hi, i just wanted to inform those of you to not to expect one this sunday (if you did). Do expect one for next sunday at latest. ignore otherwise. Best


edit: this sunday or this week 

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It was 9th day of the 5th month of the year 529. The battle of thousand strumpets was fought between allied forces of mages and mercenaries versus union rebellion and its proxies. Nobles were requesting parley after which they hoped to negotiate their exile. Whilst people argued what an obvious mistake was to let these traitors go, noble Lord Xendarc has suggested to imprison everyone except himself so they can vote for a possible solution. He was beaten, hard by his own fellow knights. A through thrashing really, until he promised he would trim his nose hair for every 5th decade before going in front of the negotiators.

"Every time i hear the word disparage, I fell like fainting." said to mayor to no one in particular. Ravens didn't remark in any way. Instead they've started their usual grooming-nagging custom..

"Told you this would happen", croaked the raven, other one said: "too weak too weak. You've never understood that you are like others while you think yourself special" while the other one said: "You are all alike. You must be wiser." 

"Is that so?" Mayor replied, he was in no mood to get angry with those two. Everything has started to give that swamp-feel which suggested approximal catasthrope to happen soon. He had enough of bungles. Thankfully, everything would melt and give way under right conditions, even ancient swamps.

At dusk, mayor decided to order general evacuation. Everyone was to leave with only dear possessions and regroup at the southern plains until the situation was resolved. This weird "order" bewildered most people, townfolk often were used to follow the mayor's directions while various guilds and mergers had their own power structures so long as they respected the law. Regardless, most had already ceased their daily work and followed the baggage out of the town. Nobles were said to be released with little punishment as well. 


Heave ho! .. For some time, mayor rotated his arms and legs, hurdling around. 

Entire night were lit. 

Light was not of sun since it was not day but of mayors own power.

People were aghast.

He shouted: "let's fight esteemed agents, no need for any games", towards the city. There was no answer of course and folk were having desperate thoughts. Their official ruler has obviously gone insane, talking to the air. 

Since entire planet was lighted, visibility ensued with slight differences that didn't happened during the day normally; gothic quality to the mixture of light that was bleaching the darkness, was effecting the light this time. Like the real color of rot.

"Ye think this kinda magic impresses us ye dirty peasant?"

Mayor lost his footing for a sec. He smiled. "Dirty peasant? I really really like a well-timed, sophisticated insult, well done."

The duo totally ignored the mayor's remark. They seemed to be arguing, "its the same kind of black-white magic that other pipsqueak used, nothing to be afraid of."

Old Rn Wyfn mage nodded, he shouted, "you can't just fight us because you have flair. "You are about to be 'a very dead thing'"...

"King Heron is that you?" Awww.. Mayor has turned and intended to run away.

"Hey, not so fast," the two got close to the apparently rattled mayor in a flash when they casted a sophisticated curse-like spell, darkness has befell, light simmering with an otherworldly sound during which mayor seemed to be lost his sight perception. 

The croaking of ravens reverberated..

Mayor, he fought like a wounded tiger capering above the city, throwing extravagant spells there and there that barely hit the duo. He could do this since the curse seemed specific to his eyes. While the duo dodged and tried to corner the berserk mayor.

"He should be running away soon"..
"Hey, why is he casting so many random spells? Doesn't this seems fishy? Heron asked.
"No milord, he is obviously fighting for his life, burning through his life energy" replied the mage.
"Still, something seems weird, he shouldn't have the will to fight after our curse. Could he have restored his sight somehow?...This doesn't make sense.."

While they were chatting, mayor started to flee from the city to the southern encampment. Soon he crashed to ground. 

Duo stopped above the city.

"Hey, he seemed to be out of breath or something".. Heron laughed.

However, before they could discuss anything there were a few explosions from places where mayor hit with spells before. All of a sudden everywhere earth was throwing up, massive skeleton golems rising among chaotic fiery spells. The trap was set. King heron Facepalmed with a last ditch effort instead of trying to free himself, he was thinking of his dear country before he was engulfed by the flames.



This was Chapter 19 /

 (i forgot to add above :) And name to be thought later :( )

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Chapter 20 - Restless Rest, Living Death



Celestials reigned supreme as much as they could. Was it them, or people who were causing the issue? Or something else mysterious? For sure, the world gone insane.

"Stop gathering the parts of the building, its of no use. Just move the rubble. The debris is pulverized, there isn't anything to salvage. Clear it out of the way so we can get to the materials underground or what ever." Although the mayor didn't say anything, people were working with earnestness, they curiously seemed to be inspired in general and not angry for their dutifully elected town administrator destroyed most of the town. I mean, it was understandable, to the foreman that people didn't just scattered, he thought because people were thinking even if the mayor was some kind of douche, frosty the village were their best bet to survive in this world.

"I'm gonna stop there, john the mage said. I've never seen more absurd turn of events than this. Necrons, craters, and these ancient runic formations. Why all these spells with traces of complex tribal magic?" He turned to Adelaide the mage:

"Do you think our so called allies sees us as mere pawns. What do we have to show for Lord Gandolfini's death?"

Adelaide's expression suddenly soured. "How do you mean?" She asked.

"Any idiot can see, there is something here the mayor and his rotten girlfriend is protecting.

"Perhaps..Adelaide looked around scrupulously. Don't you think if that was so Gandolfini knew about it? Admit it, the mayor has been nothing but forthcoming with his alliances. That was the part of the reason why the nobles and the union turned on him. He didn't hide power and distribute it from top-down, except the amount everyone was entitled to."

Well, whatever, there are still too many secrets to count. That luminous regalia above the guild,  it was just the same this week, i was watching the entire time. You'd think it may have turned red or something during the exodus. Is it all that is, some kind of illusion magic?

Adelaide didn't seem to agree. "I guarantee its something related to astrometry. Did you forget what Necromancy gets its power from stars? Besides, some people prefer this kind of environment to live. What are you going to do? Go west.. or north?"

"What? There was fear in John's voice. No way. I was thinking about going south. You know, mercenaries are the only ones who proved to be reliable during this conflict.."

"You are right, except if you go there is no guarantee you'd be free to leave, or do anything else but put to work. You are forgetting, these bunch are only nice' here' because of the mutual agreement. Besides there are so few mages there. What are you gonna do there with regards of advancement of magic? Braid baskets from wool?

"Right, if i'm away from you cantankerous bastards for eternity, I'd be in heaven as far as i'm concerned."
They both smiled. 

"Come on, who knows, we could find a relic or two to ourselves."


Mayor was leaning neck first on the ground twisting like a worm trying to scrub off his skin, shocking the advisor and alike. They were used to his eccentricities and elusive nature by now but this was something else. Instead of giving a speech and rallying the people or otherwise generally making a decision with response to need for leadership, he looked super depressed and did an awkward "dance". Every once in a while he would stand up, go to the corner to swing a kick at one of traitor town guards then went back to his pavillion. Some people laughed at this, problem was if they were to rebuild the town or migrate, the decision and worse the responsiblity was their burden since the mayor seemed to be crushed under the weight of recent events.

Thankfully, before he went seemingly insane, he ordered what to do about the nobles so that was one of the problems solved. They were to be exiled to north, near the sea of nothing. The town would aid them with their efforts to settle north, for their life was spared on the condition of nobles leading an expedition to towns benefit. Northern acreage were mysterious and dangerous, yet the sentence made sense to many and there were no objections. Sure establishing an hostile outpost seemed foolish, yet their life would be extremely difficult and their survival would depend on the village's aid, at least for years. The mayor might have naively hoped that what they would find there would make change their aspiration from petty rivalries. 


*another lazy effort, hmph.

*I feel like a sellout.. feels nice.

*I'm just naming random section/chapter names now, also feels nice.


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Jonn? : ) Interesting.

No i don't. Kinda oldie for me.

BTW i just remembered i barely have any original text/chapters. Better just copy paste from here now before i lost them for some reason. #forumuses 

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Chapter 21 - I Forgot to Name the Chapter


People already were already cursing at the alliance that were responsible for their exile. Dark waters radiated an ominous feeling of despair and something else. Surely, the [ocean] life if any were strange and dangerous. Indeed, as they traveled the coast, sometimes they'd notice silhuettes of creatures that seemed to merge with and covered by dark substance of the sea.  These plains had have exhibited the features of colder lands for some time after they traveled beyond from initial outskirts of the town. The milder weather suggested, mayor was not just lying to get rid of them and indeed there seemed to be shelter with possible magical properties here. Whatever the effect the brine radiated seemed to be weaker around the valley, you know like a Republic of North Korean Disneyland.

Entourage had about 60 days before the winter descended on the land and hunting prospects got botched to a stop. Then there was the mysterious aura that they seemed to be safe from, for now. If noble faction were to survive here, they had to find explanations to these mysteries, fast. Buildings seemed architectured not formed, indeed it just seemed like a regular fortress was built here and then abandoned. How nice, except people didn't just built castles on the fly, no, more likely residents ran away from here or could this be sentry outpost? How strange.


Well, luckily some of nobles' questions were answered. Workers on the lower floor discovered some sort of verbose material, that were likely the reason the castle was built. At first they thought site was planned to be a mine, however John & Adelaide, independent retainers from frosty the town managed to identified the formation as calisite emerald, a meteoric gem with possible [magical] uses one of which was able to strengthen the elemental reality surrounding it. While this was not the solution to their concern for availability of edible supplies, and any idiot would understand, if they had to survive, they were going to have to tow their grub from the crops as well as sea shoal . For the sea of nothingness had already surrounded the estate in many ways, which meant, in near future their stronghold would be a single island among the endless sea surrounded by nothingness.

The story, if it ever was that, is going to be around 100 chapters. Seems just right to me, ya know not too short, and before the author (me) transforms to a some sort of bully.

**have to go research some castle infrastructure, never seen a real european  'medieval' castle.

To Ungod, imma add it to endless list of art i've to investigate & check out,  thank you.

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Chapter 22 - For Fredo, Forever ago



The day was turning darker as the sky. Then at dusk, even darker. Wind was serene and [fleeting],  enjoyable for all. Well I've ...  stopped. The world slowed too, and assuredly there were nobody left excreting excretions in the streets. 

Ground was sooted. The trees were rotten, they looked like ash piles minimally glued together. The scene was still somewhat inspired. As if sometimes chaos won, with some kind of over-wise oppresiveness and another time an uncontested hope would rally among the fauna by nature.

The sign above and on the frame said 'Twitchy Fredo' tavern. When the Rn Wyfn soldier moved the door, now clearer voice of the resident who was narrating some story was heard.

.. "Then everyone suddenly is your friend, and i feel joyous, great. I stand there with a smile on my face, free of all my worries. Ultimately a member of all that is exquisite, a supporter of pleasant properiety. Everything is according to plan, you should see these members with care-free, understanding smiling faces. There is a sense of busy ness, merry at work temperate while nobody ain't disturbing anyone.. And i say: Do i look stupid to you?

"Nahaha" .There were some chuckles, while majority were silent. "That's a funny story." Bartender said. "Actually, i'm not sure what it is. Still, there is undoubtedly a sense of humor there". This seemed to render away the awkwardness around. People resumed their drinking, speaking in loud voices, dancing and otherwise leering at barmaids.
The soldier found an empty dinner table to sit meanwhile ordering ghost ale. This kind of drink were said to cause visions of past and future if you'd believe it. He was not a person to care about vodoo.

He was being raised or pulled up by a energetic spell. He thought he was being abducted first, then realized his body was hovering towards the direction of the castle town. He tried to grab the trees on the way. Sadly more often than not various plant life were just shells and they crumbled conveniently. "Is there nothing i can do? If this goes on, him ending up death was a definite possibility." He was flying faster now. The person being dragged sometimes smashed through a real -formed of
not just dust and ash- block of trees haphazardly.No use, it was not enough to counter the spell.

After a time, amazing howling and sounds of metal traveled to his ears from the eastside, he concentrated to decide the sound was as if someone that is wearing a huge block of armor were running in utmost speed. He laughed nervously. What was his life's worth? This seemed too unfair. He kind of guessed who these two crazies are, but he wouldn't know the identity of third monster.

The sound of running mixed with the humming and haling. Then some kind of resonance were scarcely heard.  A statute with yellow eyes, appeared out of nowhere, from the opposite side of the suit.  Statue seemed to attempt attacking at the caster. It seemed to have no apparent effect. Suddenly some kind of energy that's different from the one that was pulling him, zig zagged from the direction of the city to fly towards the metal suit. Groundshaking  sound of running seemed to cease for a while. Then it turned towards the city charging. It was so enraged it seemed to uproot trees and stones to throw towards the city while mouthing off indecipherable curses. At the same time, the living statue continued its attempts of disrupting the magnetic force. 

Eventually, the presence that was trying to capture him was compelled to stop. Well, that was what he thought, until yellow eyes hurled him out of the harm's way quickly, to send him spinning as he summersaulted on the opposing side towards the sky..

He nearly fell off the chair. He was clasping the table trying to get his bearings. People cheered..


I admit, this played out better in my mind. 

Mind the spelling errors. 

I just had to feature Frodo ROFL

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Chapter 23 - A Rough Start of a Journey




Relis heard sounds of water. He observed the darkness. "Ouch", his arms and his face were injured,  he realized. "Darn, where am i?" He struggled to stand. He tried to remember how he ended up here. Last memory he recalled was something about a strecher and a weird dude who talked about president Shi this president shi that... He remembered the ghost that has died. He felt sad for some reason.

"hi" someone said, coolly.
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" Man ran away like a criminal who was neverthless trying to stay silent.
"Pft..Ghost stifled a laugh. Hey, its me."
Relis looked at the ghost, "you who? fatso? You don't look like her at all." Indeed, she seemed younger, around 15 or 16 years of age. And she was very hot, extremely so.  Nah, that ghost looked like a Grasan in a loli's body, you look like.. well.." Relis blushed. Ghost look down at herself, she seemed pleasantly surprised. "Hey, Relizalion, isn't this nice? I seemed to have lost some weight? Anyway, i swear its me." "What? No... I guess. If so, you look very different." He was dusting his dusters then he stumbled and fell, rolling for some time." 
Ghost's expression turned serious. "How could you discard me like that?"
"What are you talking about" Relis said.
"Don't you remember? You were fighting with this old mage, then i was killed by your spell. I tried to run away, and i realized i can't, then when i saw you, you seemed like..."
"Like what?"
"Like you couldn't care in a million years. You bastard."
"He shrugged, well, at least now i know it's you. You couldn't quite make that story up," said Relis. Come on, let's go."


They seemed to be in an underground complex that run along with a serene river. Temperature wasn't cold at all, but they needed to find food. Fortunately, from time to time they encountered places where fish could be picked up if one were a little smart. Unfortunately, they didn't have fire so it wasn't reliable to consume. He ate mold, plants and raw fish. Relis, didn't panic but his mood was getting worse. They sometimes encountered some kind of green mineral formations on either side of the river that was scattered around. These of course, weren't edible but provided luminisance. Still there was no rush to go anywhere. For there was no reason to believe, this trail would wind up towards surface. And Relis didn't need to go back to the Frosty the town at all. There were too many mysteries to which he was only a pawn. Why would he go there? Putting aside the problem of rations, there was the problem of the ghost. She was so different than before that he tried to act more proper. Unlike previously, she acted with decorum so he responded the same way. It was exhausting.

They were travelling for some time when he managed to ask her to scout ahead for dangers. The ground around the quiet stream would extend or narrow so sometimes they had to hike or leap. During one of these side trips, Relis realized green mineral has turned to the color of dawn. First, he dismissed it. It was obviously only the same material that somehow changed by the mold or otherwise from long exposure to intricacies of underground environment. Then he saw another patch of emerald turning to red color again. This time he knew the change was caused by one of them. Actually it was the probably the moment after the ghost who was walking in front, flew through the wall weaved with emerald gems, when they turned to red or orange. He decided to inspect the dawn stones. He also examined emerald ones at the beginning. He never heard of
stones like this. There was an ore mine north of the Frosty town which provided the town with red stones. He didn't exactly know what these stones did but they showed up at the town market from time to time and the folk didn't seem to treat these as something noteworthy. He was sure he saw the green ones too recently but couldn't remember where. His memory was hazy at best after he fell down from the medical cot. With some toil he managed to break off a few pieces of the dawn colored gems. They felt warmer than the emerald version. Indeed, when he tried to smash two pieces together, they both flared
and he had th drop the flaming rocks due to the heat.

Relis' stomach growled and growled. He had placed a chunk of glowing dawn stone on the ground while he barbecued fish-on-a-stick. Ghost was sulking. He relentlessly made her go through various experiments until they could start a fire. She understood though, since he didn't complain while he was hungry for days. He belched for 5 seconds flat. 

"She frowned. Hey, what kind of pig are you? Can't you have some manners?"
"I'm sorry what?" Relis replied. This was the best meal he ever ate.
She was flustered. She pointed "And...and you shwouldn't have ordered me around all day. I'm not your employee."
"Shwouldn't? Hahahahaha,  Relis was soon rolling on the floor. "Employee, hahaha"
"Hey, stop laughing and rolling around in the mud you pig."
"I'm sorry..look, i was all tense and entire situation was awkward ever since i've met you. I mean the 'new' you. I just realized you are the same disgusting and cute fatso. How could i think otherwise. hahaha. Come here."
He held her neck down with his arm while  bandoleted her head. With his hunger gone, the awkward mood seemed to
has gone away too.

Now that they had fire and they were more comfortable with each other the journey was smooth. They traveled faster too. After some time, they came across a clearing. There stood an altar in the middle with blood flowing and dripping down below. When the duo were upon the display there was a contrast to their expressions.


to be continued..

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Chapter 24 - Interrupt at Xanderc



The ghost hovered near the unrefined shrine, as if she was a kin. Some ancient song in a forgotten language which was too faint for her ghostly ears..yet. She saw someone sitting on the ground.

"Hey, Ralelo, isn't this Lord Xanderc?
Relis walked over near the ghost. "Xanderc? Is that you?" There was no reaction from the destitute man.

Our Lord and protector Karl, deliver us from chucky...

"Did he say Karl? Nevermind that, i think this is a blood ritual. A near statue, powered by the sophisticated process
of an sacrifical executions. Did the altar communicate something to you in some way?", Relis asked. 

"No, well there was some kind of singing. Didn't sound like a baby though. What did it say to you?"

Relis has blushed from head to toe. Nothing... What? He cleared his throat and was about to speak..

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SHUT THAT BABY OUT? The sudden loud voice echoed around the extension of the caves for a while; "shut them out out,  them out, can someone please please, that baby, shut up baby someone please"..

Folk was blanked out, for quite some time. Then they resumed the discussion.

"I think the problem is, Lord Xanderc isn't quite the right kind of sacrifical lamb, for this statue."

So what you are saying is.. Wait, where is the statue? I don't see any. 

"Doesn't matter, i can sense it. "

"OK, anyway, what you are saying is that, our Xanderc here is.."

Exactly, he is blocking the procedure with bureocracy. He is impeding progress. I'm guessing the altar is constantly
imitating baby shouts to get rid of him. Well he is like a parasite i would say, but its more complicatede than that.
And what annoys a parasite of life more than an innocent babies' shout? Nothing.

"Relis? You know what? You really need to get out more."

I'd agree, still, I have an idea." Relis said. "But first lets interrogate him."

During the next few hours, Xanderc has told them aboutthe affairs of the nobles and their eventual exile to the
northern upland.

With Relis' insistance they glued and merged Lord Xanderc to the altar with a few dawnstones. Surprisingly Relis'
seemingly stupid idea worked so Xanderc didn't die, yet.

Hey, why did you do this? Wasn't it better to just kill him or even let him go?

You see, he is too close to suckle blood out of statue now. His homelessness or `suffering` has become real, therefore its exactly what he claimed or preached, isn't this fair... All it took was a baby's voice.

Ghost shook her head with disapproval, could you be more petty?


As the ghost said

edit: deleted some offensive terms that was unnecessary (french-english)

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Chapter 25 - Entering the Midwest



The ghost and the man were chatting merrily where they jaunted along the river. Air has gotten colder, reducing the temperature considerably thus freezing and crystallizing other elemental textures. Except the river. The blood from the altar has been mixed with the river, averting the chill. The author had no idea what to write next.

There is some kind of dullness in the snow that's together with the cold is a natural pain killer. Relis has breathed into his own hands. This is weird, why its gotten so cold? There ain't no snowy weather in the midwest. Did we travel somewhere else? And there is no food what soever. I guess its not easy to just encroach upon this region. I hoped to stay under the radar and avoid the madness. Perhaps even the weather is messed up here. No no, this wasn't the cold or anything else, there was 'properness' in the air. That's why he's been so annoyed. This was like a moron with so much ambition applying his plan to the world. Thus everything was black or white in the midwest.

Warlord Queen of the city Lyncin', one of the twin sisters, servant of the void; Sillarvr, the one who was dubbed the who, who can't shut up. The rumor went that she was once for the nomination of the rulership of a world of emeralds. However she lost horribly in an extremely degrading fashion. And thus together along with her fanatic followers. She swore to destroy and rule this primitive new world where she travelled, and settled. She founded a new city. Her power was not to be underestimated, at least in this primitive world.  With the help of her General Lord JB. Opioth, she ruled the midwest region in the name of chaos. 

There were other factions here despite her best efforts. However, the sacrifical grounds eventually needed people so this was just fine. Mercenaries, rebels, natives, clans and travellers that was drawn to this place despite the dangers. There were also revenants,  banshees various other dangerous entities as well. Opioth ruled the northwest, near the city. Ryn Wyfn rebels were in the west. Mercenaries rallied the south. While monsters were between the Frosty and the Midwest. Death and destruction, feuds and misery ruled supreme here. Yet no one left. There was some kind of sentimental connection, they figured. Victory was just near the corner, always. 


Twenty-five, a good milestone.

I apologize for any offense.

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Wyfn Phoenix



"Oh, then you are her? The Wyfn Phoenix? You, the fatso of frosty?"

Several soldiers drawed their blades, they seem ready to swarm the Relix.

I was trying to survive, sometimes best places to hide are indeed most stupid. Ones where you lose your own memory.

"Its the curse of neko or nex, like chicken pox, except its invisibly permanent."

Ghost frowned then continued; "That's the problem, there is no reason whatso ever for this chaos. Evil can be natural too.
It can coexist with the world in balance."

"So what you are saying is it shouldn't exist. I completely disagree. What's so bad about wanting to dream peacefully?
Must you always strive intelligence and nobility?"

"Ryrisso..." the ghost said in a sad voice.

"I'm sorry fatso..."

"Nevermind, thank you for your friendship. Escort him towards the city. That's where he wants to go."


The ghost was feeling sad. She refrained from showing her to the soldiers. These people had faith in her even when she
wasn't there amidst this hell. She looked at the statue. She had changed too much. The statue had crooked nose, rougher
features, wiser. Signs of better times. She looked like hotsie potsie now. tens of thousand of years  All she could
do was to survive. Entire faction was excited for her to reclaim the Rn Wyfn leadership as ancestor one of the 12 bloodlines. 
Problem with that plan was she was like an idiot or a baby in this new world. Yes, she knew things. But she didn't have
considerable strength at all. Curse of nex made sure of that. She looked at the soldiers and officials." Alright, You've
done well to resist and survive. Its time for payback." Me, Vanka swears it.


Sorry sorry, news and all are too fast nowadays for my slow brain to catch up.  I'll try nonetheless....

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:Warning: Graphic Violence and rough language!!

Chapter 26 - Triathlon



Midwest sloughs weren't so simple. No, 'The world was a complex place' sometimes.


There was a putrefied road that went from city to the south. Perhaps deceptively, old curse and unseemly savagery was suppressed near the civilization, through the roads of midwest provided a breathing space to un-natural prattled will of Sillarvar, our freedom that makes us human was blocked in order to justify otherwise wretchedness with where the sovereignty were only doubted and worse. Perfection.

Opiopth grumbled. Those filthy beggars are late on their 'taxes'. He chugged a keg of ghost beer. He had sent some of his soldiers on a run to harass travelers and lone adventurers. He carefully warned the group against the consequences
of turning up empty handed or drawing out unnecessary trouble. So he couldn't wait for the results. Would it be an exquisite relic that was 'acquired' or a hot desperate woman? Life was good.


Sillarvr has sat upon her throne. She was deep in thought. All these factions, all these so called deities. They didn't
know anything that's worth a dime at all. She had to win so she would, what ever the price was. She was the one who upheld justice, and made the safest city ever. People were complaining, she was unfair bla bla. They always would, she reckoned. "The world was a complex place" when they lose, when they won it was so easily simple. The statues? Meh. Dogs that thoughtest they are hale, yet they were falser than anything.

She decided to go for a walk. The wind was bustling in the alleys and near the beautifully constructed stone buildings.
She was dressed in regular clothing and her face was covered and hooded. 

She drew the attention of a drunken commoner while she was moving from near the pub.
"Hey lady, wanna chat me up? There is something about you. Im never wrong about these things. Erhm, if i say so myself."

"You mean you are never wrong about these things when you drink that beer. But What makes you think that beer is free of any constraints?"

"Eh, what shuddap, will u? If ye don't wanna you don't have to act all nasty, go somewhere else".

She chuckled. She had calmly drawn her sword. She stabbed the man through his eye slowly, painfully and procedurally
ignoring his screams and curdling voice later on.


"Oi, sergeant what's up with these flea ridden soldiers? They are all seeemingly energized. And their weapons and shields have some kind of chummy shine. I have to say, very different from usual half dead grubber. I think we should not fight today."

"Hey now, dont be a retard. What are ye gonna tell to Lord opioth? Enemy have better fashion, so we didn't commence? We didn't find easy pickings so they would have to do as usual. "

"I guess you are right, sergeant"


Rn Wyfn soldiers that were on patrol near the western forest was suddenly ambushed by a large contingent of city guards. This time though city forces were routed as soon as they  attacked. Instead of the usual chaos and mayhem Wyfn side was very organized almost as if they expected a fight, and their armor and weapons were superbly enhanced with elemental properties. Drunk and undisciplined 'socialist justice team' got a very nice whooping as it was the usual when the things got serious.. However instead of cheering and rallying, some of the Ryn Wyn rebels were clutching their eyes
and collapsing. Confused, the other soldiers started to panic and run, however until they were returned and were very close to their statue,  the spell didn't seem to lose its effect.


"Treasures!!! My precious treasures!!"

A mercenary caravan that was heading towards the city, had encountered the fresh battlefield. Loot was the shining weapons and large amounts of ghost ale. This was a blessing. Caravan leader was as happy as a person who won the lottery. He squatted with an expression of someone who is about to be crying, but alas were just out of any noble emotions, he looked constipated instead. Mercenaries were grinning at the antics for they too knew they were lucky today.



Writer's note: Errrrrrrr..

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Warning! Some violence and what not.

Chapter 27 - A sad farewell



Noble remnants were waging an uphill battle repairing the castle and the moat, if you could call it that. You see,
for moats of feudal times usually the water would surround the castle and now it was the earth that was protecting the
castle against the dark which was now besieging the isle. It was inadvertently named slums or sea of slums. Even
when in a tough spot, nobles seemingly could boast condescension and superiority. For some time they have constructed
buildings accordingly to former likeliness of noble mansions at frosty the town yet the quality of constructions were
eerily unsound. Neither the time they could afford to spend nor the resources were enough for renewing the building designs.
And so instead they've built up a large castle that would shelter every noble.

Actually, these people weren't nobles of much anything now, except perhaps endless surrounding darkness.
Discussions on the nature of their situation could wait however since food and everything else were running low
with no way of restocking. Some thought the slums was in theory an ocean which conseqently would have sea creatures.
Turned out they were kind of right, however the animals and fauna was admix with darkness. Everything was so in fact,
even the visage of the castle would get distorted every once in a while, for a time at least. Althought the darkness 
weren't able to transform the raw calisite vein running below the castle and constituted a section of the
the armory to the kitchen and cellar and on overall was significanly merged with the building. 

Noble council were arguing the situation in the courtroom..

"What then? We rub the chicken to the stone? How do you propose we turn the useless mud to something free of poison?

"There is no need for that tone, we are all tired. This past year has been hell and more."

"You are right, i'm sorry. There is still the problem of food though." Noble looked at the stone and the carcass.

"Hmm, maybe catch them alive? Then put those in cages?"

"Another noble shouted: "You are indeed a genius. I'm so impressed...NOT. You think you are smart and all you came
up was that? Are you sure the darkness didn't scramble your wits?"

"Another noble seemingly unfased by the insult were in thought. He said: "i have some ideas yet nothing conclusive,
assuming no one else has neither, i may speak mage Adelaide to further contemplate the situation."

"Session concluded..." ([what do these people say when a case is over)]


Lord Lonbarr, what is this you wished to speak to me about?

"Well, Adelaide, ever since the first i saw this element, i've been thinking of possibilites. I just wanted to
run it by you."

Adelaide nodded, "shall we walk to the courtyard then milord Barr?"

"Now that our demise is imminent, we have to find new sources of food and water. And of course everyone thinks our
situation is impossible. Do you have any ideas?"

"I've tried some tests on the calisite, while i can definitely say it has magical properties, there is nothing conclusive
or useful in short term with regards to our food and water problems. But i can say the calisite is all that [prevents] the
sea to swallow up the land."

"Ah, you see, that's what i was thinking. Our journey to the north and survival was so unlikely and yet we did. What
would you call this Adelaide?"

"Well, i see what you are getting at. But couldn't this all was a coincidence? We mages are thought to rationalize and
not to believe in supersition."

"Of course, though i find that this is unlikely. What you have said earlier about calisite, this means that the slums
or the darkness is trying to find a way to destroy us."

"Adelaide looked bored.. And?"

"And what if it's not trying to destroy us and trying to usurp the price."

"I don't understand at all, could you explain further?"

"Think about it, how did this dark ocean formed in the first place. I may not be a mage but i have some education. 
The theory tells us usually in order to make huge disasters or changes in natures you have to provide the cost or the

"That is indeed so. The law is actually very basic. What's that got to do with anything."

"Well, who and what and in what form the requirements were for this kind of ecosystem to exist? "

"What indeed? Well, i guess everyone was focusing on the phenomenon and not thinking about something so fundamental. Still,
what of it?"

"I wasn't either, that's why i wanted to talk to you. I can sense there is some kind of mystery surrounding calisite 
for some time now."

"Adelaide looked skeptical, well that's the problem with science. Sometimes there are dead ends despite our efforts."

"Yes, of course. Dead ends you say. Lonbarr was in thought for some time. Adelaide refrained from disturbing him."

Suddenly there was a spark of light in Lonbar's eyes. "Then.. the price, what if there were no price? "

"The law is undisputable milord"

"Yes, exactly ! The sea is trying to get away without paying the toll of change. That's why its so dead. If it can
end any opposition there isn't a price to pay to anyone you see?"

"Hmm, i kinda get what you are saying but, i can't make the connection. How is that related to our supply problem."

"No no, just narrow your scope to follow the direction of my thought for now. What happens if what i say is true and
the calisite blocks the sea from its balanced sleep or rest state?"

"Let me tell you..." Just as the noble were trying to explain his theory the color of surrounding sea has completely turned to
yellow light color, and the entire world was illuminated. Lonbar's voice shriveled  "The energy is extracted in purest

"Adelaide was shocked, her jaw was dropped and her eyes almost bulged out of her eye sockets. The entire sea had turned
to opposite of what it was, and the chicken carcass they were holding had transformed to normal. She understood what was
going on now that she saw it. However, she frowned and then her expression had changed. And then what happens to the
person who starts the change? " She thought.

"Lonbarr's smile was frozen in his face since he understood the problem now too. No... He said. 

"Mrs. Tsark, i'm sorry."

Lonbar's arms has twisted backwards and his neck crunched in unnatural angles. His limbs has extended in random
directions and then crushed by stones and shards of emeralds that seem to be appearing out of air. He was now pulled
to the up antre of castle courtyard. He had turned into a statue however he seemed to be glued to the castle wall looking
towards the mage. His posture were of a normal person but the exterior was of stone and gems.

"Adelaide was in shock. What a funny idiot and unlikely situation HAHAHA."

The statue seemed to hear the insult and tried to move one of his arms. To her shock he had managed to seperate his
arm from the wall and the arm seemed to be in working shape, however after some time the limb was snapped back to 
its original place. The dark and the light switched places again.


Gibberish Rant about Hollywood:
I saw Joker on the theater yesterday. I can't recommend it enough. I was ready to get extremely dissapointed 
and curse Holywood's seven generation of family again or just plain out leave in the middle. Duh its River Phoenix from
'Her; and you know Holywood (soul mafia of +2000s). It left me hot and cold (that's a good thing in this case). It
seems Holywood decided between what they were doing and survival, it was better to stop pandering to u-know-whos and
trying to just roll over one group of folks instead of bringing people together. I can't wait to see more ambitious
movies (i wanna see masterpieces (at least in ambition)) without politics and less and less exporting(i'm sad to say injecting) of trademark strongarming(strangleholding) and in European case pessimism. Now, i never believed people can change
(nor they should) but maybe organizations can. When i pay for a movie i don't wanna add insult to injury,ie i'm being
brainwashed by an extremely bitter person with a good solid education or what ever. I wanna enjoy the movie etcc... 
so does everyone else. Anyway movie was super and i'm darn inspired thus sparked another chapter. Here ye go.


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Chapter 28 - The sacrifice of 



The storm was battering everything, the air rumbled. A world of mild weather couldn't justify the general consensus of hefty logic. Lightning boomed causing various fires. The soundwave would case devastation on the denizens midwest lands,
 people and animals were hovering in the sky. And for some the shocking was quite literal.
 Materials were flying from the structures, including people. This was an epic use  of magical energy. A monster or somesuch has roared from below the forest shaking  the ground. The air was getting turbulent and sectioned in a dangerous way. 
 Sillarvr was on a boat trip to the north. The peaceful atmosphere and serene waters of the north sea and tea she was sipping were calming her nerves. She was paddling the boat like a duck, laughing at her own awesome joke like state. She was in an awesome mood now. She could see a distant storm towards the south. She paddled faster away from
 the storm. No more yellow eyes, no more orange eyes, no more red eyes and now green eyes and what else. Everyone thought she would stand and fight for she was  mighty and all. Are you crazy? Were she insane. They would destroy her, not even
 the dusts would remain. She slipped away under the cover of the storm while no one  was looking. City? Meh. And worse of it, it would be a fair fight. Yeah right.
 Vanka was in the throne room. Where is that Sillarvr? This smells like a trap. She was  ready for any sudden attacks and ambushes. There was nothing. Did she win? Could  this be so easy? Maybe it was. Maybe she was so powerful that she could just roll over  the warlord queen, so she ran away? It all made sense to her and her soldiers. She thought of
 happy days ahead. She would be the leader of all now. She sat upon her throne. However  she was cautious of some sort of trick still. Suddenly she realized this was some sort of  mirror spell, she was about to switch places with someone, most likely the evil hag. And then she would go ahead and slaughter her soldiers. She just had to have the right timing.
She waited for the pull and just as they were switching places in the space time continuum she grabbed on the Sillarvr, thinking of forever getting buried with just the two of them.

"Let me go you statue of mongoose."

"I don't think so, Sillarvr. While i keep you here. Others would take care of your evil kingdom. I'm the lady of the dawn, don't underestimate me."

"Sillarvr tried some space time magic but she would materialize back to where she was back to Vanka's hug, no matter how she tried, and the time was running out for the mirror spell. If she would really get stuck here, this would be a disaster. She started to panic." 


Hmm, short one. I'm running out of ideas, hence the long descriptions of nature.

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Chapter 29 - Sillarvr vs Vanka



"It's time for Sillaraaaaaaayyyyy", the woman screamed savagely as if she was a banshee. The glass ceiling had finally came down and off well, at least in a sense. Vanka and Sillary faced off each other at the time-space plane. The magic dimension was surrounded by energy formations. Upon further inspection, there were 6 doors, 2 of which were radiating distinct colors and others were closed. Vanka was standing on the opposite of the crazed Sillary.  "You really have done it this time, i'm angry now"Sillary screamed. .Vanka seemed unfazed though if she was surprised by Sillarvr's angry madness she didn't seem to show it.
"Do you not fear the wrath of heavens? Neforious evil magic has its consequences with regards to the overall balance of the world." Sillaray grinned like a crow. "If you are so righteous, why fear the void?" Sillarvr said. [this sentence in quotes is totally stolen cause i like it so much, it'll get changed, cough]. Sillarvar was gaining more power by the second. The magi of the place was slowly corroding the outer shell of the statue. The stone was dissolving upwards the air. Sillary started to
shout lelele [warcry:-)], she was going to attack.

The fight was not going too well for either side. Vanka has cracked a few of Sillary's bones, her body was caving in and was damaged otherwise. While Sillary's sword was stuck in stone in an horizantal way. The longer they traded punches and kicks, the more damage Vanka suffered. A well executed counter attack has made Sillarvr regain her senses somewhat to realize she was at a disadvantage at melee range. Sillarvr has dodged then slided backwards, affording combatants the time needed to rest for a while. 
Vanka realized fighting Sillarvr was not a wise move. However she was arrogant and so was tricked and as disadvantageous as her condition was, she didn't fear this maniac, Sillarvr who had regained calm. She was chanting some spells to devastating effect. Luckily, the statue's were built to stand against this kind of attack. Vanka had lifted her arms in protection against the
assault of magical wave, her vision obscured. Sillarvr, as soon as she'd stopped chanting immediately conjured a dual armament; hammer and a sycthe[insertpolkamusic] that were made of energy.  When Vanka's vision cleared and the magic gone, so was Sillarvr. There wasn't any time to think, Sillarvr swung the sycthe then brought down the hammer on Vanka. The stone shell had risen above and the ghost Vanka with all the parts of statue that were corroding had been swept towards the orange door, disappearing to where they've come from. Sillarvr was unsurprised. She seemed reflective having thoughts of nostalgia. She looked towards the green door, thinking who knows what, for a while. She thought it was a bit weird that the orange door was not closed. Was it because the statue was re-forged before its time and also died before its time? Problems, problems... She should have won. But again, the fates were against her. She was starting to get really angry again. She thought about the cruelty and vengeance she would unleash upon this world and its denizens. Just as she was starting to daydream about it, she heard a muffled voice. Didn't think it would be so easy do you? Sillarvr was horrified. It was not possible but she turned and looked at the orange door anyway. .. 



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Chapter 30 - Bells 


"Where are you looking you pipsqueak?  I'm here. I can' believe i have a sister like this. What a scandal." 

You! Sillarvr turned to look at the yellow-eyed statue. Here I thought Vanka was back. So you worm've crawled your way to
this place too. All so predictable... and weak.

"If Vanka was here she'd probably turn rotten like you. If she was back she could only do it with the power she had bargained for, a power that wasn't hers."

"Did you make your way here to gang up on me? Too bad. You've fallen into a trap instead. I've killed Vanka. I'll finish
you too. Two birds with one stone. Wait, you are probably thinking, she is injured so it's my chance, right?"

Yellow-eyed statue frowned. She kept a straight face. On the other hand, this was totally what she was thinking.

"Let me give you a lesson, my dear sister. That you'd never forget. Unless you're dead, which of course you can be said
already are."

Sillarvr unleashed the forces of void on the haplessx statue once again. This time however, she wasn't playing around. All
the energies in this place have started to flow towards the statue who was also at a disadvantage due the statue's
limited nature of magic. The yellow-statue now understood why Vanka was so easily defeated. As much as she was unable to meld with the statue thus being unable to bring out its power, she was also without memories. The days of living at frosty town as civilian had totally changed her. Well, in terms of reforming, this wasn't anything bad. But she needed time to adjust so she was no longer a rookie. While yellow-eyes was looking for Vanka, she had already assaulted the city, stupid and reckless but fearless.

"All of you little sculptures are nothing.  Take this. Sillarvr hurled and unleashed unbelievable amounts of dangerous magic on the now corroding statue. She was dissolving at a faster pace, getting drowned by the darkness. "Haahahahahah" Sillarvr's demonic voice echoed, shaking the earth. Yellow-eyed statue had fallen backwards while Silarvr was laughing her voice now of a monster.


"Angelina, what are you doing here? Did you steal your grandfather's jewelry again?" 
"What, no Mom. I swear I'm not a thief."
The middle-aged woman with heavy make up was standing next to an expensive chair in a richly decorated saloon. The
jewelry has gone missing again, i know the servants are innocent so you see, you are a liar and a thief."
Angelina thought to say she wasn't then decided better of it, she was also trying not to cry since the punishment would
double or worse then. This was the usual routine at the noble mansion of her father, the king's advisor. On day her mother
would orchestrate some kind of events, then she would get punished at night time by her father on the account of the said
crime. If she decided to stay away entire day outside the house, she would get locked out of the house for days. Usually
she would get insulted to oblivion every day and then beat at least one time a week. Her father was also a minister and
the household would regulary have social gatherings, usually with other nobles and/or officials of the city. For these
gatherings she would be groomed and presented in a proper manner, and was expected to abide by rules of etiquette
at all times. Her father would usually keep his blows to the body meaning they could be hidden with sleeves and clothes
at times when it's called for. She was fed a very nutritious diet for her parents knew that she would turn ghastly and unsightly from the relentless violence creating question marks. She had some friends at the school, however she was too embarassed to ask for help. 
She was for the sake of appearances allowed to attend the school. However this freedom and a chance of happiness upset her parents. Even if she was to ask for help, her father was too high up on the noble hierarchy and known to be an honorable and righteous man. So even if someone knew, they would have to ignore. Not that this wasn't so difficult. And like this, she was stuck in a cycle of slow torture ever since she can remember.

She was really a fan of the king. She saw him once and it made her so happy. He had a natural smile of someone free
of conscience. She could distinguish the people now somehow perhaps as an instict of defense. She believed in the king and wanted to be like him when she grew up. These days thankfully her father has gotten another commendation and promoted so he wasn't around the house. Her mother was also busy with who knows what. So she had gotten some time to roam around the city, and her mind was gaining some kind of normalcy and regeneration. The city was really rich and the citizens happy. The  king made it so. There was a golden luminascence flowing through the streets. The carts were busy and the markets crowded, children was playing in the street and soldiers were making sure there were no chaos.

She had just turned left upon the main street when she saw a  hooded man walking towards her. When they got close, she
recognized it was the king himself! King, errr my lord. I know you are the king. 
The man kept walking ignoring her. Please help me she shouted, you are the only one who can help me. I'm the most unhappy
person in this city. Aren't you the king? The man stopped and turned around. Don't i know you from somewhere.
My father is the advisor to court. And he is a noble.Ah i remember, little Angelina. The king had a very sympathetic expression now. Could you help me? Angelina said. The king frowned. I can't. Why not. You are the best person i've ever known. You may not believe me but i'm your biggest fan. I wanna be like you when i grow up. The king shaked his head. I know about you but i can't help you. It's because i'm the king. My job is to make sure the city is safe and the trade is flowing. To provide safe spaces. So that you, the citizens can help themselves. It may seem illogical but i cannot intervene directly. Since if i did i'd have stopped you from saving yourself. It may help you now but you'd resent me later and it is the wrong thing to do. How can that be? Since you are the one saying it i shall believe you.


The bells were ringing and the carriages were speeding through the street. Angelina had a very bad feeling. She run towards  the main courtyard of the palace. When she got there she had observed the sight of her father lifting up king's severed head.
He was laughing. Gahahahaha. The voice had turned to a lower frequency echoing and shaking the floor.


: I'm trying a different style of writing in terms of time management. Let's see if this pans out.

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Chapter 31 - Yellow Eyes



Mwahahahaha ... 

Angelina stood up, her yellow eyes having regained their lustre. The Earth has started crackling and the dissolution had stopped. Angelina raised her head and looked at Sillarvr. The scene of the king's bloody head and her father's laughing was still fresh on her mind. The world has stopped and all the sound had seemed to ceased to exist for Angelina.  Her expression was of a fresh one than her usual look too. As if the fury was leaking from her usually calm eyes, so much  so it was even surprising to herself. She muttered: "Villain, i'll fight you."

Sillarvr was picking her teeth with a mocking expression on her face. Tsk tsk tsk, all the beatings i've delivered over the centuries, you never learn, do you? You know you can't beat me. However, she suddenly noticed Angelina dissappearing from her sight. The yellow eyed statue was holding Sillary's neck, trying to crush it to dust. Sillarvr tried to speak, then clawed at her neck to make her stop to no avail. Sillarvr was angry now. She delievered one of her signature attacks with her body, to free herself from Angelina's grip. Angelina seemed to renew her grip on Sillarvr's neck with an otherworldy focus.

Sillarvr screamed like a banshee, trying to fight. Angelina didn't mind at all. She was raining punches on Sillarvr's  face now, as if to avenge a long overdue insult she was taking her frustration on Silarvr.  However, Sillarvr has managed to fight back and they were tangled up in the air, spinning and summersaulting towards the ground. Angelina grabbed Sillarvr's arm firmly then slammed and smashed her to the ground when they were close and were about to land. Sillarvr was so pissed she was laughing now. "Come here, i'll teach you a lesson you'll never forget."

Sillarvr had drawn her sword and charged at the enemy. She slashed horizontally and almost took the upper half of the statue off. However, Angelina's focus was on somewhere else. She was looking at one of the doors. "Hey, loser, where are you looking at?" Sillarvr turned her head. The red door was open now. Angelina smiled, she said: "lucky." Sillarvr  was caught unawares when yellow eyed statue grabbed her. Angelina flew to the red door while holding on to Sillarvr firmly and together they travelled towards the other side of the door.


Chapter 32 - Death of Sillarvr &

Chapter 33-  Livingfire

are already up at my blog from 29 to 33 where i'll resume publishing the chapter at from now on. Hopefully then, the flooding of MD forum's activity page by this topic will be reduced since this is very distressing to me and MD shoud get back to its regular pace and  regain its uninterrupted natural flow since this is also very distressing to me, even thought the latter is not really my fault. Anyway, THANKS and all, i COULD NEVER EVEN start without you (MD people) but now i think i got the gist of an experience of stiching together a story, all thanks to you. Previous chapters will also eventually be up at the blog. (not sure when, i'll get to it sometime). I'm not giving the adress since "enough self advertising" from me. If you can find it and want to read more, or have ANY FEEDBACK AND/OR QUESTIONS, feel free to pm me.

Also, for the explanation of the "abrupt" change, i believe there is not much to say now, for me. Believe me i get it, at least to some degree i try to. However i do not care. Not really.

I was going to hide the rest of the story at either Necro forum or the knowledge documents anyway starting at somewhere near 40th chapters so it'd not be immedeately accessable to public and was kinda hidden in plain sight. On second thought, a blog of my own is a better match for this purpose. The name of the book will be either Livingfire or "something with statues" . Since i have less motivation now, the chapters should roll slower but steadier. And you know, online-live, under the sight of all kind of writing has motivation wise its advantages and some pretty horrible/revolting disadvantages. Thanks again for your help, (MDwise i should get back to my retired status if you were wondering) and cheers.

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Topic can be closed, i'll not update the thread anymore.
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