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vial of token essence application bug

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When using vial of token essences some of them have trouble applying properly to the creatures. Watching the popup box in the triggers when applying the tokens it didn't seem any problems occurred but when checking the creatures page it is obvious, certain creatures affected can no longer load the portrait correctly on the creature page (loads fine in the create ritual page though) as seen here.

image.png.395b092b249dc6053ee50063e7f3330e.png  somewhat similar to http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/18042-html-crit-inventory-page-bug/

The issue being that these tokens have no effects in battle, exhibited below. I'm not sure which tokens have this problem or the consistency but I have several different creatures from several different types of tokens that have become useless.



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If memory serves, these would be the tokens taken from my Santa (Christmas gift 2018) since I never under any circumstances use tokens if it can be helped and Mallos collects them.

My Santa is also still breaking my creature page due to tokens as well, wasnt gonna keep bothering anyone with that fact but since its come up again I might as well include it.

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@Mallos there is indeed a solution to these tokens which I have just discovered - token removal gel.

One needst apply of this token removal gel to the "empty" token upon a creature; doing so doth return the remaining existing tokens (including that applied with gel, which shall remain upon the creature) to function.

Using this I have resolved of both creatures that I did note had this issue.

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