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Complaint on "One Man, Many voices" AL

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19 hours ago, Nava said:

Why are you involving Rophs in this manner?

 Cause it makes as much sense as the non-sense in the AL. 

Actually I wrote the above just for the pun. I would ALWAYS choose an AL with events like the ones No one described to the usual boring mambo-jumbo that is currently the adventure log.  

AL was fun in the beginning but the moment it fell into the wrong hands, everything took a turn for boredom and for a way players would use to boost (or sooth) their ego. Or to abuse it. The Al. Not the ego 😜

And in the end, it would have been fine. I care about it as much as I care about the influence of the moonlight on rubber slippers. But the actual gameplay was influenced. That would have been fine also. But then nothing happened! And I mean not a single thing. Moreovet when No one decided he had enough and complained, you all jumped like hens at a pile of buggers (literal translation from the RO “ a sarit ca gaina la muci” - pardon my language 😁) accusing him of not understanding the greater plan the illuminated minds of MD have set in place. You tried to act superior and knowledgeable when the actual truth is that you don’t know even what the cat is burrying (another literal translation - yes, sue me 😁).

When I saw the reaction then I was left with only one thing to do: troll you good. Which I did. And you didn’t even see it, being blinded by your inflated ego 😁. And now I must exit the subway so have fun!

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Mod: There has been movement in the AL, and this thread is really hostile enough by now. If you could all dial it back one notch, that'd be great, and if you can't, i'll start hiding things.

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MOAR mod-color for MOAR clarity!
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Thank you for all your feedback, I took my leave before this all properly kicked off so have now went through this all.

This problem probably wont happen again as the guy dealing with the AL has decided it didnt work based on your feedback, so it likely wont happen again.

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