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different timezones

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I'm in china for vacation ;) (food, drinks, partay, shopping, family, and for the first time, olympics :))
WTF?!!!! The Rabbit's over there for the Olympics?! I think I'm gonna have to kick you for that...D< *is ubar jealous*
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smartalekrj what do you mean est?

I would assume he means the east coast of the US. In the colonies (US and Canada) We have EST (Eastern Standard Time), Central, Mountain, and Pacific. There is a time zone to the east for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia which is called, I think, Maritime. Alaska has it's own time zone (I don't think there is any other land mass in that time zone other than a few assorted islands). I don't know the names of the time zones for Alaska and Hawaii.

I do know how Alaska got it's name. It's a perfect example of a language where there are verbs and few nouns. Everything is an ongoing process. Alaska is a transcription of the Russian pronunciation of an Inuit word meaning (approximately), "That which the force of the ocean is directed against." Now isn't that a delightful bit of trivia! <G>

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Corrections for the topic starter.

3x US Pacific Coast

2x England

2x U.S. East Coast


US western time ==> US/Canada Pacific Coast

U.S. Central Time Zone ==> US/Canada Central Time


Eastern standard time ==> US/Canada East Coast

I know it's confusing for all you non-Americans. <G> By the way, where are the Chinese, "Russians" (I use it generically, I don't want to offend anyone), and Aussies?? They all have multiple time zones. What do they call them?

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US (-7 GMT)

My specific state in the U.S.(Arizona) doesn't recognize the 'time change' the rest of U.S. does.... so even though I fall in the Mountain Time zone, it really depends on the time of year.

So to make it easy, I just roll with GMT... of which I am -7 :) Heh

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