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We have SUPERPOWERED Tools, now maybe someone could use them?

Message added by Muratus del Mur

This article is a long read, but with a reason. If i would have to summarize what it is, i would say its a form of invitation, a chance for the most incredible role possible in MD, but also a gate that filters those that resonate with it from those that don't. The length of your read will be proportional with the size of your story in this place ;)

Give it a try at least

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@Sushi you proved to be a great artist, its good to know that we can count on your support for futures things.

@Eagle Eye ok

@Fire Starter thanks for being honest about it

@DARK DEMON any bit of experience with these tools is more than welcome, so, sure


everybody interested in participating should have access to the docs. After the docs step, some of you will move on with testing, some with implementing things they like, but some will remain as quest make 'consultant' without tools access. 

If i give everyone full access to everything is a certainty that things will become chaotic. We will think of a way how to do this better, maybe you take turns, i don't know yet.

What i know is that from all the people offering to get involved with this, just a couple will use these tools right. For example, i have nothing to complain about how Azull uses them in the (secret) project he is doing now..and combined with his long time reputation i think i can trust him with permanent access. Others on the list however, need to prove they grew up first, before i will stop checking their every move. DD you know very well how things turned out for you due to incredibly stupid yet simple mistakes...but i will alwyas support passion and motivation.


I will probably work on a sandbox somehow , a training ground for these tools to limit damage while you learn what to do with them, but till then, only docs.


I will start sending access to the Questmakers Backpack forum section to all interested, but remember i want activity in return. Just requesting access to look arround and not participating in organizing and better structuring of those docs and examples, will get you kicked out from this 

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