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How would you send messages in the past?

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nah consciousness is just chemicals in your brain after all, everything gets reset so if you shoot yourself to escape the repeating you will just be alive again with the exact same condition you had at every start of these loops.

also the goal is to escape the loops not to just send a message back to yourself, or is that wrong?


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20 minutes ago, Miq said:

If the entire multiverse actually resets back to the state that was the beginning then i don't think there is any way.

if it's somekind of localized event then there are options i guess. You just have to find the limits of the localization first.


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3 hours ago, Nepgear said:

That's one way to put it... I'm not sure about multiversal law or the likes, I'm just saying that whatever makes you "you" won't be present at the time of the reset, theoretically making it impossible to happen. 

And of course, this is indeed very risky. But, maybe better than repeating the same sequence until eternity. 

Debatable indeed, but true enough.

This does beg the question though, if we involve the Quantum Suicide Theory, how exactly WOULD the end result materialize itself...

For those that dont know what I speak of, I've attached a summary of said theory below from one of the thousand sites that do their best to explain it.


My thoughts are simple enough, I see one of three outcomes.

Quantum Suicide Theory (Hereafter referred to as QST) proves true. You "die" in the reality where you get Time Looped and the consciousness (Inner) transfers to a reality without the Time Loop (Hereafter referred to as TL). This would mean the TL is localized in just your "starting" reality.

You die and QST proves true. Your Inner transfers and you wake up in a reality where you still get TLd. This would mean the TL spreads across the multiverse (or at the very least, multiple universes).

You die and QST proves false. Normally leading to death of physical form but negated by the TL, you start the TL all over again.

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Finally i got to read all your replies. 

I am sad that some of you didn't even bothered to understand my initial post or the clarification post..yet wrote novels.

Others however came up with very very interesting suggestions.

I voted 'down' the posts that i didnt agree with or didn't considered the concept appliable. I voted 'up' the posts that i considered interesting enough, and i voted 'like' those that i really liked.

Unfortunately there is no way to reply to each one of your posts.

I will consider all of the -above- answers vor a vote. Thats right..i will count the number of upvotes and likes, with my own counting double. Unvoted posts means no reaction.

Entries below this post wont be counted but i leave the topic open in case anyone wants to continue the discussion anyway.

There is no right or wrong answer, but there is obvious effort put in your answers, even if some i strongly dislike ..some of it i can't really judge myself at all..thats why a vote based decision.

The vote count will be whenever i will count them, i will give a short time to vote ..but not too long.

Thank you for participating in this discussion..i hope it was as interesting for you as it was for me.


Just one reply/interpretation to something i read.. If time is just an interpretation of our consciousness..the situation would indeed be so much different ..that would mean the factual reality is there and we just see slices of it...this doesn't mean it is not fluid or unable to change..it just means that any change wouldn't have to be just causal and events in the 'future' affect situations in the 'past'.. as this entire timeless state would present a change. 

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  • 3 weeks later...


Thanks to Mur, Taintsinger and my friends at 12man(y) syndicate, you guys rock:)
I will put this wp to good use as soon as i know which one is that if i dont forget it in the first place.

Stay tuned for more insanity as Ungod and me present to you our brand new adventure full of laugh, entrails and maddening horror tour
soon enough:)

Public apology to Ungod since i cant be in MD as much as i would love. Few are the chains as those of the stars

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