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LR Archer Recipe Suggestion(s)

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Basic Iron Ingot (armour, arrowheads)

Branches (arrow shafts)

Lumber (to be carved to make the bow itself

String (also for the bow)

Tree Bark (for the quiver)

Flowers (for fletching...hmm...if only birds dropped their feathers every once in a while...oh well, I'll pretend flower petals would work for now! :p)

Any other ideas?

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Why sac a winderwild when we can expect a single feather from molting upon upgrade? They grow considerably in size per upgrade so molting older smaller feathers isn't too mad.

And bacons too rare a commodity, so id have to say no to that one personally.

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23 hours ago, Fang Archbane said:

Either works for me, and in your case I'd just be curious as to how eating bushies makes a winderwild molt o:

" Backyard birders can help ease the dangers of molting by providing a rich, reliable food source for birds to take advantage of, along with safe, secure shelter for birds that become more elusive and shy while molting. "

Shelter + reliable food source = molting

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Not wanting to make another topic: I was thinking of another last stage for the LR archer, the Loreroot champion. This choice would be done at Hunter's Lodge, with the sacrifice of personal skills as cost. The Loreroot champion is not a defender of Loreroot the traditional way, nor a hunter of beasts anymore, but a fighter in the arena.

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