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    • By Blackshade Rider
      Hello all,
      Me and chewett could use a new social media manager. Mainly on Twitter and Facebook. Right now the other managers we had have been highly inactive with this job. We also now have a new social media app we have been expiermenting with right now. So things are busy. We need 1 maybe 2 people that are active on social media said above. Please know how to use these sites before applying. (Note.. discord may not be an option but can be discussed with chew) 
      If interested Submit your reply here and state a reason you are a good choice.
      Please know this is not a role tag job. No tag will be given to you. I also can not promise you will be rewarded for this job either. This job is to help with our advertising on social media and posting things such as new features that effect every one in md to new land releases and more. This is to help encourage new players to come and even old players to come back. 
      Thank you to all who apply , if picked you will be given a message with more details.
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