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MD anniversary plushie auction

Eara Meraia

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Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Hear, ye noble citizens of the lands of Magicduel. The day, you have all been waiting for, has finally come – Anniversary plushie auction begins! Kiss your plushies goodbye and prepare to bid for the most amazing and rare items!

Rules are simple: check the list, place your bid as a reply to this post. Your bid can not be lower than a starting bid or the bid of the person before you! The bid will be considered final 24 hours after the last bid on an itemhas been made OR if it was the last bid on the item by the time the auction came to an end. The auction will last until Friday (18 May 2018) and will end at midnight (beginning of 19.05) server time. All bids placed after this time will be considered not valid.

If a person who made the last bid is unable to do the payment – the person with a previous bid gets a chance.

One final note: all creatures from the auction will be delivered with magic CTC and suffer no age loss; you can choose to have them tokenless OR with 4 tokens of your choice on them.

Here we go!

Item 1: Rustgold drachorn egg. Age: 2690. Starting bid: 5 plushies

Item 2: Angien Egg. Age: 2022. Starting bid: 5 plushies

Item 3: Death fenth. Starting bid: 5 plushies

Item 4: Wind dragon egg. Age: 2022. Starting bid: 10 plushies

Item 5: Barren soul, 11th anniversary edition. Starting bid: 15 plushies

Item 6: 12th anniversary creature. Starting bid 15 plushies.

Item 7: Darkling. Age: 2022. Starting bid: 20 plushies.

Good luck!

Sincerely, Chewett and TK

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The plushie auction will be run like a standard auction, 7 days minimum time on auction, it finishes on each item individually 24 hours after the last bid.

Your bids do not have to be purely based on our own number of plushies, You are permitted to "group up", The only requirement is that if you make a bid you must state whose plushies they are, if they are a grouped contribution. E.g. 20 from me, 20 from Eara. If there are any questions ask!

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    • By Eara Meraia
      Dear MD-ers, with this post we are proud to present you 13th anniversary plushie shop. In the list below you will find various things and items.
      You can have as many of each as you want (as long as you can pay for them :P). The only exception is this years anniversary creature. This can only be bought once per person. Choose your items, post your wish below and I will contact you to arrange transactions. The shop will be open as long as there are people who want to buy something 😊

      Good luck and have fun!

      Sincerely TK and Chew
      Item 1: Anni creature 2018. Price: 20 plushies (limit: 1 p.p.)

      Item 2: Acoustic remains stone. Price: 12 plushies

      Item 3: Silvertongue stone. Price 10 plushies

      Item 4: Unholy priest. Price: 10 plushies

      Item 5: Tormented soul. Price: 10 plushies

      Item 6: Imperial aramor. Price: 10 plushies

      Item 7: pimped grasan. Price: 7 plushies

      Item 8: random rp item. Price: 5 plushies

      Item 9: 13th anniversary spicy pickle. Price: 4 plushies

      Item 10: silver coin. Price: 3 plushies

      Item 11: 13th anniversary piece of cake. Price: 2 plushies

      Item 12: 1 wiyya. Price: 1 plushie

    • By tankfans
      The following avatars are up for grabs
      (click image for a larger size)

      I accept coins and credits as bid. Rate: 1 Credit >= 2 Silver (the value of 1 credit is 2 silvers but I'll choose over credits if the top offers have the same value). Minimum bid is 2 silver or 1 credit as I can return them to the Shop is no body is interested.

      To bid, use this format: avatar ID - offer, example:
      235 - 1 credit

      The bidding for each lot will close after exactly 24 hours after the last bidding of that lot.

      [s]235 - 5 sc (Anonymous) FORFEIT[/s]
      [s]312 - 5 sc (Anonymous) FORFEIT[/s]
      389 - 5 sc (Annonymous) SOLD
      417 - 5 sc (ZenTao) SOLD
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