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Design a warrior hat

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The title is self-explanatory. Your task is to design an MD warrior hat. The presentation form is up to you - some knit, some do photo manipulation and digital painting, some use paper in quirky ways and some chop a leg, attach it to a frying pan and wear that to work. There is one criteria: would you wear your hat?

(You can insert MD's creatures' body parts, Md symbols etc - the frightening, the better...i suppose)

The deadline is two weeks from now.

The prizes include an anniversary creature for first place (and in case of exceptional ones, for second and third),coins ( 10s for the first and 5 for the second place) and a santa for a random entry (throwing dice).

Ah, do write your alias and *MD* on your work. Have fun!

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    • By Ungod
      We invite you to an audition for adventure! Jason, a well-known hero, will set sail for the east, on the lookout for Miroku. (Jason, a handsome, brave, powerful and generally awesome hero, will be played by me. Hm? What do you mean, "MD's population must be really low?") But for the mysterious East he will need on his ship the presence of tge avatars of the seven lucky gods, as a sort of talisman. So he is looking for strong fighters, rich patrons, skilled artists, experienced sailors, cooks, priests and joyful grasans.
      This is a roleplay event, no preparation needed, just come over and have fun. You will have to make the judges believe you can fulfill your role as avatar of one of the seven lucky gods. Your past deeds, your current items, you can use all that and much more to show off. 
      Now, i would like to know when is the most convenient time for all who want to participate,  so please post here an hour and a day (preferably this weekend)
    • By Ungod
      I say 'unlucky', but i hope otherwise.
      This is a writing contest, in which you shall answer 5 questions with 1-2 paragraphs for each, something like a mini-essay. 
      where to post? Easier to do it here, since i shall publish them here at the end even if you send them to me
      any requirements? Yes, I want two things: clarity (as opposed to 'mystical') and feeling (inser the 'i' in there, feeling is as important as reason)
      Rewards? An anniv creature for the best overall submission, teleport to pc, earfocus, mirtorit, sendtogazebo, voice etc spellstones, whatever else of interest i have and you want
      judge- this is important; you might not want to enter this knowing that i will be the only judge. I have a reason for this
      time for completion? A week from tomorrow
      Now, for the questions:
      *The idea of 'living your life' ( having great fun - a hedonistic view) occurs naturally - and it seems obviously correct. But i found a definition of happiness which says 'happiness is a good flow of life'. To me, these two are in opposition - which one am I to adhere to?
      * greed brings misfortune - all warn against it, few resist it. Taking two steps back, greed appears to be a stimulating, animating, natural mechanism that moves things (killing in the process). Are we supposed to run from it, fight it or love it?
      * it seems to me that the more you lie to others, the more you start lying to yourself. And the more you are sincere with yourself, you can't help but being so with those around you. Is that so? If it is, instead of demanding 'the truth and nothing but the truth', we'd ask for honesty with the self. The result - an onest society in general, with a few exceptional liars.
      * ibelieve we all know the truth. We can't spell it, but we know it. The motionless sea of knowledge, the infinite wisdom at a fingertip, from which we extract small incomplete truths..but if we know, deep down, the truth, what is the value of this: amicus plato, sed magis amica veritas.
      * there's a book that claims god (mkay) made man rule over the earth (or the creatures of the earth). I don't know...the more you live, the more you notice how all species figth eachother, how ours is just another, strong against certain, weak against others. But, when a (barely alive) little virus can wipe out easily thousands...what am I supposed to think of people who insist 'we are superior'?
    • By Ungod
      Apparently, the word 'druid' is related to 'door'; as such, a druid would be either a gate-keeper or one who opens doors...can someone confirm the etymology?
      If so, the 'keys' would be magic formulae and incantations, and so I got to thinking of compiling a tome of such keys for use in rituals. Such formulas always occult some kind of knowledge.
      So that's the task. Create magical incantations (it's usually verse, which translates to 'rhytm' more than 'rhyme'). Deadline is 'till next Sunday.
      If there are enough, we can compile a tome. The selection process will be supervised by Loreroot elders. Each accepted formula will get you silver, while the best ones have a chance at anniv creatures, gold and spellstones.
    • By Ungod
      In a few hours' time I'll give the start for the contest, I am announcing it so you can be prepared (it being a speed contest).
      The task is to find out 10 MD characters' name, by looking at masks. How so? Each of the masks below is decorated and each decoration has a coresponding letter (from the english alphabet). Once you garher all the letters of a mask, you must form the word.  Also, each of the letter has a corresponding mini riddle - example:  letter J would be named 'a cane' (all our letters were drawings/ideograms at first, so look attentively).
      Send the answers via forum pm. This is a speed contest, with the first two who make out all the names getting an anniv creature.
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