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Mystery tournament III

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with the current setup i will need to be present when the matches take place to put you guys in the illusions so that is when im goin to inform you of the rounds.

so all 3 need to be present for the fights.

to keep the mystery for the other teams i kindly ask not to spoil the rounds to the others if there are some that still need to finish their round.

ill post the rule for the others when the round has concluded

about the illusions:

there has been much work on securing those but it is best to not stay in them longer than needed, even more, after the round is finished you or obligated to leave the illusion. Failing to do so will ban you from future tourrnaments and forfeits your chance of winning any price.


because of the groups of 3 the first round will be a bit different, no att and def loss, but 2 att and 2 defs to each opponent, winner gets a point, most points win the round. in case of a draw the two players will continue along the normal rules (att and def win)

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  • 3 weeks later...

this round has been concluded with the following victors:


let us move on to the draw for the second round

the dice have decided the fate again giving us the following matches:

Syrian vs Ledah

Sunfire vs Jubaris

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7 hours ago, Pipstickz said:

Sorry to veer off topic a bit but...have the rules against participating in quests you run/sponsor changed? Or is this a special case? Not complaining just asking!

No but I gave Sunfire permission to participate in this case given he has earnt that privilege.

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