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When One Door Closes, Two More Open

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If you are an MP3 or an MP4 and find yourself short on training allies to rise to the next Mind Power level, please contact me either in game at Berserkers Charge or on forum anytime.

I will not be handing out easy training as I have in the past, you will be taught to fight as I help you progress through the various Mind Powers and we will develop your abilities as a Fighter in this realm to help you both survive and thrive.

If you have any questions or comments please do message me. I will reply as quickly as able. Here's hoping to you not needing me at all, but if you do I will be there. Thank you for your time and best of luck till then.

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    • By Fang Archbane
      Ive been thinking on some ideas as to how Boss Heads could be implemented to both keep it half on and half off so to speak.

      If some editing was done to the code, we could essentially allow cross mind power fights but also keep it newbie friendly.

      All wed have to do is make it so "Fair Fights" only gets triggered when fighting someone outside your own Mind Power.

      This means that if an MP5 fought an MP5, all stats/tokens/combo counter would apply.

      But if, for example, an MP5 or MP4 fought an MP3 it would trigger "Fair Fights".

      In this way, we can enable cross Mind Power Aid and still keep it fair.

      Thank you for your time, comment below if yay or nay and why.
    • By Nimrodel
      I dont know if this has been reported before or if its intentional, but i recently tried an mp3 alt account. The interface seems to have presumed that I already have 100 wins, 100 losses and 500 honour points even though I dont. Now the quest page just has an xp requirement.
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