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    • By Duke of Malfi
      Ok, there's this fugitive fellow called smoothbeauty (mp4) who can gain heads but cannot be attacked.
      Probably a bug. Dst prompted me to report it here and also send an email to the Council, which I did.

      Here's the topic that got this started: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11603-a-fugitive-contestant/page__pid__103018#entry103018"]http://magicduel.inv...018#entry103018[/url]
    • By Duke of Malfi
      Seems there's a fugitive taking part in heads contest.
      Now I know it's an unfair contest but... that's really no contest, now, is it?
      I mean, I can't attack him, but he can attack me... as in skill damage attack, I gather, and take my heads...
      I'm not really interested in grabbing him and sending him back in jail... I don't even know him... It's his new role... no problem with that.
      Can he claim a place in this contest?
      This ever happened before?
    • By Duke of Malfi
      [color=#000000]..."one score count at about 15-60min, random"...[/color]

      [color=#000000]Not sure that's true anymore. Last night, there were only two score updates from 00:00 to app 4:00 s.t.[/color]
      [color=#000000]Could be a bug... or is the count rate changed and the above text obsolete?[/color]
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