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Renting memory stone and reality collectors

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I am renting out Memory Stone Detectors & Reality Coagulators.
Each Tool will be 5 Silver a Piece with a Personal Limit of 3 .
I have the right to deny service to any i see fit.
And here are only two laws to remember.

1) Dont ever harvest below the infinitely appointed 50-66% MemZone when farming Memory Stones, Fenths are depletable.
2) If you pass the tool(s) to anyone for any reason, or ignore the acceptable 50-66% MemZone expect the following;
RIP) You will be indefinitely banned from all GG Lab Tools from any Golemian as long as im Active in this Game.

Thank you ahead of time to any who decide to do Business with Me.
Service is on a first Come&Coin first Served basis.
I suggest you get ready for the New Age.

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Im renting out the GG Shared Tools, yes. And since i havnt been accepted as the Guardian publicly yet, im doing this of my own power and resources. I dont need to use the management tools i havnt gotten yet, i dont need them to do what i do. I am more than capable of banning anyone from doing business with GG with just a few words. Dont misunderstand me either, i still fully expect to become GG Lab Guardian as ive met all criteria, given all proof required, and been patient this entire time. I just have my own goals to meet, and nothing will stop me.

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  On 12/23/2017 at 10:34 AM, Chewett said:

You misunderstand the question:

If people break your rules you will use the management tools you have applied for, once you have them, to ban them from all GG tools if they break your rules?

No, no i will not. The only way to get the tools used against them to stop them and ban them, is if they go above the GG appointed 3 tools maximum. If per say, someone got an alt involved to hoard equipment, they would get banned. But if they only have 3, and use said 3, then they are fine by my standards and Golemus'.

What i will do, if they decided to disobey my spoken law (Stuff like wanting the resources to not fall below 66% + the rules of trade ive stated in my original post), is speak to the rest of GG and get them verbally banned from all further business with GG. In order for me to have to use those tools, as stated before, some sort of serious abuse would have to occur. As long as no alts are being used to hoard say, pickaxes so others cant use them, as long as abuse of tools is not happening, no, the tools will not be used to ban anyone.

I know how to use Land Cleansers, i have a faithful army, i have other tools and resources to use long before said tools even get considered, which most of the time they wont be due to the seriously high level of self destructive nature it would take for someone to get on my Radar like that, combined with my other choices.

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3 minutes ago, Miq said:

the location limit is two items btw. Going with three is giving 75% of the entire amount to one person. That is exactly what a protector is supposed to stop. Considering there are four of them then if i'd be the guard there i'd limit them one per player.

Fang takes three and uses them I think?

What do you think @Fang Archbane of me renting three, given you are applying to be the guardian?

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Ive dropped to using just 1 myself.

3 is acceptable as its the shared tool limit naturally enforced by the system.

Edit; Upon further thought ive decided to adopt Miqs logic here.
His being a fellow Golemian forced me to rethink my stance this once.

Ill only be giving out 1 per person to those that request them.
I will no longer charge for their use post official acceptance as GG Lab Guardian.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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