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    • By Poppi Chullo
      Hello everyone,
      Do you realize that you can be an important part in spreading the greatness of this realm? Yes you can, just by tweeting things about the game or just retweeting the post from MagicDuel's official Twitter account. As simple as that.
      I understand that not everyone here use Twitter, but for those who use it or will start using it, keep in mind that every single tweet or retweet from you will be very helpful. One tweet or retweet in a day, it's not too hard. Don't mind how many follower you have now, because it's not about how many people out there see or hear about MagicDuel, it's more about how consistent and militant we are in voicing and showing it.
      You can follow MagicDuel's official Twitter account here:
      You can also check its Facebook Fanpage here:
      Let's keep the realm alive and open for everyone.
      Big thanks for all your help.
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