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Sorry to be the only one asking questions, but when you say 4 numbers for us, 4 numbers for opponents, what does that precisely mean? :D 

For example, MRAlyon posted:


Does that mean he can use 2,10,15,24 and I the last 4 numbers or we both can use creatures from that pool, plus creatures from 8 numbers I post?

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you will use 4 numbers from the 8 you post, the other 4 are for your contestant, and vice versa.
so each pair will have chosen 4 numbers for themselves, and 4 for the other, but they just dont know which numbers will go to themself and which to the other yet.

the numbers you post will be split following a fixed sequence that is the same for all contestants but i will not disclose it yet untill all numbers are posted

since you can still choose to gamble to doublepost a number or not (which could result in lesser available options for ritualbuilding for either you or your adversary).

so for example 

lashtal posted: 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19

Lin posted: 4; 15; 27; 30; 12; 28; 26; 9.

lets say first 4 are yours, the other go to the other this would result in:

Lashtal: 1,3,5,7, 12; 28; 26; 9

Lin: 4; 15; 27; 30; 11,13,17,19

and no double numbers so both contestants have 8 creatures with which they can build their rit.

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thank you all for posting your numbers.
these numbers were devided following a 2-2-2-2 sytem, starting with two numbers of your own.

this gives the following lists:

Lash 1, 3, 17, 30, 11, 13, 26, 9

Lin 4, 15, 5, 7, 12, 28, 17, 19

MRA 2, 10, 8, 12, 25, 27, 23, 28

Juba 3, 7, 15, 24, 13, 14, 28, 29

as you know to each number represents a creature following my list (available upon request) so here are the creature selections for each contestant:

Lashtal: bird, tree, sharptear, rusty, rein, lr archer, BP archer, angien

Lintara: UP, seed, tainted angien, root warrior, nutcracker, lr archer, joker (colored and uncolored), aramor

MRAlyon: water being, SW, santa, root warrior, GG drach, darkling, barren soul, aramor

Jubaris: tree, tainted angien, rein, pimped grasan, nutcracker, elemental, aramor, anniv aramor 

(ofc you can use other levels of the creatures listed here, i wont write those all or i'd be busy for a day and i dont know them all by heart :p)

quick recap: max 2 freezes, max slider for 1K att (yes for some it will mean statless, why i chose 1k and not 10k), max 5 tokens in total

good luck

Edited by Sunfire
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Well, this certainly is interesting and adds spice to the combat tournament.

Unfortunately, I have a very limited selection of creatures, actually I have none of those I'm supposed to use for this round :-)

Therefore I surrender to my mighty opponent and wish her to rock the arena!

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very well, a man of principles 
hard to find sometimes so i'll respect it tho regret not being able to see you two give your best in this round

this leaves us with the final round

we have seen our competitors putting their wits and creatures to their maximum capacity, trying to form a winning ritual under circumstances that are often not very favourable. I have tested your skill and adaptability and i am glad of how well you managed, however... there can only be one winner.

to prepare for this round i kindly ask the contestants to forward me a list of the creature IDs they have currently in their possesion (can be found on the bottom of the creaturepage)

fighting for gold:


fighting for bronze:


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alright, i've received all your lists so now we can go to the final round (with some delay, sorry for that).

we have witnessed how good you can master your creatures in forming an ultimate ritual. but now comes the real challenge... how well can you fight with creatures that are not your own!

for this round you will need to fight with creatures that are not in your possesion. you can use any (legal) means to fulfill that condition. Start bribing, buying, hiring, recruiting, casting, or any other alternative. (to clarify, you can use any creature , i'll check the IDs from the log with the list you sent me, and these numbers are not allowed to match)

you have 7 days to prepare for this round, come the 28th each contestant must have his "new" collection ready and be able to beat his opponent. (so until  the 28th 23:59:59)

the rules for these fights:

everything is allowed: stats, tokens, spells, items, ... (as long as your opponent can fight)

good luck, and may the best fighter win!

Edited by Sunfire
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congratulations to the victor!

and this concludes this tournament, I hope you all had as much fun fighting as i had coming up with tormenting rules to flip the tables in every round. I want to thank everyone that participated and i hope to see you all again on the next mystery tournament coming "soon"!

1) Jubaris: SHMSH fenth+ att lock+ movelock + anniv 12
2) Lintara: 2 gc + attlock + def lock + anniv 12
3) Mralyon: 1gc +attlock + movelock + anniv 12

the victors can contact me for their rewards (except for the annivs, those are rewarded by the wookie)

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