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hey yall.!!!!
I have stayed up tonight drawing. Man I am getting crazy!!!!
anywayz, I have designed 2 characters.
1. Is angelic archer
2. Is just a design of a priest
3. this is just one of my old designs, and I remember people telling me to stop drawing fictional characters after this one and start caricatures. :D Well I was trying to pick up the same style in my fictional characters from now on...( 1 and 2 are kinda from it)

As you will see the shading is not that impressive, but bear with me for a while. :P

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Hey there. I hope its not against the rules for someone as fresh as me to submit an application. I made this sample a few hours ago. If you'd like to see more I can try to cook something else up real

[quote name='Yoshi' date='24 September 2009 - 03:49 PM' timestamp='1253832573' post='42582'] Yeah I got bored today so I decided to draw my favourite character ever:Yoshi(big surprise ) Now, bear i

Im waiting for my perrobotillo to be ready before I get too attached to my Rockin Shade ( still love it ). Btw Perrobotillo means Robo puppy, so it would be something like Aibo ( Sony's robot dog )

Posted Images

[quote name='Death Bell' post='23586' date='Jan 11 2009, 05:40 AM']I love the first picture.. of Post #322.. it rocks.. i would love to have it :D maybe we could add alittle touch of gold or something... hehe :P[/quote]
I am happy and flattered that you like it; thanks
I really would like to help you with this, however, I am not an actual artist of the artisan guild, so I can't just give it like this, y'no :( ( well if I get accepted you might get them in the avatar if they still want to put hem there ;) ). The only way that I think that I can help is to get you a custom made one, however that's not the place for requests, so PM me and i'll do it for you.
Well, thanks again I appreciate your support.
I'll post some more so you'll tell me ;)

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Good morning everyone, I just did new drawings. well, I will post one more before stopping flooding this page with my drawings :( . Next time I will try to post some architecture drawings. In this section, you will see that the shading is not that bad. When it's bad, it's it's a proof of my laziness. The drawings range from traditional to just random try. So. here goes:

1. This one is "[u] Baron Samedi[/u]" ( pronounced Sam-Dee means "saturday"). this is supposedly the strongest of the voodoo deities because of his short temper ;) . he is the ruler of cemetery and can heal, as it is only Baron who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead. he resides in the crossroads of souls. ;) he is considered the MOST powerful magician and a wise judge. :D Well he is the most known and feared around the world. ....Hey, I am just drawing it ( its all about culture). oh it was a hidden character in golden eye in Nintendo64 :shok: . google it you'll see, and dont stare at the drawing cause he might trap your soul. ha ha ha ha ha ha hehehehehe :diablo:

2. This is * erk... I dont know what it is anymore. let say an advanturer. hey it looks like Cid from ff3. so i called it [u]Cid[/u].This drawing was really small cause it was just a pass time; I was Bored. I still put it on there cause i was amazed bout how the hands still looked good considering the size of the drawing.

3. ugh I was tired of shading on drawing that pic so I was lazy :lazy: . I have to change the leggings, it needs improvement. This one is the same... howd you say stereotype, buff guy+huge sword+ mean look+ bad attitude+ arrow broken on his armor= this guy right there, ready to kick ar. I call it [u]claymore[/u]. " U want Some Of This? "

4. This one is just me experimenting.. Well let's say it is a self protrait. I call it " [u]twisted mind of an artist".[/u] :crazy:

5. this is just a zoom on my shading. Damn it looks good. :P this is just [u]twisted art[/u]. I shoul use this as my avatar. hehehehehe

[u]And dont forget, leave comments, I really appreciate them. Enjoy[/u]

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The only one I don't like is the big sword dude. The form is great, but the shading is too light. You've got very good contrast on the self-portrait / pencil one and on the baron. "Cid" could probably be corrected with some photoshop balancing, but the claymore guy needs more shading to make it work.

That said, those are all good avatars and would probably be able to find their way into the game.

Oh, and another note... When it comes to custom avatars, remember, you can have them made for you, and we can draw them, but there is NO guarantee that you'll get "your" drawing, and you're going to have to live with that for now.

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I like the first and third picture.. the third picture rocks... and might be better with the shading things glor said.. but you might want to position the cape properly or people might not understand it since the avatar is small.. before like glor said if you darken the shades or something we can see it clearly and I WOULD definitely take that avatar...
hehe i love your sword avatars..

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Got a few more to post up, I'll have at least 15 done soon.

I've gotten these resized and such, so they won't pixilate and look grainy, or so I hope not.

Anyway, tell me what you think! ;)

EDIT: Just noticed on the siren picture.. I need to edit out some paper lines and work with that one a bit...

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[color="#FF0000"][u][b]Announcement!:[/b][/u][/color] The Artisans Guild has been reduced to only myself. We need members. Please, dear gods contact me if you can draw.

Edit by GlorDamar

I too am in the guild. Nonetheless, the two of us is not enough to get all the work done that needs to be done.

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Yo... Name's Bright!
I'm really new to this site... Still need to get my 20 wins and 20 losses XP
But I'm thinking of helping out with the drawings.
I don't have any examples that match the style currently (i have examples of pixel dolls, CG work, hand-drawn anime work, etc.)
But I do have alot of experience in drawing in general.
I'd like to gather a little more information about this game before I start working on samples to get admitted into this alliance...

First of all, do you guys just draw avatars, or do you also draw for the creatures?

Two, what do you mean by custom avatar? Like I know from the illusion thing, you can get an avatar and it shows on your thingie-majigger when someone clicks on your name in the maps.
But so... Basically, how does this all work? How does it go from the forums into the main site as an avatar? And do you guys do based off of commission? Like somebody pays you to make them a unique avatar?

Sorry about these dumb questions... still new to all this >.<

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an mp2 on the forums...that doesnt happen often....

they draw (i think) anything that needs drawing in the game, new locations, possible creatures, avatars....

A player may ask an Artisan to draw an avatar for them, but there is no guarentee they'll get it, so there's no charge for the request (that i know of) and you would then have to buy the Avatar in the MD shop, though you dont need to request one to get an avatar, they are there, you just take your pick.

The Artisans make a package of Avatars which they then submit to Manu (the game creator) he implements them into the MD shop. Not sure about the pricing, but i believe you get shop credits (sometimes actual money) for Avatars used in the game

*correct me if i'm wrong anywhere there, i probably am

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Oh i see... Thanx for clearing that up!
And I'm MP3 now! Yay! In 1 day, thanx to the help of some helpful people at the nub island ^^
Waiting on the 24 hour wait for the story o.o"

But also, do you submit like descriptions with the pictures? 'Cause some avatars say like "Holy Warrior" and has some description...

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yes like grido said artisans do all artwork needed, but artwork like locations and creatures are for higer ranked artisans, becoz there is not that much freedom, manu describes it and you draw it so that it fits his description as much as possible, so mostly this sort of drawings are done by artisans he knows irl like valy, but lately glor is working on them too (drawings for new locations), so other artisans are drawing avatars, for coloring avatars into gold ones, thats manu's work, he is coloring them as he sees fit, and artisans are paid 3 shop credits per avy, if they have 100 or more credits they get real money, thats what i know, i may be wrong in some things

and as for that description, thats only mp2, mp2 are illusions, so there you can choose "public" title, description and avatar, only illusion avatars are multicolored, in illusions more players can have same avatar, title and description, while in real game, every avatar is unique, every description is unique, every title is unique, title and description are earned not bought or assigned with avatar like it is case in mp2/mp7

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you earn them by roleplay, you roleplay your chosen role, you can be what ever you want, and on md festival roleplayers are getting promoted, read more in other places on forum and ingame, or ask around ingame or on forum in other forum section (questions and answers) by opening new topic, becoz this isnt about artwork anymore, this is about general things about game and this topic is about avatars mainly

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You are incorrect, Liberty4life, there are several cases where tags and descriptions were purchased from the now-closed wishpoint shop.

As for other tags and descriptions, most are earned through consistent and quality roleplaying.

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yes i know, but thats something else, it costs a lot, and that wishshop is closed for now becoz it will become automated and thats why most likely there wont be again that option, since you were needed to have lots of things that support your wanted role in papers etc etc but still less than needed to become pwr, and since this cant be automated, i dont believe this will be possible anymore, but still just my opinion, but thats the reason why i havent mentioned it earlier, and back on topic please

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