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Here's a few of my latest ones. The ones BlackThorn posted and these plus many many more (between 50 and 60) should be turned in to Mur this weekend.


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I have a dilemma: I hate my avatar. But on the other hand I love it ( i mean I grew found of it). It's now part of me. And I hate so see it on someone else. Then you guys come with so many nice avatars and you make me climb the walls. I want another one but I do love the clown/joker/Pierrot I have.

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[quote name='GlorDamar' post='18612' date='Oct 17 2008, 08:16 PM']I like those Yami. Nice work. Get yourself a scanner and I could probably put you to work.[/quote]Thanks Glor. I'm glad you like them. ^^

The scanners are rather...elusive....
I should go steal Minory's...>>

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[quote name='Morrel' post='14356' date='Aug 23 2008, 09:34 AM']The next one is my first real attempt to make one in MD style. Please tell me your honest opinion because I'm not used to drawing this way.
But it's quit exiting to learn how to draw different.


Background layer is separate layer in photoshop[/quote]

Morrel, I really like this one. Reminds me of myself. Wish I could have it as an avatar.

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I see that there are a lot of armed figures.

I propose you to try and make something specific like :
- military,
- civilians
- merchants
- scholars
- even servants
- ...
from different civilizations like
- for Europe & Asia : Roman, Greek, Turk empire, ...
- for Asia : Chinese, Japanese, Arab, ...
- for America : Aztec, Inca, ...
- etc.
and if you like you can add pets

Also, these can be for different ages, even from recent wars (older then 1900 as we don't want politics and tanks).

:D this way we can all learn of your history & culture.

When we have a few of them ... we'll make specific threads where we'll move only those pictures that fit in topic. Also there should not be anything but picture and description.

we will see

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some others you should be seeing soon...If you have requested a custom avatar from me and have not seen it here yet, I am still working on my punch list...please be patient and I will get to it...you can always drop me a line and see where I am in it's creation...thanks for your understanding.


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[quote name='Sol' post='19417' date='Nov 3 2008, 08:37 AM']That sword is so smexy ^^ :clapping:

So is the ring. :good:

And the armour. :lol:

Everything is really really great! :D

Maybe draw more armours and if possible the whole set? ^^ B)[/quote]

Thanks.....SubZeroo and I are working on a complete set...I'll put it up as soon as it's done.....


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I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations to Amoran Kalamanira Kol. She's the newest artisan and a fantastic artist.

Here are a few of her drawings for your viewing pleasure



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