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hey all!

Been out for a while, lots of scetches and other crap, but waited until i found somthing decent to send for the contest. I gues i'm already a bit late...so i'm posting my sending in here. Folowing the good example of DiKra

If anyone wants to see the build-up of anything just ask, i'l send u the steps.

I did the girl on the swing again, with a decent head and motion. Hope it looks better in avatar size then the other. :)

The warior was made 3 times, recoloring and armed with difrent things...stil not content.

It wil have to do :o, and DiKra...the body of that dude...i focused :D

the burning head dude was inspired on some low budget movie i'v seen. But looked ok when i scanned him in. :blink: I swear i did not intend it to.

the other 2 i already posted...but hey...gota keep somthing for if i'm alowed to join the guild :unsure:

I swear i'l only draw when focused then Glor B)






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Hey there. I hope its not against the rules for someone as fresh as me to submit an application. I made this sample a few hours ago. If you'd like to see more I can try to cook something else up real

[quote name='Yoshi' date='24 September 2009 - 03:49 PM' timestamp='1253832573' post='42582'] Yeah I got bored today so I decided to draw my favourite character ever:Yoshi(big surprise ) Now, bear i

Im waiting for my perrobotillo to be ready before I get too attached to my Rockin Shade ( still love it ). Btw Perrobotillo means Robo puppy, so it would be something like Aibo ( Sony's robot dog )

Posted Images

Good work to all of you on the avatar contest! I've sent the results to Mur and when he gets back from vacation those results should be posted.

Based on the results of the contest I've invited 2 new members to join the Artisans and I'm considering a couple of others.

The two I've invited are Amorte and DiKra. Congratulations to the both of you. I wanted to invite you both the second I saw your first drawings, but I had to wait until the contest ended. I won't tell you which of you won first place, you'll just have to wait for that, but one of you won.

Also, Dexter and Nelador, I have my eye on you. You too, Angfaust. Keep submitting and working on your stuff, you 3 are the next contenders.

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[quote name='amorte' post='15037' date='Aug 28 2008, 11:22 PM']in request of Blackthorn and DiKra... here is somthing less dark. :D With the specifications of Glor...i think :)[/quote]
Hehe, as we agreed, my version of the girl on the swing, after the contest:


Not exactly an avatar... but it was never supposed to be :)

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[quote name='Syerthrix' post='17520' date='Sep 30 2008, 09:59 AM']Maybe It's to prived, but how old are you guys?
You draw all so... so very nice, I can almost not imagen you're my age.
Just want to know! :D[/quote]

Hmmm... lets put it this way. I started taking drawing lessons when I was very young and I've been drawing for 23 years, so that should give you an idea without me actually stating my age.

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wel, i'm 24.

But they had to rip my mothers organs out becouse the pen was stuck behind it and they couldnt pry it from my baby fingers.
So you might say i started realy early to.
Never realy took classes. Just the ocasional torture-interogation of an artist i met somwhere.

Learned most by simply not erasing everything, and being open to criticisme.
Here is somthing good to know : if u cant stand coment, then dont show it!

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[u][b].Gargant. "the word walker"[/b][/u]

Gargant plays a lot like most players probably know. But he took an avatar just becouse it was the only thing in there. No problem in that, but if u play that much, u'd better have a face people can recognize.

Acording to his papers words and secrets always find there way to them. He trives on it, and uses it to his power. I went abstract on this and voila...here is the wordwalker.

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[u][b]Lady Ailith "the water nimpf"[/b][/u]

Lady Ailith is probably know to every player who hangs around her bar. She plays this daily and has a popular role there. Right now, she is represented as a scarecrow...i HAD to change that.

She's playing a peacfull water nimpf traped in a human boddy, trying to find het water magic back.
It gous further that that, but u should read her personals for that.

I could not go all magical on her, becouse she stil needs to find that. If that happens, i'l just draw another :blink:, so a peacful person playing with some light water magic would sufice i figured.

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Some of my latest.


a new one for Renavoid


some others that will be up for grabs.


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[quote name='Liberty4life' post='17680' date='Oct 2 2008, 01:16 PM']warriors shield looks just like spartan shield so it isnt so original :P[/quote]

Actually, that's exactly what it is. I didn't make this one up. I'm also not real happy with the one of the guy holding a head, but I worked on it long enough that I just decided to be done and not overwork it.

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[u][b]Penelope Lightmoon[/b][/u]

this lady was one of my motivations during the contest, figures i return the favor :)

She aparently would like to become like the moon, or the light of the moon or somthing.
Last time she was enthousiastic bout the "feeling" in a picture, i try'd it with her...but failed :s
So i'l be drawing another one like this :D

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she was very specific :D white locks of hair, cleavage, dagger, staf that can change to sword, dreamcatcher, glowing eye's,...the whole deal. :)
I think i got it all...i HOPE i got it :D becouse dreamcatchers are a pain in the...you know. B)

Story is all lost with me, so i'l have her explain it if u meet her.

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[quote name='Syerthrix' post='18157' date='Oct 9 2008, 07:57 PM']Are they so ugly no one reply's on it? :S[/quote]

LOL no its not THAT bad. Its actualy a good start.
Keep in mind that we'r looking for full figures tho.
U seem to draw what u think u see. Here's a hint. Hold up a pencil, and see it that is realy the curve the upper boddy takes. It might also help to check out some anatomy pictures befor drawing muscles

The mind makes figures simple. Just like the way u'd describe a christmas tree triangle and other tree's like a ball on a stick. Yet this is never true. Make's u wonder bout a lot of things u see no?

U'v got tallent and techniek, if u work a bit more on the knowledge u'l go far.

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*squeals~!* That fox is soooo cute, Blackthorn! *wants to snuggle it* x3

Since I couldn't get together the time to draw five avatars for the contest (grrr....school...*shakes fists* D< ), I'll just post the two that I have for kicks and giggles. Hope nobody minds. ^^

[attachment=539:Baby_Dragon.jpg] [attachment=540:Griffin.jpg]

Sorry for the poor quality. I only have an outdated digital camera to work with, and Photoshop bit me. ><;

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