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    • By Aethon
      The all hallows night is almost upon us, and it's time to get you cauldron at the ready!
      This is a 3 stage quest and all stages should be completed to be eligible for any winning position.
      Part 1: Create your own version of Shakespeare's "3 Witches" cauldron scene.
      Part 2: Name and describe the created potion.
      Part 3: Create a cauldron!
      The ingredients and chosen "Three Witches" should all be MD based (though a little slack for wording is allowed here and there). The connection to Witch>Wording>Ingredients will mean a better score at the end. Humour and/or things/mixtures that are disgusting will mean a better score at the end. Uniqueness and creativity in all three sections will mean...you guessed it!...a better score in the end! Cauldrens may be made out of any sort of material you like, even drawn or painted! Uniqueness and creativity will be the highest deciding factor on a winner. The better the conformity to Halloween, the better the score in the end. Please include a handwritten player name and ID with any submitted cauldron picture. Here is the scene for those of you that do not know it: Quest begins from now (27/10/2016) and shall close no later than one week from this date (3/11/2016). Winner will be decided by a panel of judges.
      Please send all entries to me in a forum PM titled "Cauldren 2016" (Anything title otherwise will not be read)
      1st: 1 WP/Elucubrat
      2nd: WP/Elucubrat (whichever is left)
      3rd: LoC Spell Stone + 1 Top Spender Ticket + 1gc
      (P.s. Don't worry about trying to make it as fancy as Shakespear's version, just make sure it follows roughly and you announce who is speaking which part and when!)
    • By Aethon
      For this quest, make or bake a fiendishly tasty treat that is disgustingly repulsive to one's eyes!
      Submit your entries by 22:00 ST Sunday for after then a poll shall be opened for the public to choose their winner! (Polls will close 24HRs thereafter)
      Only one winner will be chosen, so please note: For any quest tagged with "Elucubrat", if you have already won one, the creature will automatically go to the next runner-up, and so on, until it finds one (I've been told they don't play well together and get jealous for their master's attention!) . If the winner should have won a Elu already, please message me so we can work out another prize.
    • By lashtal
      Greetings Magic Duellers,
      for this year's Halloween I'm willing to organize a spellcasters tournament, open to everybody.
      Contestants are required to set nice spell-words for their favorite spells (MD spells - either regenerable or spell stones).
      Each contestant will "battle" against another - direct elimination - using one cast of one spell of their choice.
      In each battle, 2 judges will rate your magic arts under these criteria:
      1- how fancy/inspiring/evocative your spell words are;
      2- how appropriate your spell words are to the actual spell;
      (e.g., "may the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your armpits" might be appropriate for a "attack-lock" spell, but not for a "mirror ritual"...)
      3- how much Halloween feeling you managed to put in your magic.
      The contestant with highest score wins and passes the turn.
      Each contestant may only use a combination of spell / spell-words once: if they pass the turn, they have to battle either with another spell or with different spell-words.
      To apply, post here your name and ID by 21 October.
      After that date, there will be a random matching to determine who fights against whom in the first turn.
      Rewards will depend on the number of applications, if 8 or above I'll toss in a Horseman creature for the winner.
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