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Greetings Magic Duellers,

for this year's Halloween I'm willing to organize a spellcasters tournament, open to everybody.


Contestants are required to set nice spell-words for their favorite spells (MD spells - either regenerable or spell stones).

Each contestant will "battle" against another - direct elimination - using one cast of one spell of their choice.

In each battle, 2 judges will rate your magic arts under these criteria:

1- how fancy/inspiring/evocative your spell words are;

2- how appropriate your spell words are to the actual spell;

(e.g., "may the fleas of a 1000 camels infest your armpits" might be appropriate for a "attack-lock" spell, but not for a "mirror ritual"...)

3- how much Halloween feeling you managed to put in your magic.


The contestant with highest score wins and passes the turn.

Each contestant may only use a combination of spell / spell-words once: if they pass the turn, they have to battle either with another spell or with different spell-words.


To apply, post here your name and ID by 21 October.

After that date, there will be a random matching to determine who fights against whom in the first turn.


Rewards will depend on the number of applications, if 8 or above I'll toss in a Horseman creature for the winner.

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All right we had 7 applications + 1 from a mysterious character who wished to stay anonymous... :ph34r:

Within the next few days Aethon and I will be pairing the opponents, then we'll be asking your time schedules and availability.

But one detail I can disclose right now: the rewards!

- Horseman creature;

- WP;

- 11th anniversary Barren Soul;

- Elucubration creature. 


The winner of the contest will choose first, then the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th.

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Added Elu and changed how rewards will be picked
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To those who signed up: please choose a number between 1 and 8.

Each number can picked only once.

This plus a very special piece of magic will do the pairing. :D


The anonymous contestant can either pick a number - thus revealing him/herself - or be automatically associated with the remaining one.

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Ledah, Ailith, jakubhi? I need you to pick a number please.


I'll be online for the first round of duels on monday 31st (gather at the howling gates, I'll try to be there all day long).

If you can't attend on monday, no big issue. For each couple of duelers we'll find a suitable day and timeframe.

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Thank you. Now we have all the pairings.

Since Ailith and Ledah asked me to cancel their participation, jakubhi and Sunfire pass their 1st turn automatically.

The other matches are:

- The mysterious anonymous dueller VS Dark Demon

- dst VS Jubaris

Each of you is being contacted in order to arrange a suitable time-frame.


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The tournament is progressing slowly but steadily and we are approaching the final matches.

After prevailing over Faceless Noob, Dark Demon won once again, this time against jakubhi, thus reaching the finals.

Meanwhile, Sunfire won against dst in a very close match.

The next few days will see Sunfire VS Dark Demon for 1st - 2nd place; and dst VS jakubhi for 3rd - 4th place.

All of them will get nice rewards, but who's gonna be the winner? Stay tuned!


quicksilver tongue cup.jpg

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After one week of invisible struggle, the echoes of a spell prevailed over the other and a winner was chosen...

In the finals match Sunfire won against Dark Demon; while dst won over jakubhi in the duel for 3rd and 4th place.

We have had several inspiring spells, a powerful magic display, but now we have the winners... :

1st - Sunfire

2nd - Dark Demon

3rd - dst

4th - jakubhi

... and the rewards!

- A horseman creature;

- A wish point;

- A 11th anniversary Barren Soul;

- An Elucubration creature (I heard it's colored...)


As stated in the previous post, Sunfire will pick first, then DD, then dst, and then jakubhi.

Congratulations to all and thank you Aethon for helping me run this contest.


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      2nd: WP/Elucubrat (whichever is left)
      3rd: LoC Spell Stone + 1 Top Spender Ticket + 1gc
      (P.s. Don't worry about trying to make it as fancy as Shakespear's version, just make sure it follows roughly and you announce who is speaking which part and when!)
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      For this quest, make or bake a fiendishly tasty treat that is disgustingly repulsive to one's eyes!
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