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happy belated birthday

happy belated birthday

happy belated birthday

Haha, Lu thought about making a topic like this, but when she checked the forums again she didn't see Jonn's (or anyone's) name on the birthday list. Well, kudos to you, Udgard.

Happy birthday, O' Evil who dislikes checking the forums because of "all the spam." >:)

I think, you know, we should also congratulate Thereef, buknoy and DiKra. Well, the only member I recognize is DiKra, but yeah, maybe the others will check too. So exclusive to cheer only Jonn.

Cheers to Thereef, buknoy, DiKra and Jonn!

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And yet another Happy birthday to Jonn, DiKira, and the others!

::Calyx starts looking through toy chests::

Darn... where did I put that paddle...

::more searching and flying toys::

Ah here it is!

::Takes a few practice swings::

Ok boys, over my knee now while I administer your birth spankings! Ok John... you first. Tell Calyx how old you are...

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Happy Birthday both of you

i was just going to create this and found this topic


Meiche I wanted to be the one to create this. You were the first friend I made in the game. You have been the best friend a gal could wish for. Happy Birthday, dear one. May this new year bring you the fulfillment of at least one of your dearest dreams. May you make the Imagination Principle work in real life!! I know you doit here every day.

With lots of love,

the Calyx of Isis

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