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You applied for it here: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17436-equilibrium-tourney-ii-applications/

And now let me present you the draw of the tourney!

*launches the fanfare*



screenshot_(88).png      Jubaris vs Lashtal         lashtal.png 

 screenshot_(86).png  MRAlyon vs Clock Masterscreenshot_(92).png


screenshot_(91).png         Sunfire vs Mallos         screenshot_(90).png 

 screenshot_(89).png          Ungod vs Lintara           screenshot_(87).png





Quarter finals

- Jubaris defeats Lashtal (4:0)

- Ungod defeats Lintara (4:0)

- Mallos defeats Sunfire (2:0)

- Clock Master defeats MRAlyon (4:0)

Semi finals

- Jubaris defeats Clock Master (3:2 in total, 1:1 first then 2:1 second round of fighting)

- Mallos defeats Ungod (2:0)


- Jubaris defeats Mallos (2:1), Jubarins is champion of the tourney!

Third place

- Clockie vs Ungod ?

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And finally, the third place goes to Ungod! Clocky forfeited, victim of his busy schedule!

So let's recapitulate:

Who's No.1? Me!

Second place - Mallos! (he had some new and interesting rituals, almost had me!)

Third place - Ungod!

See you again hopefully in some 6 months! :) 

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On 8/12/2016 at 7:36 PM, Chewett said:

I like the images you used.

We should put this all ingame next time[...]

Thanks, I'm very poor with image editing so my alternative to 'photoshop' was to learn to invoke player's avatar through code first, then get them all at the same time formatted in the same clickable, screenshot, crop and then finally get my desired product :D It still lacks finesse, but it was decent, I hope as tournaments go by it will go better and better... :D 

An ingame version sounds very promising to me, as we go closer to the next instance, I will indeed contact you and see what can be done about it :) 

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