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Funeral Crown

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In order for us to bring loved ones back from the dead, we must fist create a funeral crown.  In order to do that we must first know what one looks like.  So this quest is to draw what you think a funeral crown would look like.  It is mainly made from flowers.  This quest will run from 6/11 to 6/24. 


The rewards to start with will be 2 gold coins and your drawing will be turned into the item picture.  If there are lots of drawings send in, more rewards will be added.

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added amendment to quest.  You can make a real life funeral crown and submit the picture as well.  As always it must have an MD signature in the picture to prove its yours and done currently for the quest.  A way to take part of the quest even if you can't draw, like me.

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      I would like to begin by issuing a public apology to the entire MagicDuel Community as a whole.
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