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The "Lost Island" possible names.


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The Spiral of Origin
(If I am not mistaken, the aramors sailed in from the west, perhaps from this island?)


Wind Island
(The spiral reminds me of other spirals or spiral references in MD, namely the one in the old tutorial and the windmill in NML)


The Empty Island
(A reference to the empty aramors and the lack of people and vegetation (at least it seems so from the picture) on the island.)

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Oh my oh my ...... someone actually named the name :)

I will let this topic run some more, because your suggestions are really good.. well not all, but very many. I am sorry I can't give this island multiple names because many are better than what I had in mind ..yet still..there is a point in its name here :)


Well..hmm..I won't boil you more.. :)


Initially I wanted to call it Aramoria ..but I changed my mind..it was too obvious and less inspired. Then, the current name I was thinking about was .. The Gate (gateway, gate land, etc)... mrwander that's quite an impressive guess you made, and low on me the reason behind it, if you have one.  

Naming it the gateway has much more meaning than anything else... and I tried to give you a clue about that in the last scene I uploaded :) but I bet you still don't see it..:p


There is one more reward for originality, or the other name I will like most from your suggestions.

Feedback on the name is welcome.

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Mirror in a lot of different folklore and fairy tales are used as gateways or portals for various beings and Aramors especially the empty ones have always felt like some kind of otherly beings seeing the mirror spoilers on fb I just kind of put them together.

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I thought about Islaand, but it didn't feel right. Reasoning should be fairly self-evident.

Edit: Heck maybe if you're feeling saucy you could go with Isalanda!

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On 5/21/2016 at 2:23 PM, MRWander said:

Fenth shores

Mirror island

gateway island



The rewards have increased. You get a symbolic WP for the best answer without knowing the research behind all this, A WP plus 5 WP codes for whoever finds the actual name based on the research, and 20 credits for whoever has the most _original_ (and fitting) name suggestion except the "best answer" and the "research based answer".

As far as I understand no rewards were ever distributed for this quest, and in fact no secondary winners were chosen either.

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