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In the A25 "era", with lots of radical changes to gameplay, features and significant improvements to concepts, one thing is mandatory.... a more clear and easy to follow gameplay. MD is deep enough to have lots of secrets and challenging tasks. Even if we try to document as much as possible and spoil every single thing, there are still lots of things to do and discover, even documentation and spoilers on their own would be considerably big and comprehensive. The new gameplay will also bring a more clear way of achieving stuff.


Junior is helping me achieve this by writing very clear and beginner-proof tutorials. These tutorials will be helpful even for the most experience of you. If you already know this stuff, you might still enjoy these tutorials.


The first tutorial of this kind is one for the Shmsh creature. It will take you step by step and show you in as fewer words as possible, all you have to do to obtain the creature. Please give us your feedback if you like this, or if you dont.

Any suggestions or reactions are welcome.

Enjoy reading!

SHMSH Guide_PDF.pdf

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Things for you to remind Mur with Junior (bar previously discussed points  via email)

The resources need higher res images for other parts of the site, they dont look good blown up. Once we have higher res these can go on the powerpoint.

Presentation changes needed

Titles need a overall capitalization fix, capitals are randomly sprinkled here and there. Also text does this similarly randomly too. e.g. " Checkpoint at this moment you should have the Following Resources in you inventory"

Final page shouldnt have a bullet point, any page with one bullet point shouldnt have a bullet

Resources needed at front could have numbers


Otherwise looks like a good start.

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wiiya is at this point very hard to get so i changed it to rainwater after this tutorial was done. It is still a preview, thats why its presented on forum and not in-game. When the wiiya production will be more stable, the tutorial will be also updated. The Shmsh will remain with rainwater.

Esthetic adjustments will be made, there is also a difficulty/time/reward value indicator pending. The recruit image for the crit and the fenth image will also be added.

The resource images where the only ones Junior had, he tried to do as much as possible with what he had, and did quite an amazing job in my opinion.


Thank you for your feedback


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Guides can be helpful like this, and it's a good start to what's needed. Personally I think any guides like this should be fully incorporated into the game, as opposed to PDFs which you open alongside. It creates a more immersive experience for the player and keeps them within MD, rather than leaving the game and looking at other things.

Feedback on the guide is below, besides other comments above.


Seems a bit duplicitous having a "Resources Needed" page, and then a "Things You Will Need" page, can these be condensed together?

Repeats what each of the Grasan's produces on page 3 and 5 - one can assume that they'll be able to look back through, so maybe again condense?

Page 9 provides a list of what items you have at this point, and whilst it states "Resources" it may still confuse a new player that you also have Wine, might be best to include this on the list, clarifying that you have it, but don't need it for the process (assuming this doesn't get changed completely based on the fact that there's now other ways to collect Garbage).

Page 12, using the Fenth - third bullet should read "You will be prompted..."
Structure of the message they receive on the fourth bullet is messy, but I'm not sure if that's how you've written it, or what the system genuinely displays.

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While I really love the idea of having more tutorials I would very much suggest placing them on the Wikia instead of in a PDF. PDF's are bound to get outdated and with the speed MD is changing right now that happens faster than one person can fix them (this one already is slightly outdated) whereas the Wikia allows for anyone to help keeping it up to date. Furthermore with the Wikia API it is possible to bring the content into MD in a more immersive way. I'd be willing to look into making a clicky that shows Wikia information, which could be moved to anywhere else if wanted.

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    • By Muratus del Mur
      I received this PM in-game and thought to reply it publicly because this interests all of you
      Right now it might seem very unfair what is going on, because you collected resources and now they became equally worthy like the tools of someone collecting them much more recently. It is true, but it would have been unfair to allow you to start with the enormous stockpiles too. I allow you to split stacks with wishpoints, its still better than nothing.
      Now the why
      this system is designed in such a way that it will actively influence grinding and turn it from a retard-repetitive action, into something that will make you think from time to time. When you gather enough resources, you could go on and collect more (pointless but possible, or not so pointless depending what you aim for, like byproducts for example). OR you could be a little bit smarter and go ahead and process those resources on one of the many ways that are now available or will shortly be through the use of fillable clickables. In this way, the gameplay accommodates grinding too but gives it a slight twist, making those that are more careful and strategic do better over those that are just repetitive and ignorant.
      Also, this is a representation of expiry term for some resources (true not for all). For example, you gather tree bark, but after you gather a lot, the old one will start to rot as you pile up new stacks over it. In reality, you never get 1+1+1=3 with hgih accuracy, you will get something more like 1+1+1=2.8 so to say. This is just a minor factor anyway but its supposed to make resources a concept that referrers to them in terms of "enough" or "not enough" and not as quantity. We need quantity count however because enough might be one value for one thing and an other for the other thing.
      Its a lot more interesting and strategic. Having things this way is unique , you can't find it in any game, yet if seen in terms of enough/not enough, it makes perfect sense. Getting byproducts only if you dont have them, allows for the careful players to gather more by passing them to an aid, and encourages cooperation. Also it puts the map in motion, people will have to migrate to different places to actually use tha gathered resources. This combines perfectly with the land loyalty system that gives points depending where you are, in other words, depending on where you perform your activity.
      Hope it helps understand this concept better and endure the sudden economic collapse easier
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