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Need feedback on resource production

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It is more complicated than you think. You'll note that your entire player-base is finding your question difficult to answer. Per week for me varies hugely due to depletion issues which is dependent on a number of factors itself. It's very difficult for me to give you an average without tracking my numbers for a month and then handing it to you as I have no historical record of what I have managed to collect per week to date.

Best I can do is something like this (and it's a total estimate):

Water - 0 - 20
Herbs - 0 - 30
Ore - 0 - 5
Mineral water - 0 - 3
Everything else - 0


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ok, i appreciate you tried, all that did.


I must say this again, it is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for me to get theoretical values, or ranges. All this info i can get myself from the db. What is harder to get, is what i asked for, namely, "how much you obtained in the last 7 days". A script would give me precise values, your answer would have given me subjective values, and that was what i was looking for...an imperfect answer to reflect what you think the values are for YOU.


I will close this topic now because i am angry, this was supposed to be a really simple question, if this one can't be answered because all of you try to think too much and give too smart answers or try to do math...exactly what i don;t need...then future similar feedback , that would have saved me many days of work, are pointless.


For the future, please understand, that i am not asking such questions because i am incapable of finding exact answers myself, but because i am unable to find out YOUR answers. Coding is like math, a precise thing, accurate. You either do it ultra exact, including all sorts of things in the calculations to actually predict such values if you can't know them, or, the fast and actually better way, obtain feedback from you. Even guessing random values would have been more useful.

It reminds me of a recent testing, when i needed to know what resources are reachable by a new player. If done by me with some script, the answer would have been totally wrong, because a new player will not exploit all palces that he could. The human "error" is incredibly hard to estimate theoretical...thats why actual values from you are much much more valuable for what i need.


I hope at least now you understand why i request such feedback instead of just doing it all myself.


Plus, this is a way to see who actually gets involved and does something to help, it is an awesome reason to create an activity for someone so that i can have a covert reason to reward those of you that are more active and helpful...i guess you didn't see that either.



ps. last couple of answers where close to what i was hoping to get, but the overall stress with this subject so far is not worth it. Sadly nobody will get the unannounced reward for this.


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19 hours ago, Muratus del Mur said:

This starts to be really frustrating tbh. Somehow, if there is no clear reward involved, the general population IQ drops dramatically. I asked a simple question and formulated it in multiple ways, so that if you don't get it the first time you will understand it the second time. I will explain one more time what this is about, but i give up counting on such feedback...it seems its way too complicated for you to do such a simple thing, and my nerves are not really ok rught now to be able to have more patience. Its ok, i will obtain the info i need in other ways, thanks for trying anyway.


What i wanted to know is, how many resources you get over a one week period. For example, if you collect water on a regular basis, i wanted to know how much water you got in the last week. Not how much you could get, or how much you should, or that you don't, etc etc etc..No...just your own personal and practical, non theoretical, total, over one week.


Very complicated indeed *sarcasm*

I think a common answer would be "I have never tried, here let me try and see what the results will be"...?  You just drastically altered the whole resource system, the old demand (pure competition) is lost, and the new demand (practical use, rewarded competition) enters existence...of course people will test it themselves.

Rainwater per week:   about 3, when I bother....guess this one at least shouldn't depend on demand

(Based on a discussion with Assira last night)

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