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To Pull CrazyMike out of Jail

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@Aeoshattr and other to be sure one understand my post

My post is not about Death Ray, CrazyMike or any specific player that i dont know the facts

my point is if someone was jail for a specific time, the sentence end at a specific time, and then he should be release at that time.

and doing otherwise is an cruel situation

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I know people have a lot of strange forms of pride and such, but I really don't see the issue with having to send a PM to get out. If you want to get outwhy should anyone but you be he one to take the innitiative? It's also a nice way to ensure some last contact before being put back into the game.

Officially, the jail time is a minimum time and anyone with the unjail ability has the right to refuse using it, but as far as I know any player that has served his time gets released when they ask to.

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i read only the first page of this post, so if what i say here is obsolete or already dicussed, sorry,,but here is my view on this:


Players that end up in jail might have friends that are more active then them and might just popin or communicate with those friends outside of md and don't really care about their md situation.


I was in jail several times, and actually looked for him, never found him, and that was looong ago.

All he has to do is to ask HIMSELF to be released. It is a basic sign that he cares. I do not care and will not listen to requests made by others for someone else.


It is not about begging it is not about humiliation of any sort, it is simply to show he wants to eb released, because maybe he wants to stay there, .,..don't be surprised, he wouldnt be the first that wants such a thing.


His email to me and chew is private, he doesn;t need to ask it publicly, just to send an email with his id and clearly saying his sentence is over and that he wants to get out.


That is ALL i have to say about this and will not read anything more about this subject, about him or anyone else in similar situation. The jail is a place that tests you and the test is actually when and if you get out of there, not while you are in there. It is a place that in the end shows us if you still care about md or not. In my opinion, not sending a simple email to say he wants out, means he doesnt care, so he stays there as if he doesnt exist....its that simple..


Jail is the edge of md, both from a research point of view (it is the bottom of the "box") and from a psychological point of view (it is the limbo between being banned and being in the realm)


Nobody will ever take you out of jail because your sentence ended. this is the way this jail works, your ticket out is to show you still care about getting out.




ps. as others stated quite clearly, the jail time is the minimum jail time. Whoever exceeded that time is technically free just located in jail. Big difference.


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