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Display issue on the bonus stats and land loyalty score

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I sometimes have this issue, sometimes i can see just the equals sign and sometimes only one or one and a half digit of my loyalty, house and ally bonuses


Refreshing the page doesnt help, sometimes it goes away after a while, sometime it doesnt.

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That's because the whole status page is in a table , each row with 2 columns.

That WAS OK at the beginning, but in time new content was added.

There are many ways to fix this, one quick one would be to have that huge table's rows turned to separate tables. In certain occasions (like the one presented above) there would be some misalignment but that's measured in mm ... so still ok and will still be consistent in time ... and it keeps the same shape of the page.

Another method would be to have each information in separate divs (Chew loves this) but in case it gets oversized ... the consistency disappears.

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still broken, still have to use the arrow keys to move right if i want to see landloyalty


  1. since its a problem caused by the bonus stats why not use a line break? it shouldnt be a problem if the text cells are higher instead of wider.
  2. use two cells for one stat, in the upper you have for example "-Stat icon- -stat name- - sum of values-" and in the cell beneath the values it consists of
  3. dont show bonus stats in the cell (like people see it on the profile pages), place a -details- button that opens the stat list like it is now in a popup for example like the fight log or something
  4. (not very good since everything is going towards touch-devices) show the bonus just when you hover over the stat with your mouse


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added more ideas
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Well, you can always use "allign=left" for the "td" that is holding the "honor".

It should work without any other adjustments.


<td class="smallfont-clear" width="100%" valign="top" align="left">
<span style="font-size:8px;">
<strong>Honor: ....
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The above thing, with "left" is for chat for non-alliance players, for land-loyalty.


But for profile page ...

1. I guess that it would be time to increase the width of the "pagecontent" frame or ...

2. somebody decides to read again my original post in this topic:

Ofc, it will no longer be aligned, but at least it will adjust as needed.

3. move the "Bonus Offered by this house" & " Bonus offered by this Alliance " and " Land Loyalty Score " to left side and " House and alliance " to right ... theoretically it should be enough space.

I hope the below image explains it a bit:





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well ... you should try it out first. I say that it sucks.

1. aligned to top

2. align to middle

3. 2 lines



Or you can always change the layout to a longer format ... not really pleasant either ... but hey, you can see everything.



or ... you can increase their width too ... but still it will be a looooong page.

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