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What to do with the big piles

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I want your best suggestions on waht you think it should be done with the current enourmous piles of resources. But first read what i don't want to do about them:

- big piles of resources will NOT be allowed to be converted into a proportionally big processed resource

- they will not be split, unless wp will be used for this, and this also is a limited time offer.

- they will not be consumed just the needed quantity


All of the above will keep the resources count as "enough or not enough" concept intact, and will have a good impact later on when people will be forced not to gather enourmous piles of resources anymore, simply because it will be more efficient to process them when they will be "enough". An entire series of other things, such as depletion remaining a thing of evilness and greed and not a "needed" action, or absurd mindless grinding, all these will get a much more interesting turn if the above list is respected.

So, i want suggestions on what should happen or what should people receive in exchange of their big piles of stuff. I want to hear mostly the wishes of those that actually have such piles, but also of those that have none, all opinions matter. Out of your ideas i will hopefully extract one that fits with everything else in my mind and plans for md.


Suggestions i can currently think of (and that you can repeat below) :

- give one time things such as medals and role tags

- buy them back for silver or gold or even credits

- create fillable clickies that will be designed to handle just piles over 5000 and give somethign special in return but not a larger amount of what the normal fillable clickies will (maybe a way to get a rare or even new creature like this? or an other sort of rare resource?)


I am listening


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I would go for:

 - buy them back for silver or gold NOT for credits

- create fillable clickies that will be designed to handle just piles over 5000 and give somethign special in return but not a larger amount of what the normal fillable clickies will (maybe a way to get a rare or even new creature like this? or an other sort of rare resource?)

Although as I said, I have 10k flowers (which are a by product) so I would like to get 2 things for my 10k of flowers instead of 1 (even in the above "opportunity"). It would be a one time thingy cause I don't know who would gather that amount again. Unless they are highly motivated.



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try to specify exact things, i don't have enough ideas of what those things might be, but yeah following that list of suggestions is more likely to fit with something i will aprove.

about the flowers. flowers are a way to revive people, what you have there is better suited for a custom wish, or even split them using wp and then use them later for reviving through the caretakers.,,at least thats what i think its best use for what you have, unless you want them merged in a huge bouquet, lol.


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things that could make sense:

- a limit cast of revive (items actually), a decent amount not an absurd one as you might wish for (4-5?)

- a revive that works on a group of people (due to technical limitations of the spell cast, on 5-9 i think)..maybe two casts




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- for small piles (over 1000, but less than...4k?), buy back with silver/gold

-for huge piles, one time things; i was thinking of a custom item called 'distant memory of holding /10k branches/', non-usable


1 hour ago, Muratus del Mur said:

maybe a way to get a rare or even new creature like this?

- i actually thought of something like that...take a creature, like water daimon, make it able to hold resources such as water, then at a time of your choosing release all the water into a land, flooding it (effect: create collectable water in all scenes, huge amounts, for a limited time, which impede movement); i imagined such creatuyres being used in land 'resource' wars


Imagine putting 15k branches into a treant and releasing it in Marind Bell...wild stuff

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1 hour ago, Muratus del Mur said:

- give one time things such as medals and role tags

- buy them back for silver or gold or even credits

I incline towards the first ("Frozen Memory of X" where X is the resource) being given as an unusable item. But buying them back for silver and gold could be an option too, depending on the price or how it's decided. I'd say these two options are the fairest.

Giving away rare creatures for it or making special clickables which give special resources for huge stacks seems to defeat the purpose, in my view.

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I had an idea, but first a question: will all first level resources have to be processed with a fillable into second level resources before they can be used in a cauldron/combiner?

If yes, ignore, but if no, then I have another question:

Could a large number of items be combined in a cauldron for something big for a land, rather than specifically a player? Could a huge amount of water be used to build a moat around Tempest Fort? Or could a windmill be built in Loreroot or Marind Bell from 20,000 lumber (or is lumber going to get processed into planks or something?). Etcetera.

If I had a surplus of resources I'd be as interested in doing something for my land with it as I would be of putting it to my own personal use.

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Allow piles to grow.

I mean ... if I get to over 1-2k, I get my own private trunk as a secondary inventory for resources. I can pile up there only resources that exist in there or that i have over 5k.

This way I can keep my piles and still gather something else for those combiners.

Lets get real, there are some recipes that required only 1-2 and there are the combiners that will take everything. As we still have uses for smaller amount ... we'd need to be able to get them out from time to time. This way we can take advantage on the first lvl of combiners (lesser numbers) and the upper level of combiners (higher numbers).

... just a thought


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I'm much more in favour of Ivorak's suggestion, but I'd like to refine it a little further...

In line with A2050, which gives the playerbase more ability to alter MD's landscape and world, why not allow players with massive resources to use these for major projects?* Why not simply allow base materials to be used in some types of large projects, with a few major penalties and restrictions?:

  • Resources can only be used in the place of processed resources of one level higher (raw in place of first level; first level instead of second level; etc)
  • When useing resources that would normally require processing, they are treated as consuming x1.5 the maximum processing consumption before usage.
  • When useing resources that would normally require processing, they are treated as requiring x2 processing time as well as x2 the time required to apply them to the project (Can be used for time critical sabotage)
  • No processed resource with a chance for failure in its processing can be substituted in this manner
  • No processed resource that requires other resources to process can be substituted in this manner
  • The full stack is still consumed

*I was initially going to write the above aimed just at people with huge stacks, then realized there was no need to restrict it to this - if someone had 10 pieces of lumber and didn't have time to be online to go and get it processed, but was at the project site already and really wanted to help contribute, why not let them?

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I believe i decided the general direction where to go with this.

However for this to happen i need to finish first the usual combiners. hold on to your piles for now.

i have a lot of work to do with the current combiners for now, before making something about this...but i will one way or an other

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a spoiler about my current intentions:

The current system is fully compatible to work with multiple piles of the same resource in same inventory. This is not used right now, it is only used by me when testing...but it could work, so i intend to create a way of splitting piles, in addition to a way to use big piles for something.

What i am absolutely convinced right now is that a big pile will not generate a proportionate output of what a small pile would. Group efforts to activate scene modifying things are also not an option, even if it is a good idea, it is too far from the current way this system is designed and would involve too much coding that won;t integrate well with everything else.


Also a possibility that i am considering is to use big piles to boost the skills associated with gathering or producing that specific resource type.


If i put all this on a developing timeline, i think things will happen in this order: 

1) All resources will get a use towards a final product,

2) One or more variation of use for the same resource type (like it is now with creating paper) , strategy in how you use your piles is in my opinion VERY important

3) Tag dispatchers finalized...but not fully, at least partial

4) Big piles represent a sort of sacrifice plus stupidity...sorry to be blunt, but consider i am talking about the future use not the current situation. People with big piles not have big piles because there was no use till now for them. Once the resource use becomes more strategic, like it started to be now, gathering big piles is a sacrifice on your end because instead of converting them into next level resources you just gather them, and its stupid because you just do one thing instead of maximizing your productivity. Whatever will come out of this, will have two sides, both will be unrelated with the normal strategic use of resources. I am starting to get a better picture of how this should come together.


The bad news is that big piles will get a use only after the current 'normal' use will be finalized. The good news is that big piles won't be wasted.

My current advice is to put aside your big piles in a safe place (yes on this occasion you can use alts or friends to store them), and already start using the resoruces in the way announced. Waiting for a solution for the big piles will not be very smart and will not have any relation nor give you any advantage in the current setup...but there will be a certain gain of a different sort from those big piles. When i say big pile i mean piles over a few thousand. if you have just 2-3 times over what is needed, then those piles might just be useless or in other words, equal to a normal pile that i could call "enough" for a purpose.


For example (and i will use a new resource here so you won't think its an actual example), if you have 100 paper you might create a tome, but with 10000 paper you might do a paper castle) ..maybe not the best example, but i insist on saying that you will NOT create x times more of the same thing you would with less resources of that type.


I hope its clear what i am trying to say because i am very tired and my english might be a bit strange.


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