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    • By Muratus del Mur
      In the A25 "era", with lots of radical changes to gameplay, features and significant improvements to concepts, one thing is mandatory.... a more clear and easy to follow gameplay. MD is deep enough to have lots of secrets and challenging tasks. Even if we try to document as much as possible and spoil every single thing, there are still lots of things to do and discover, even documentation and spoilers on their own would be considerably big and comprehensive. The new gameplay will also bring a more clear way of achieving stuff.
      Junior is helping me achieve this by writing very clear and beginner-proof tutorials. These tutorials will be helpful even for the most experience of you. If you already know this stuff, you might still enjoy these tutorials.
      The first tutorial of this kind is one for the Shmsh creature. It will take you step by step and show you in as fewer words as possible, all you have to do to obtain the creature. Please give us your feedback if you like this, or if you dont.
      Any suggestions or reactions are welcome.
      Enjoy reading!
      SHMSH Guide_PDF.pdf
    • By Tal
      Give vital stone
      Guardian army
      (bmmo) Toad speak stone
      Attack lock stone
      sold to CotS

      50 branches sold to pipstickz
    • By Hedge Munos

      I've transferred everything over to this thread, because I'm no longer buying all those creatures...



      [s][b]Santa:[/b] -- [b]Current Offer: 1gc + 35 silver -- Tipu[/b][/s]
      [s]ID: 757630[/s]
      [s]Age: 7[/s]
      [s]Stored Heat: 132001[/s]
      [s]Tokens: None[/s]

      [s][b]Rusty:[/b] -- [b]Current Offer: 5gc Anonymous[/b][/s]
      [s]ID: 758478[/s]
      [s]Stored Heat: 0[/s]
      [s]Age: 7[/s]
      [s]Tokens: None[/s]

      [s][b]Pimped Grasan 1: - 2sc by everyone[/b][/s]
      [s]ID: 572346[/s]
      [s]Age: 251[/s]
      [s]Stored Heat: 324794[/s]
      [s]Tokens: None[/s]

      [b]Pimped Grasan 2:[/b]
      ID: 752788
      Age: 44
      Stored Heat: 33936
      Tokens: None

      [s][b]Pimped Grasan 3: - 1 silver by Chengmingz[/b][/s]
      [s]ID: 753292[/s]
      [s]Age: 44[/s]
      [s]Stored Heat:32783[/s]
      [s]Tokens: Claw I[/s]

      [b]Pimped Grasan 4:[/b]
      ID: 753294
      Age: 43
      Stored Heat: 41875
      Tokens: None

      [s][b]I was also asked by Ignnus to add his Nutcracker to this thread. Same rules apply to this sale.[/b][/s]

      [s][b]Nutcracker:[/b] - [b]Current Offer: 4gc 10 silver by Hedge Munos[/b][/s][b] - SOLD[/b]
      [s]ID: 759591[/s]
      [s]Stored Heat: 11585[/s]
      [s]Age: 0[/s]


      See my papers. I am now the [b][color=#008000]Green Grocer[/color][/b]


      - Movelock Stone

      [b]I have the right NOT to sell if offers are too low[/b]

    • By The Warrior
      I took a wrong turn and walked into the MDA Public Bathroom (4_1x2_11) and unable to exit due to viscosity, I noticed that the water resource there doesn't display correctly. It says 1/ [b]Water[/b] and doesn't state the maximum resources.
    • By Jubaris
      I did read this announcement:
      [color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1984 - [2011-08-16 07:12:27 - Stage 10][/color]
      Land leaders are requested not to interfere with the shared tools by placing any land laws to govern their use. The tools are meant to be grabbed by anyone regardless of land and further changes to the way they will be available are still pending. It is too soon to have any land specific regulations regarding shared tools.

      But I do have a question anyway.
      Since there will be shared tools, like wood-chopping ones are available at the moment, herb basket too (not sure is anything else ready in Ravenhold yet).

      Is there a minimum of resources that should be attempted to preserve in a location?
      Like, exploit resources only when the number of resources available is 3+ or something like that...?

      If the announcement tells us that there shouldn't be laws regarding the issue, then I'm just asking for guidelines for public to know how to preserve the optimal number of resource regeneration.
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