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Guardian of Tools

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what about....roles of general interest should occasionally be taken away and given to other more active people, considering the current general situation.

Currently i consider roles as something permanent, but some roles are roles related to the social structure and well functioning of the realm... except kings (that can change the realm also through their inactivity), the other roles current and future, that are somehow public, general interest, roles, should be refreshed from time to time. Judges for example, tool guardians, certain alliance leaders or their tools, other(?)

What do you think about it? if implemented, how could this be done in automated way, chew?

I have a few ideas how to implement this... if the role depends on a tool, it can be made shared, and a 3 day delay could be somehow given for such tools, to allow role owners or anyone having the tag to grab it first. This would give a two day interval, at predefined days, when the role owner can at least be present to claim it, otherwise it becomes public and someone else can take it.

An other implementation ideea is to do something strictly with the TAG DISPATCHERS, for example you need to check in to a place once every x days, just so you confirm you are active. Player activity determined by their login is not valid here. Someone that starts to become inactive will just login but not really care about anything, so it needs to be somehow more complicated. Maybe even a shifting location where they should go to renew their "licence" ?

this is just a thought, your reaction to it will matter, obviously (someone make a poll? so i see someone actually considers it?), but i will also think of it better and might implement it or discard it without a poll if i stumble on an idea that justifies well why to do it or why not (veto). Also, the way it can be implemented, and IF it can be implemented, rests solely with chew, based on his time, judgement, etc.





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I hate to be a party pooper but...can't we just leave it as it is and just ask the  current land leaders to make a rule set up for their guardian's?

Otherwise this'll just become another area started and not finished and thus time wasted which could have been used in more important areas (like finishing tutorial/a25...)

The system isn't bad mechanically, it's just none of the players have really bothered announcing any rules; it's just another item to add to an inventory for power/monopoly at the moment.

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40 minutes ago, Nimrodel said:

@AeoshattrAnd by doing something do you mean ban people randomly?

I actually tried to write less in hopes that people would understand it. I wasn't accusing anyone of anything, as you seem to have understood, based on the tone (and out-of-the-blue assumption). The 3 people I mentioned as active or involved:

1. No One - offers candy or candy boxes in the mood panel. I don't know what the terms are, but he's doing something about the tools that doesn't involve banning around like some mentally impaired duck.

2. Eara - organised the NC tours to give people access to NC tools and resources. Doesn't involve banning, but is related to the tools and their distribution.

3. nadrolski - ban-happy, but you can't argue that he's not doing anything. He is doing something, even if some of us find it outrageous. 

16 hours ago, Aeoshattr said:

4 are... around but not doing anything (either due to lack of things to resolve or lack of interest, idk)

I didn't say what you should be doing or why you aren't doing anything. But @Nimrodel you clearly aren't doing anything, and you're actually in charge of 2 of the 11 total available Guardian posts. I'm not saying you should go around and ban people, but look at Eara, or if you prefer someone from your own land look at No One. There are things to do and Mur said in his first post that this should be treated as a main role. 

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Err... Tool guardians are supposed to guard the tools and prevent abuse if needed. I recieved clear instructions regarding banning people from the leader in MDA. So I am keeping Quiet. As For The tea related stuff in TBs, I helped people with those even before i was a tool guardian. So I didnt see the need to do anything special after becoming one. I usually help people prepare tea right before festivals because thats when people need it the most. With the current loyalty gathering rules and the ap shoes though, the need for tea has significantly reduced.

No one, is offering candy. Candy helps elu produce paper which makes it a very important resource. Eara, incharge of necrovion tools is guarding tools from a restricted area, an area off limits to almost everybody. And there are bone collectors and skull collectors in Necro, items which help create a death fenth. Obviously she needs to plan something for that. I wont even talk about nad. Really... I would be very happy if someone approached me with 100 sand and said they wanted to make a sand castle or they wanted help with making tea. BUt hey, sand castles and tea arent that needed anymore.

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23 hours ago, dst said:

I would like to ask you the same:


nadrolski     #gatheringtool#bucket;1;1;all, on 30/07/2016 06:27
nadrolski     #gatheringtool#bucket;2;2;Water Dowsers, on 30/07/2016 06:27


One bucket from Winds Sanctuary, and one bucket from MDA Toilet. Is there a problem with me grabbing a bucket (each) from different scene?

EDIT : I saw the date, July 30, 2016? Oh yeah, it was a bucket from MB and a bucket from MDA. And actually, I also did that recently, one bucket from WS and another from MDA. So, you want to humiliate me again with, what reason?

Edited by nadrolski
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Please post in your lands forum what your rules are for that land if you wish to avoid further conflicts with these roles. The actual conflicts they are creating are quite minor and negative towards the community, we should rather use them to find how we (as the community) can get around these limitations. Roles like these will probably become more automated if people like Mur's idea here:


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The tools listed below are currently in my possession and may be open for reassignment, please apply in this topic if one of these spots interests you.

WindSanctuary Tool Legislator
MDA Tools Legislator
TeaMarket Tools Legislator
The Golemus Lab Tools Legislator

^Is also open as it wasn't initially assigned though I am not in possession of it.

Your application has been received Fang, I will resend it soon and hopefully we can get some more people in the mean time.

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On 8/19/2016 at 4:38 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

what about....roles of general interest should occasionally be taken away and given to other more active people, considering the current general situation.


Judges for example, tool guardians, certain alliance leaders or their tools, other(?)

What do you think about it? if implemented, how could this be done in automated way, chew?

Reactivating old / forgotten / inactive roles ... yea , that'd be an awesome idea. (I am already thinking for a few candidates for Wodin ... )

Anyway, some roles are not to be trifled with. Lets take these "legislator" tools and you should realize / remember how abuse-able they are. And Mur should have more example of abused roles.

So, automated role dispenser ... hopefully not too soon.

For "TAG DISPATCHERS" with temporary effects ... why not. There are some known ideas as "(daily) quests" that could be implemented in MD too based on them. There are multiple uses for such "tags" from achievements, allowed activities based on tag (& tag level).

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August 18, 2016 is when i originally applied for the GG Lab position.

It is now Nov 29th, 2017, so ill make two quick points below.

I have been waiting well over a year, PATIENTLY, for a reply to my application.

I waited originally, before applying, so as if anyone else might want to apply, they might.

Not one did, thus after waiting for a few months, i myself applied to the position.

I am the ONLY applicant. And unless Casper the Friendly Ghost has been doing a better job than i for the past year in that dank dark lab with its many fun gizmos and... but i digress.

My second point is plain and simple. My birthday is coming up, on December 19th. I dont know why my application has been ignored for as long as it has, being bumped by me as much as it has, as patient as i have been, and i no longer care to ask. All i ask, is that if the Powers that Be will it so, that i might get an early birthday present in the form of more responsibility.

I want that GG Lab position. I am the ONLY one with Gridos blessing for said position. i have waited well over a year. I have been patient. I have been cordial. I need an answer of some kind, from somewhere, because to not be answered is worse than to get a no. If i get a no, i want a DAMN good reason as to why i cant do the job no one else is applying for, and no one else has the blessing for.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, i _patiently_ await the reply.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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I take your words in Humbly Nava, and i Thank you for them.

However, i Did become the role on GateWay.

Yet i was Rejected for being too much Lore. Not enough Mech.

Theres a reason Miq is still there, not I. I fed their Hearts.

He fed their "Logic". Apparantly, its hard to figure out why a Pickaxe breaks Rock.

I dont need Acceptance from Anyone.

People Feel one way or another about me, and it Doesnt affect me.

I am my own Circuit. I am my own Way.

Regardless of what Anyone thinks of Anything, i Mature at my own Pace.

I walk My own Road. I lead my People as I see Fit.

And my Inner Self, my Silent Shade, tells me that i can Not back Down.

It tells me to Destroy Everyone that gets Between me and my Goals.

And it will be So. This is but Another hurdle. And one day soon or Far, ill get my Way.

This topic Will be bumped Daily.

At least until im Told why i Cant get the Role Offered.

A spot that Not one Other is so much as Trying for.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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