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What kind of fillable clickables and where to place

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ok i will not stop this topic but i wont review ALL your suggestions anymore. it seems some of you have no clue about anything and just post whatever crosses their mind....well its fine...what can i say


if you see anything implemented that you posted here before it got implemented, notify me pls (yourself, dont notify me about someone else ideas!)

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Some of these are made based off of others ideas above and then others are ones that have not been mentioned.  Images A-C obtained from identifying the plants: A is a cotton boll. If you get

Mineral water > Purified Salts  Clickable could look like a large basin for water to dry in. IDK where to place it. Sawdust > Mottled Paper (3rd step >Coloured Paper) Clickable shoul

In general I think the fillable clickables should should still be very muh at the bottom of the production chain, followed by item combiners and finally using cauldrons to make final high level items/

'object': Campfire (small circle of stones)

requirements: branches + heat

gives: Raises 'heat' border from 0 to 4000 (or 2000, or...) for a period of time. Meaning, if you have less than X heat, instead of losing heat, you gain it until you reach the heat border. If you have more than the border, it decreases to X (instead of 0)

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are you spitting random ideas or actually considering the EXISTING resources when making suggestions?

i might close the topic due to the fact that you started to trow stupid ideas (not everyone ofc) but i checked several and they are out of this world


lets try again

existing resources, preferably the common and easy to get (not byproducts) that are not currently used in any way

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Water -> Ice

Though it might not be ideal as Ice would melt back into water if not used soon enough. Potential use is to use it with cold tea to make Iced Tea or maybe make Ice Cream.


Other than that I'd love to be able to turn several resources into powders, like: gems, crystals, coins, memory stones, diamonds, glass, bones, etc. To be used for alchemy.


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Glass (many) + skull + memory stone --> Talisman

Talisman is a one-time use item which, when used, blocks the first targeted spell (or all spells) for next 10 min.

clicky inside Necro or Land of the Dead


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9 minutes ago, DARK DEMON said:

Glass (many) + skull + memory stone --> Talisman

On 4/10/2016 at 11:49 PM, Jubaris said:

'object': Campfire (small circle of stones)

requirements: branches + heat

Can I make a "Mur said" statement?... Here:

On 4/3/2016 at 7:54 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

Also remember that this is not about combining more item types into one, but a single type into something else, be it item or why not, even the effect of a spell.


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Only if I can too, Aeo :P

On 4/3/2016 at 6:54 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

Sand -> heated into glass -> enough glass

There ya go. Meanwhile, on semantics:

On 4/3/2016 at 6:54 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

Keep in mind that the purpose is to lower the huge resource amounts currently on the market, and store them into more valuable but lower in number items

Campfire works great for the first part of the sentence, doesn't for the second as it doesn't create new resources though. Mur's paragraph after that sentence though justifies even such ideas.

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Back on topic:

Branches (150?) --> Rattan Strands (1 or random 1-5) (could be further processed into Rattan Weave, then combined with Glue to make Herb Baskets or other tools. "SOON". So I think it has a future.)

Clickable is somewhere in MB, a soaking basin (like some sort of recipient with warm water). Requires 24hrs for the branches to soak so they can be made into rattan.


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Mineral Water(50-100) with heat to Salt Crystal(1).  

re: Heat:  I'm thinking a controlled heat, like staying under a certain amount but over another.  Maybe up to 8 hours of heat (32k) for 2 days.

Call it Halite if you want, but I like the thought of a single cubic crystal :)


clickable in Necrovion (dry conditions) at the Way of Cleansing, a pot sitting on the fire...probably needs some more refinements to ensure a single crystal, not sure. 

E:  Necrovion seems ideal but maybe East to avoid the whole death issue...I'd think near the dry water temple



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many ideas are almost ok, but most are not even close. Why? because you don't consider the rarity of items when using them, a flask cant value more than diamonds for example *just a wild example to get my point*. Also combining stuff into less obviously important stuff is a bad ideea, but who can say what is important and what not ofc.

Something else, THIS IS FOR FILLABLE CLICKIES, not for cauldrons not for combiners or other tools. Aethon, you are derailing badly! Dark Demon you are wasting valuable time making suggestions outside this scope, others, equally READ AND UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SUGGEST, thank you


Thats why i need someone to help out with resource mapping. without any new ideas at all.

Aethon, yeah you, the one derailing, lol... you _sometimes_ are terrible at suggestions to be honest, BUT you presented me once a nice table with info about the mining and also offered for the role. Because of your current challenge with Fang i didnt allowed you to do this, but i changed my mind...however it depends on you. I want all resources mapped to have a clear view of how you can obtain what and how difficult. Once you assamble whatever you can with what info you have, i will provide requested item counts and stats to complete this picture. This however is nto a permanent role, if you do it right you will get a considerable reward OR the role (that comes with its own rewards by default)..if you keep the role or not will be depending on FANG, yes, right, because right now you two are tied together and the good or bad of one will influence the other. answer just with yes or no thank you.

note: You also got the rock salt suggestion if i remember right , so you might do good actually.


below are the suggestions i might consider ok-ish, these are just notes, not final nominated implementations



- 100 raw glass turned into a Flask. Flasks can be filled with different things later on.

-  10 solid stench into 1 grassan soap (yuck).



Iron Ore --> Metal Sheet

Iron Ore (or iron sheet) --> Shovel



(some ideas you presented are great but wont be included here because of the extra coding required to do them, maybe suggest them later)

-  200 branches or 400 sawdust (3-4 hours for burning) -> A pile of Ash

Use: can be used as a fertilizer for increasing herbs regeneration rate or gives the user the effect that increases the amount of bushies gained from 1-8 to 3-10 per plant for 10 minutes. Alternatively can be used as a resource, for example, mixed with Fat to create Soap which then can be used with Essential Oil to create Aromatic Soap. Device: Brazier Location: Ash Arch

-  200 lumber -> A pile of coal, Device: Kiln  Location: Golemus Golemicarum, Siege's Crest

-  100 flowers -> random color pigment

-  10 solid stench -> a stench bomb    Location: Golemus Golemicarum, Wraith's Wreck.



10 lumber => plank, sawmill, Forest mansion LotE

20 treebark => cork, cork press, sanctuary's view

50 raw glass => erlenmeyer, furnace, weaponsmith

10 skin=> leather, tan pit, heresy lane 


Assira the Black

2 bushies wine = brandy, distiller at the tribunal pub

10 paper (colored or plain)= 1 book, News room at MDA

300 rocks = headless golem (edit: or a Heartless golem that requires a Mechanical heart later to become functional)

note: i might love or hate this ideea not sure yet

Uses a magical boulder



Branches (150?) --> Rattan Strands 


Laurence Gardener

Some sort of compressor in Loreroot or Golemus to compact resin into amber



--- hese are JUST NOTES !!-----

















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