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What kind of fillable clickables and where to place

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12 minutes ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Bones -> Headless Skeleton (Later to be combined with a skull for a full skeleton)

YES, i love this, can be a way to assamble a skeleton and then later on use the combiner to create a skeleton creature


This is what i meant in my post :P there is already CID 19 maybe finally bring it out? its skeletony


Bushies > orange JUICE (absolutely a yes, this will make it interesting because bushies are hard to gether when anyone can steal your progress . I like the use of bushies, but maybe not orange juice, but something related to bushies otherwise. Juice is by definition something that expires and it will be to expensive to make just to expire, unless it offers a significant advantage?)

By MD item definition Bushies  are from oranges (MD is slow so I can't look (its not loading) but i'll update the post) so unless we change the definition to go along with the new concept..



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Top Posters In This Topic

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Some of these are made based off of others ideas above and then others are ones that have not been mentioned.  Images A-C obtained from identifying the plants: A is a cotton boll. If you get

Mineral water > Purified Salts  Clickable could look like a large basin for water to dry in. IDK where to place it. Sawdust > Mottled Paper (3rd step >Coloured Paper) Clickable shoul

In general I think the fillable clickables should should still be very muh at the bottom of the production chain, followed by item combiners and finally using cauldrons to make final high level items/

Lets stick to simple step by step conversions now. Not complex chained conversions. My purpose in this is to find just the first level after basic resources. Maybe i organized this bad and i should have asked more clearer: what sort ot things can you do out of bones lets say, or resin. And start with that. get my point?


Please try to write short, i enjoy your artworks but start with the initial ideea and specify if you like (i have artworks)...that way i can select what ideas i find doable, then we go into details on each. I will try to move the things i will work on into sepparate topics, mods if you think i put them in the wrong category please reorganize, thanks

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A bit more specific on the items I posted before

20 memory stones= 1 stone tablet

1 stone tablet records all casts and spells of that player Up too 20x3 (I think 3 is the standard number of casts in a memory stone)- the tablets name then changes to the "Player's name' Tablet" 

The tablets could be passed over to apprentices if training someone to take over a position. 

Though I think that if a stone tablet is made useable that certain spell be made to where it is too complex to be stored in memory stones/tablets. This way rare spells are not automatically copied over. 


50 glass (already a 2nd level resource) = 1 glass dome

Use a smelter

Glass dome is used to keep everybody from harvesting a specific resource at that scene. The glass dome will stay there until resources reach its max for that location. 

Glass dome has 5 uses before it shatters and turns into glass dust.

Newer stuff:

10 glass = 1 pile of glass dust

Use a grinder.

Later use -> Glass dust ball- blinds target player, unable to move or attack  


30 tree bark = 1 willow bark powder

Uses a grinder

Gives 1000 vitality

(Might later be able to combine with teas or other herbs/powders for different/stronger affects) 


20 tree bark = 1 cinnamon powder

Uses a grinder

Gives 2%  to briskness


40 branches= 1 trap

is placed at a location

Has the potential to trap someone but may require a combiner later to make it useable. Like adding toxic plants to do damage or add a movelock spell stone to cast move lock on who ever happens to become victim to it. 




300 lumber = 1 barrier

Raises ap of moving out of that scene by 250 points. 


100 timeless dust = 1 timeless gem 

Uses smelter

Maybe used later to combine creature totems into new or twisted/corrupt creatures.


For toxic plants if you want a standard Toxic extract then the current fillable is used. 

But if you want specific toxic extracts or poisons then the Toxic plants can be identified into new toxic based plant resources (nightshade... I would have to find my toxic plant book to put down more... I moved and now can't find it).


20 Mineral water = 1 pile of silver dust

Uses a sieve

Later may be able to make a silver coin.


20 Mineral water = 1 pile of gold dust (rarer to obtain, will most likely get silver dust)

Uses a sieve

Later might be able to use smelter to get a gold coin from the gold dust



15 silver coins = 1 silver bar

Uses smelter

5 Gold coins = 1 gold bar

uses smelter


Bars might be able to be used later in an item combiner to create silver or gold items. 


5 memory stones = 1 memory powder

 uses grinder

May later be used with combiners to give a common item a spell ability but the player using the combiner would have to have the x# powder and item on them, as well as know the spell. So in some cases a person may have the items but may have to go to someone else to do the enchanting part.   


10 memory stones = 1 mysterious gem

Rock crusher

Mysterious gem later to be identified.


A little random thought below

Might be able to make quests where only after creating x # of silver bar can a person make a silver orb and after making 1 of each orb type they gain access to a secret location. 


Another words I see the potential of being able to make more items from resources and how it might make quests and tasks more interesting. 



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I LOCKED the topic for a while, so i get time to implenent some of the stuff here. I will open it after

I had to chose just some of the things suggested, many are indeed good, many are absurd. I can't implement all nor eplain for each why not.

I discussed with chew about this and we agreed i will make the first items and later if time allows him he can do others if they fit. For now i need to pick jsut the most relevant ones so i can give an example of what exactly i want out of this feature.

I will update this topic while locked with all the things done, and re-open it when i will be able to do some more.

About the drawings, those that posted drawings also thanks a lot. I enjoy drawing myself so i will probably provide my own but not sure yet. To sepeed things up i will use a default image at first and then update it to something permanent, but for now i will focus on the functionality.

functionality might be added later, one at a time, otherwise i will stay too much on just one item and wont be able to "draw" the big picture of this global change

Rewarding for your efforts and sugestions will happen later once the items are in place and based on their impact on the gameplay. I have not decided on a reward yet, but i hope it will be more than decent. However, if your idea is just close to what i will implement, and it was just a suggestion for something else i implemented in the end, the reward might not be as great as for an ideea that was implemented as it was presented




Resin (many) > Pot of Glue


20 memory stones= 1 stone tablet  (not functional yet)

300 lumber = 1 barrier (Raises ap of moving out of that scene by 250 points.)

100 timeless dust = 1 timeless gem - Uses smelter- Maybe used later to combine creature totems into new or twisted/corrupt creatures.

15 silver coins = 1 silver bar (general concept to use valuables to group )

5 Gold coins = 1 gold bar (group valuables for either use as coin or building stuff)



gold and silver  can be used in items that require them (gold for kill items) regardless of the form they come in. For example a kill item can use a gold coin or a gold bar too

A silver bar can and should be accepted as trade currency same as the coins. So grouping silver coins into silver bars might be a way to do large transactions easier


now time to work, wish me luck :P watch the announcements soon

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finished the first two , by samon (both announced)  samon gets 2 Gold and one wishpoint (unless we agree on somthing else later)

(rewards will vary based on idea, its how much i consider their ideas impacted the realm. A wp for a good ideea implemented exactly, and something else for a similar idea implmeneted based on something you suggested)

You can get extra rewards any of you while you help me test stuff , as in free resources and resulting items from the test remain yours

If you specify also the perfect place to put the fillable clickie, and a fucntionality that got set exactly the same, you might get a bigger reward


at the end , please all those that are announced here that they received something, meet me ingame, i will set a place and time, to give your rewards. If you don't remnd me about this i might forget ot delay indefenetly ...so bump it if i forget

The best and most suitable suggestion from all will get an extra prize

You can start a new topic and share your opinion if these rewards should be overall bigger or smaller or different

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colored reward
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Assira the Black gets 1 wishpoint for suggesting :

300 lumber = 1 barrier (Raises ap of moving out of that scene by 250 points.)

note that functionality of the barrier itself is not ready yet, but all barriers produced will be functional once this functionality is ready. Do not use the created barriers till then.

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30 Timeless dust --> 1 Memory Stone 

Uses some sort of compressor.

Compresses timeless dust under intense heat to reform a new memory stone.

Territory: MagicDuel Archive Lands 
Coord: 4_1x2_28 

300 Sand --> Sand Fortress

(Bucket?) Placed at scene

Allows the user to become unattackable for 5 minutes (like a temporary creature shield)

Territory: Golemus Golemicarum 
Coord: 1_-2x-3_1 

100 Branches --> Fence

Placed at scene

Defends an area's resources from being harvested for <x> time.

Territory: Loreroot 
Coord: 1_-3x0_1

10 Sticky Goop --> Rainbow Candy

Bowl placed at Scene

Sticky goop is heated and then left to cool in moulds to re-create a rainbow candy.

Territory: Lands Of The East 
Coord: 7_kitchen_1 

20 Wiiya --> Toxic Gas

Placed at Scene

Territory: MagicDuel Archive Lands 
Coord: 3_1x0_1 

Sawdust --> Chippings

Placed at scene

Can be spread at a scene with herbs to slow down the regen rate (sawdust stops plants from growing when placed in soil :D)


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Ideas! :D MOAR. IDEAS.

Unidentified herbs (200-ish?) -- Compost (1); ferments over 48hrs.
Compost(use): doubles regeneration rate of herbs in the scene it is used in for the next week (?).
Clickable is a wooden barrel, in MDA Basement.

This could also work with Garbage but currently garbage is a fairly rare resource, isn't it? Not sure if it's suitable for this.


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1) 50 Tree Bark turned into Paper (one Page).

Location: 4_1x2_28 - MDA

2) 10 Colored Paper into Confetti


  1 Colored Paper into 1 Candy Wrapper

Location: 4_1x2_28 - MDA

3) 10 resin into 1 wax (later 10 wax into candle?)

Location: MDA Basement

4) 10 solid stench into 1 grassan soap (yuck).

Later add some toxic something to extract the stench and as last step add some aromatic herbs for a nice bar of soap.

5) 300 bones to 1 Bone Flute

6) Skull to Skull cup which later can be carved.

7) 300 bones to a kangling (“leg” (kang) “flute” (ling), it is the Tibetan name for a trumpet made from a human femur).

8) 100 raw glass turned into a Flask. Flasks can be filled with different things later on.

9) 50 sawdust turned into XX amount of charcoal


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Gems --> Gem Shield

Requires medium heat donation and time waited.

Provides a small defence boost for <x> amount of time.

Crystal --> Crystal Shield

Requires large heat donation and time waited.

Provides a medium defence boost for <x> amount of time.

Uncut Diamonds --> Diamond Shield

Requires huge heat donation and time waited.

Provides a large defence boost for <x> amount of time.

Lonsdaleite --> Lonsdaleite Shield

Requires massive heat donation and time waited.

Provides a large defence boost for <x> amount of time. (Either <x> uses or for <x> days)

Area: Weapons Smith, NML

Iron Ore (or iron sheet) --> Shovel

Used to collect bones - Only useable <x> times.

Iron Ore --> Metal Sheet

Used for item creation.



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Added more to the list.
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1) 200 unidentified herbs -> Camouflage Cloak (48 hours to weave)

Hides you in the Active Players in scene list for 30 minutes. Alternatively works like the ghost spell but changes your name to ~Camouflaged~.

Device: Frame Loom

Location: Defensive Quarters Interior

2) 200 branches or 400 sawdust (3-4 hours for burning) -> A pile of Ash

Use: can be used as a fertilizer for increasing herbs regeneration rate or gives the user the effect that increases the amount of bushies gained from 1-8 to 3-10 per plant for 10 minutes. Alternatively can be used as a resource, for example, mixed with Fat to create Soap which then can be used with Essential Oil to create Aromatic Soap.

Device: Brazier

Location: Ash Arch

3) 200 lumber -> A pile of coal

Use: for refining mineral ore later

Device: Kiln

Location: Golemus Golemicarum, Siege's Crest

4) 2 barriers -> fixed bridge (lasts 7 days)

Makes the bridge from Oak Fort to Fortune's Well passable. (transforms a broken bridge clicky to a fixed bridge with 250 ap cost to pass when loaded into it)

Location: Oak Fort

5) 100 branches -> Broom 

When used: makes your steps lower the viscosity in a scene by 8 rather than 4. Lasts 20 minutes.

Location: MDA Basement

6) 100 flowers -> random color pigment

Use: as an item it can be thrown at someone to make their name or the text they type to appear as a different color for 30 minutes or until rain falls. As a resource it can be used to create colored items (colored paper, colored candy, etc.).

Location: Laboratory in Lands of the East

7) 10 solid stench -> a stench bomb

Use: intoxicates a random number of players in scene, including the caster, for 20 minutes

Location: Golemus Golemicarum, Wraith's Wreck.

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5 Fat → (Cooking pot) → Tallow
Tallow can then be used by another fillable clickable or an item combiner to make candles/torches, soaps, pemmican, lube, or salves for blisters.

40 Tree bark → (Mulcher) → Mulch
Mulch can be used for gardening purposes (bushies, the community garden plots, etc.)

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4 Bushies = 1 orange ink (or red... not too sure what color the bushies actually are) 

Uses a ink well as a press

MDA study room


5 branches = 1 stylus 

Uses a sharp implement to create

Sages Keep


2 bushies wine = brandy 

Uses a distiller

Effect- increases briskness in addition to becoming drunk

In the Tribunal Pub or outside it


20 Syntropic Dust = 1 living orb

uses a barrel

Underground near the spiral staircase. 


50 Rainwater = Flask of Water

Uses water pump

Use- water can clear the effects of silver tongue or later be used in alchemy

Fortunes well NML


5 Rainwater = 1 Water

This way it can be used to water plants. 

MB at the Willow tree


10 branches = 1 batch of small spikes

Uses a Saw

Outside LR defensive quarters


 10 paper (colored or plain)= 1 book

News room at MDA

Later might be able to use ink and stylus to write in the book, then pass the book on to someone else when it is finished.


100 rock salt = Salt Crystal 

Uses a jar

Effect= protects one from being attacked for 10 minutes

GG lighthouse


20 Salt Crystals = Salt Skull

Effect= turns location into a sanctuary for x amount of time

Underground tunnel


300 rocks = headless golem (edit: or a Heartless golem that requires a Mechanical heart later to become functional)

Uses a magical boulder

Outside the fenths press in GG







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